4 Things To Do & 3 Things To Avoid This Taurus Season

Including advice for the incoming Mercury Retrograde.

Woman with sunflowers in her hair smiling in a sunflower field. Taurus season 2022 begins April 19 a...
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Spring may be in full swing, but Taurus season 2022 is a reminder to be patient while your goals fully bloom. The earth sign is all about stability, comfort, and romance, so grab your blanket, favorite tub of ice cream, and snuggle up with these Taurus season do’s and dont's.

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DO: Get Comfortable

Aries season was about action, but Taurus season is about patience. You've planted the seeds, so now it's about keeping at it. Book a spa day or lay by the pool — it's OK to kick back and rest while you want your manifestations to hatch.

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