40 Fun Things That Make Time Fly By & Are Under $40

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It doesn't matter how old you are: Being stuck at home isn't all that fun after awhile. Even things you usually like to do can get a little stale. That's why I've come up with this list of fun Amazon products that can help make time fly when you've got nothing to do.

Not only are there challenging puzzles and hilarious board games to choose from (always a good time), but there are also a few unexpected time passers on this list. For instance: Try to think of the last time you really colored in a coloring book — it's probably been years, right? In that case, it might be time to rediscover this zen-inducing activity with a coloring book that's illustrated with intricate mandalas. Or if you want to get a little more active, check out the yoga guide that's essentially like having an in-house instructor who tailors routines to your needs.

So whether you're bored at home or simply stocking up on fun activities for a rainy day, the sky is truly the limit when you're shopping for clever products online.

We only recommend products we love and that we think you will, too. We may receive a portion of sales from products purchased from this article, which was written by our Commerce team.


The Coloring Book That's Filled With Intricate Mandalas

If you've finally watched every show and read every book in your house, it's time to break out this adult coloring book. It features 100 intricate edge-to-edge images, and each page is one-sided so you don't have to worry about the colors bleeding through onto the next drawing.


The Adult Party Game Where Players Create Hilarious Memes

Made for players at least 17 years old, this fun party game has players compete to create the funniest memes. Each box comes with more than 400 cards so that no two games are the same, and there are even expansion packs available for purchase.


The Yoga Guide That's Like Having Your Own Personal Instructor

If your at-home yoga routine has gotten a little old, you might want to give this yoga guide a try. The book has everything from one-minute stretches to routines for any time of the day, and you can even focus on certain poses that'll target different emotions (like calming stress or giving yourself a boost of energy).


A Media Stick That Lets You Stream Hulu, HBO, And More

Don't have a smart television? You can still stream Netflix, Hulu, HBO, and other video services when you plug this Roku media player into your television's HDMI port. There are also thousands of other channels and apps you can explore, and it's even compatible with Amazon's Alexa.


The Tablet Stand That You Can Use While You FaceTime

Attach the super-strong base clamp onto any flat, durable surface, and you can easily use this tablet stand to record or watch videos, play games, or FaceTime. It's designed to fit with almost any brand of tablet — just insert your device between the padded clamps, then adjust the flexible gooseneck arm to get the best viewing angle.


A Camera Lens Kit Designed To Work With Your Smartphone

Brush up on your photo skills with this smartphone camera lens kit. It's designed to work with both iPhones and Androids — and it comes with 11 different lenses, including a telephoto, fish eye, wide angle, and macro lens. Just attach the lens you want, then clip onto your phone.


The Glasses That Turn Your Smartphone Into A VR Headset

Engage in some escapism and immerse yourself in a 3-D interactive experience with this virtual reality headset. You can stream VR games and photos directly from your smartphone (it's compatible with most devices), and the soft nosepiece helps reduce the pressure on your face.


These Sheet Masks That Cover All The Skin Care Bases

Host your own spa session almost every night of the week with these sheet masks. The masks are made with eucalyptus fibers and soaked in nourishing essences that address different skin care concerns. They help moisturize, soothe irritation, combat unwanted breakouts, and more. Each pack comes with 14 masks with different purposes.


This Moving Sand Art Board You Can Stare At For Days

Sometimes you need to zone out, and this moving sand art is definitely good for at least a few hours of mindless entertainment. The frame is filled with colored sand and water; tilt or spin it to create swirly patterns that are totally unique each time.


A Kit That Lets You Brew Your Own Kombucha Right At Home

Buying kombucha from the store can get expensive over time, but you can brew your own at home with this kombucha brewing kit. It comes with a gallon-sized glass jar, organic tea leaves and cane sugar, as well as symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast (SCOBY) — the probiotic blend that turns tea into kombucha.


This Kit That Lets You Make Bath Fizzies At Home

This DIY kit comes with enough supplies to make five of your very own relaxing bath fizzies. It includes moisturizing coconut oil, lavender and vanilla essential oils, mica coloring, and even dried flowers. Make them as a gift for a loved one, or use them to pamper yourself on bath night.


An Etch A Sketch That'll Remind You Of The Good Old Days

Take a trip down memory lane with an Etch A Sketch. Just twist the two knobs to create a drawing (it's more challenging than you'd think), then turn it over and shake a few times when you're ready to erase and start over. This analog gem doesn't require batteries or electricity, and it creates zero mess.


