For Tons Of Fun Without Leaving The Yard, These Are The Best Backyard Games On Amazon

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Sometimes sitting inside playing board games or watching TV just doesn’t cut it. Luckily, the best backyard games will inspire friendly competition, build teamwork, beat boredom, and might even improve hand-eye coordination.

Whether you're shopping for kids, adults, or the whole family, be sure to consider the number of players. And for added versatility, look for games that can sensibly work for multiple players. For lots of fun with large groups, you can also opt for multiple game stations and rotate so no one is left out and everyone has a turn at something new. Or, for games like cornhole or bocce ball, play in teams.

You'll also want to pay attention to age and difficulty levels so that everyone can feel included. And if taking the game on the go for picnics, camping, and other excursions is a concern, opt for one with smaller pieces and maybe even a carrying bag.

Whether you're hanging out with a couple of friends or your family, here are the best outdoor games to help the time fly by and keep boredom at bay. Plus, since these are all available on Amazon and can be delivered to your door, you never have to leave the yard.


A Best-Selling Frisbee That’s Easy To Grip

  • Number of players: 2+
  • Ages: 6 years and up

It doesn’t seem fair to talk about outdoor yard games without including a flying disk, like this one made with flexible nylon that's easy to grip. The soft construction makes it safe for kids and more than a few reported that it was a hit with their pups, too. "Bought this frisbee for my dogs. The harder plastic ones break almost immediately but this one has held up really well and continues to fly even with teeth marks in it. Great product if your dog loves to play frisbee," one customer wrote. Plus, since it's just one lightweight piece, it's one of the most portable in the bunch.

One reviewer wrote: “This thing is great! Heavy enough that a slight breeze doesn't affect it, but easier that a regular frisbee for my kids to catch because it's soft and flexible so they aren't scared of it. Flies better that I thought it would for being flexible.”


These Giant Dominoes You Can Play Inside & Out

  • Number of players: 2+
  • Ages: 14 years and up

With natural wood tiles and dots that are made with wood burns, these giant dominoes are a stylish way to inject some fun into outdoor yard games (or move them inside if the weather requires). Durable enough to withstand a good bit of handling, these giant dominoes can be played, stacked, or set up for a chain reaction, too. The canvas storage bag keeps everything together and makes this travel-friendly for camping or picnics in the park, too.

One reviewer wrote: “Great quality and the perfect size for outdoor play. The carry bag is durable and easy to take along to picnics or the lake.”


The Best Cornhole Set

  • Number of players: 2+
  • Ages: Approximately 4 and up

Cornhole is a favorite and this sturdy set is equipped with two game platforms and eight bean bags. The game platforms are made with a scratch-resistant surface for superior durability, and they're also foldable and lock together for easy storage and portability — though it's definitely on the heavier and larger side. While it's easy for younger kids to get the hang of, you'll want to watch them as they play on account of the sharper edges.

One reviewer wrote: “Such a good game! My family and friends love playing! Very light weight & perfect with any weather.”


The Best Bocce Ball Set

  • Number of players: 2 to 8
  • Ages: Approximately 6 and up

Bocce ball has been around since at least the Roman Empire, and it’s so popular it continues to be a favorite lawn game. This bocce set is made with impact-resistant and crack-resistant balls which will last for years to come, and the sturdy storage bag keeps everything in one place (and easy to transport). With an impressive 4.8-star rating on Amazon, this bocce ball set is a customer favorite, with users consistently commenting on its quality.

One reviewer wrote: “This is our favorite backyard game. It’s great for all ages (my 6 yr old and his friends). The balls are solid and of great quality (thrown in the rocks a few times). The carrying case is handy as well for storage.”


A Jumbo-Size Version Of Jenga

  • Number of players: 2+
  • Ages: 6 years and up

This giant version of Jenga is a backyard favorite for kids and adults. The 54-piece block set starts out at 2-feet tall, but gameplay can build it up to about 4 feet. Each puzzle piece is polished with rounded edges for safety and a canvas carry bag.

One reviewer wrote: “Liked everything about this game set. Played it with the family the next day and had a load of fun. Just make sure you play it on a sturdy surface and one that can take a beating when the tower comes tumbling down!”


A Potato Toss Game For Younger Kids

  • Number of players: 2+
  • Ages: 4 to 8

This game is a new take on the classic Hot Potato. There are two modes: You can choose to pass the potato (just don't be the one holding it when the music stops) or choose the interactive mode where smart sensors recognize taps, shakes, and tosses, and the potato responds with more than 40 fun phrases. This pass-the-potato game is great for kids 4 to 8 years old and helps to sharpen hand-eye coordination. It's even machine washable.

One reviewer wrote: “Great fun for all ages! Can play game standing or seated. Created lots of giggles!!”


This Budget-Friendly Set Of 3 Games For Kids & Families

  • Number of players: 2 to 4
  • Ages: Approximately 4 and up

For extra variety and less than $10 per game, this set of three fun backyard games is suitable for both kids and adults and includes four sacks for races, two leg ties for three-legged races, and everything you need for egg and spoon races.

One reviewer wrote: “The kids really enjoyed these items. The sacks are pretty decent, and strong. The kids are very rough with all their toys and games. They played with these outside with their cousins and the items are pretty well made. They've lasted now for several weeks of gameplay. Not much to say, but fun and very durable.”


The Best Croquet Set

  • Number of players: 4 to 6
  • Ages: Approximately 3 and up

Croquet is another oldie but goody when it comes to outdoor yard games. A little precision gets you the win, and a lack of precision will probably lead to some laughs. This croquet set includes six mallets, six balls, nine wickets, and two stakes in a carrying case. Croquet is easy to get the hang of so the little ones can be included, too. This particular set is highly rated on Amazon, with users noting that the pieces are solid, especially for the price.

One reviewer wrote: “This is a great croquet set! Nice and sturdy! I haven’t had to adjust or tighten anything since we got the set a few months ago. I used to be careful about putting everything away each day but sometimes a couple balls or mallet get left in the yard overnight and they still look like new. Good quality product. I also picked this set because the mallets are tall enough for adults to use and my seven year old plays with us. This game definitely helped me get through the stay-at-home. I highly recommend.”


A Budget-Friendly Beanbag Toss Game

  • Number of players: 2+
  • Ages: Approximately 4 and up

This budget-friendly beanbag game is a fan favorite with a 4.7-star overall rating. With three games in one, it is a surefire boredom buster. This set includes a foldable target table, eight bean bags, and a convenient carrying case. "Well made, easy to set up, bought it for my sons birthday party, the kids had a blast with it, and so did the adults. It came with a travel bag, so we will take it with us camping the next time around!" one fan wrote.

One reviewer wrote: “Great quality for the price. We've had so much fun playing this as a family.”


This Ring Toss Game That Brings The Carnival Home

  • Number of players: 2+
  • Ages: 3 years and up

While this ring toss game is fun for the whole family, it’s also a helpful tool for building hand-eye coordination in younger kids. As an added benefit, this game is super easy to set up and dismantle, both of which can be done in about three minutes, and it comes with a bag for easy storage and portability. This ring toss game has a sturdy board with point markings, five rope rings, and 10 plastic rings. With hundreds of five-star reviews on Amazon, this one looks like a favorite.

One reviewer wrote: “Oh yay I'm happy to say I was pleasantly surprised by this long game. It is a little bit larger and of much better quality than I thought it would be. Definitely sturdy enough for my young kids to play with (and some slightly intoxicated older aunts and uncle's too). This is well-built and should last year's and years in the yard. The rope loops are a nice touch too. Very happy with this purchase!”

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