Your Bank Account This Week, According To A Tarot Reader

Take advantage of work-related happy hours.

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Abundant planet Jupiter is switching signs this week for the one and only time this year, so everyone could probably use a little mystical guidance to ensure they’re using this energy wisely when it comes to their bank accounts.

To get the scoop on how to approach matters of money and career this week, I pulled some tarot cards to answer three finance-related questions.

Card 1: What do you need to know about your finances this week?

The Queen of Wands is the ultimate socialite of the tarot — she’s popular, warm, and totally comfortable being in the spotlight. And because she’s associated with the suit of wands, she also symbolizes passion and the drive to take action.

When it comes to finances this week, it’s time to embody the Queen of Wands’ confidence, strength, and charisma. This card is a reminder to think positively about money matters and embrace an abundance mindset. There’s a gorgeously generous energy with this card, so step away from a mentality of scarcity and trust that you can create opportunities for yourself. This queen is self-assured and in control, and she’s never worried about running out of inspiration (or funds).

Because the Queen of Wands is such a social butterfly, consider networking or sprucing up your professional social media profiles this week. Putting yourself out there could bring new business relationships or financial opportunities.

Card 2: How can you feel less anxious about money?

The Four of Swords depicts someone lying down with their eyes closed, appearing to be in a calm and meditative state. This card is all about slowing down and giving yourself a respite from whatever stressors have been weighing on you — so if anxieties around money are one of those, it may be time to take a step back and think.

Regardless of how busy you are, you’ll likely struggle to quell your worries about money until you remove yourself from the hustle and bustle and give yourself a moment to collect your thoughts. Instead of frantically trying to come up with extra cash or put together a last-minute budget, take some time to quietly contemplate your next moves and assess your situation from a place of calmness and logic.

If you’re open to it, trying a guided meditation can help alleviate some financial anxieties, allowing you to think more clearly about how to move forward.

Card 3: What will impact your career this week?

The Three of Cups is one of the most celebratory cards in the tarot deck. As the imagery depicts, it’s about gathering with friends to enjoy life, dance in the sunshine, and raise your glass to a good time.

For your career this week, the Three of Cups is a reminder to find more joy and connection in your work. This might mean hitting some happy hours with your colleagues to make memories and build stronger relationships, or simply approaching your professional projects with a more jovial, lighthearted vibe.

Celebrate your successes and those of the people around you — because your generous and positive energy could make a good impression on someone who could boost your career down the road. Just don’t party too hard!

Nina Kahn is Bustle's resident astrologer and tarot reader.