The Miniature Cornhole Set You Can Play Indoors

A rainy day or a small backyard (or no backyard) are great reasons to play with this mini cornhole set. Just place a mini bean bag on the catapult, take aim, then launch it to try to get it in the opposing hole. Each set comes with two platforms, eight mini bean bags, and two score-counting pegs.


The Air Hockey Table That Makes It Feel Like You're At The Arcade

Love air hockey, but don't exactly have the room for it in your home? Just grab this air hockey table. The battery-operated table has a real air motor and built-in scoreboard, and comes with two pucks and two handles. The tabletop size is perfect, because it doesn't take up too much room.


This Tabletop Bowling Set For Kids And Adults

Miss bowling? Just grab this tabletop bowling set so you can play at home. The game is basically ready to play right out of the box — just unroll the lane, set up the pins, and slide the bowling "ball" down. It rolls back up when you're done playing, making it easy to store almost anywhere.


A Powder Nail Kit That Helps You Do Manicures At Home

Can't make it to the salon? Take your nails into your own hands (literally) by opting for this complete dip powder manicure kit instead. It's easy to use and takes up less time than acrylic applications. It has everything you need to get started, from colors to a brush and file.


The Crochet Kit That's Perfect For Beginners

If you're new to crochet, this kit features all the tools you need to get started (not including yarn). It all comes neatly packaged in a convenient travel case, too. The crochet needles are ergonomically designed to have a comfortable grip, and they're extra-smooth so that they don't snag on yarn.


A Candle-Making Kit That Comes With 10 Pounds Of Soy Wax

Most candle making kits don't come with any wax, whereas this one comes with 10 pounds of soy wax, cotton wicks, and centering pieces. You can even dye your new candles different colors and add your favorite scents to them. Plus, making a candle is a great way to de-stress after a long day.


This Makeup Kit That Comes With More Than 100 Eyeshadows

Not only does it come with over 100 eyeshadow shades, but this makeup kit also features various lip glosses, different sponge brushes, and more. Each color is highly pigmented to help them maintain their vibrance on your skin — so go ahead and test out some new looks.


A Pack Of Styling Tools That Help You Create Layered Ponytails

For just $6 you can easily refresh your daily ponytail using these styling tools. They allow you to create layered ponytails, french centipede braids, and more. Plus, they're made without any elastic so that they won't snag on your hair. Go for a braid, a half-up-half-down 'do, or both at the same time.


The Foot Bath That Massages Your Feet For Added Relaxation

When your feet are aching after a long day at work, come home and soak your feet in this relaxing foot bath. The built-in massage nodes soothe away pain from aching feet, and the Smart Heat function will keep the water warm. Plus, the bubbles add a jacuzzi-like feel.


This Water Painting Board That's Totally Reusable

Just dip the brush into water, and you'll be able to draw fun designs all over this painting board. Your design will slowly disappear as the water evaporates so that you can reuse the board over and over — and each order comes with a brush.


A Kit That Lets You Grow Your Own Avocado Tree

Avocados are always super expensive, so you might as well start growing your own tree with this fun kit. You don't even have to be good at growing plants for it to flourish — just change the water every few weeks, and the kit will do the rest of the work for you. Choose from four colors: blue, green, pink, and transparent.


The Wine Bottle Puzzle That Challenges You For A Sip

Next time you gift a bottle of wine, package it in this wine caddy puzzle. It's designed to work with a variety of bottles, including sparkling water bottles. The puzzle is just difficult enough to be fun, yet easy enough that you won't be stumped for the whole night.


This Stainless Steel Milk Frother For Homemade Lattes

Not only is it made from rust-resistant stainless steel, but this milk frother can help you make fancy lattes right from your kitchen by pressing a single button. The ergonomic design allows it to fit comfortably in your hands, and each order comes with two AA batteries.


An Adult Journal That Helps You Calm Down

Written with hilarious profanity, positive affirmations, and a ton of cathartic activities, this Zen journal is a must-have the next time you're feeling stressed out. The paperback book has 4.8-star rating — and one happy customer wrote, "Hilarious positive guided journal, I liked it so much I’ve gotten it as a gift for several friends who have enjoyed it also."


