Starbucks' Just Dropped 4 New Holiday Cup Designs

And you can get a free reusable one on Nov. 6.

by Mia Mercado
Starbucks holiday cup lineup is here for the 2020 holiday season and it includes free reusable cup.

It’s been a huge news week in the U.S. The 2020 Election took place on Tuesday, we’re still awaiting results for the Presidential race days later, and Starbucks’ 2020 holiday cups are back on Friday. These are all pressing and important matters and each deserves your attention equally.

Starting Friday, Nov. 6, your Starbucks drinks will come in the company’s always-anticipated holiday cups. This year, Starbucks has an array of four brand new cup designs to incite holiday cheer among caffeine-seeking customers. Let’s meet the lineup.

First, we’ve got Ribbon. Ribbon is adorned with bands of Starbucks green and bright red, wrapped around the cup like a cozy sweater. You’ll also notice small nods to the Starbucks iconography with the crown, tail, and scales repeated subtly throughout the design. Ribbon is classic chic and for that, we applaud.

Next, there’s Dot. Dot is the friend who starts playing Michael Buble’s holiday album in September. The cup is a deep green and decorated with red and mint polka dots. There are stripes around the cup that encourage you to “carry the merry” like holiday caution tape.

We’ve also got Sparkle. The Sparkle cup has “vintage vibes,” per Starbucks press release. Sparkle is cute but whether she's "vintage vibes" is up for discussion. This one is a red cup with green cutouts in various ornament and star shapes. If you get a cold drink, you’ll see the Sparkle design repeated in a snowy white on your cup.

Starbucks' holiday cup lineup.Starbucks

Finally, there’s Brand Wrap. She’s straightforward. She’s sensible. She’s got the least whimsical name of the bunch in a way that verges on unsettling. Go, Brand Wrap! Give us nothing! Starbucks describes this cup as a “scaled-up version of the ribbon design,” which I’d say is generous. It features bands of red, deep green, and mint green with "STARBUCKS" in bold white text. This is the cup you get when you want to pretend you are a boring adult who definitely isn’t drinking a Toasted White Chocolate Mocha during your Zoom call. Brand Wrap is who Ribbon turns into after becoming a sponsored Instagram influencer.

For the third year, Starbucks will also be giving away a free collectible red holiday cup when you order one of their returning holiday beverages on Friday, Nov. 6. While supplies last, you’ll get a red reusable cup featuring the ribbon design if you order a Peppermint Mocha, Toasted White Chocolate Mocha, Caramel Brulee Latte, Chestnut Praline Latte, or Eggnog Latte. And you don’t need to go into a store for the reusable cup. The limited-edition, limited-quantity cup is available for drive-thru orders and curbside pickup as well.

Even if you aren't able to snag one of the free reusable cups, you can enjoy the other holiday cups throughout the entire holiday season. Happy holiday caffeinating!