The Paint Set That Even Comes With A Chic Easel

If you're looking for a new rainy day activity, search no further than this painting set. Unlike most sets, this one comes with an easel as well as two stretched canvases. Plus, you also get 10 acrylic tubes of paint, 10 watercolors, and various brushes to apply it all.


A Handheld Console That Lets You Play Pac-Man

When you've finally run out of board games to play, just turn this game console on and play the ever-so-classic game of Pac-Man. Since it works as a handheld, you can take it with you while traveling. The game features a colorful screen and only requires four AAA batteries to work. (But you can also charge it via USB.)


This Pack Of Velvet Coloring Posters That Helps Time Melt Away

Remember those velvet coloring posters you used to color in elementary school? Now, you can color them in as an adult, all thanks to these fuzzy posters that boast intricate designs. This pack is an excellent way to help time melt away while you're stuck indoors. Plus, the black velvet is super-fine in order to prevent fuzzies.


A Kit That Comes With Everything You Need To Decorate Cakes

You might as well get really, really good at baking if you're spending time at home, so why not snag yourself this cake decorating kit? It's great for professionals and beginners alike, and each order comes with various tools to get you started, including a turn table, piping tips, icing bags, and more.


The Kit That Lets You Grow Fresh Herbs Indoors

Herbs are incredibly easy to grow, which means that this herb garden starter kit is almost foolproof. It comes with pretty much everything you need to start the process: You'll get reusable planting pots, seeds, labels, and more. There are also labels with different herb names, such as chives, dill, and thyme.


A Wine Glass Holder You Can Use While Soaking In The Tub

Just slap this wine glass holder onto the side of your tub or shower wall, and you'll instantly have a convenient place to set your wine glass or soda can as you soak. It's designed to easily stick to any flat, shiny, dry surface. Plus, it's available in six different colors.


This Tool That Helps You Press Flowers For Later

This flower press makes it easy to dry out your plucked flowers for later. (It's also a great way to augment your outdoor hikes.) The system is lined with fabric and held together with rubber bands. One Amazon reviewer wrote that it's "so easy to use." They continued, "In just a couple of minutes you have beautiful dried flowers."


A Wireless Karaoke Microphone That Works With Your Phone

Simply connect it to your smartphone using its Bluetooth capability, and this karaoke microphone can help get the party started (no matter where you are). It has various built-in buttons to control the volume and music — and you can also use it as a portable speaker. Plus, the mic is easy to recharge with a USB port.


The Device That Lets You Cook S'mores Indoors

No matter whether you're craving chocolate or a quick taste of the outdoors, this s'mores maker can help. It's completely flameless and made from rust-resistant stainless steel, and each order comes with four roasting forks. The compartments along the bottom are also a convenient place to store marshmallows, graham crackers, and more.


A Set Of Puzzle Cubes You'll Take Hours Trying To Solve

If you've solved your tabletop puzzles thousands of times already, it might be time to give this set of cubes a try. Each order comes with two cubes as well as one pyramid, all of which come with enough tension. One customer wrote, "The turning is very smooth and easy. Loved that it came with a pyramid-shaped puzzle, which is something we have never seen before."


This Non-Drying Clay Kit That Comes With So Many Colors

Not only do you get 30 blocks of vegetable-based clay with this kit, but you get two of each color (and they're all vibrant). Plus, they're each non-drying so you can keep sculpting. One customer wrote, "I'm a stop motion animator and only will use this product because of it's ability for fine detail and the fact that the colors don't bleed into one another!"


An Inflatable Pillow That Also Massages Your Neck

This inflatable neck pillow does more than support your head: It also massages your neck with a built-in system that boasts six different settings. Not to mention, the pillow itself is lined with soft velvet, and it can be removed via zipper. You can use it while you're traveling or hanging out at home.


This 3-Barrel Hair Curler That Gives You Beach Waves

If you have some free time, you can experiment with different hairstyles using this three-barrel curler. Unlike standard curlers, this one weaves your hair through a barrel system that results in relaxed beach waves. The barrels are coated with ceramic, and there's a built-in screen that shows you the temperature as you go.


The Portable Record Player That Also Connects To Your Phone

Instead of playing your favorite tunes through your stereo, take out this vintage record player and listen to the classics. It has two built-in speakers on the front, but you can also use the included RCA jack to connect the machine to external speakers. And if you don't have any vinyl, you can connect your phone with an auxiliary cable and play songs that you've downloaded.

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