The 20 Most Jaw-Dropping Sex Toys On Amazon

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When someone says the words “sex toys” to you, what do you think of? I’m going to go out on a limb and assume that it’s your average, run-of-the mill sex toys — like vibrators, butt plugs, and dildos. While those toys are classics, and definitely deserve a spot in your goodie drawer, there are other toys worth looking into, too. But these buys are a step above the your typical sex toys. Some you could even classify as jaw-dropping.

And what classifies as jaw-dropping? Well just like beauty, jaw-dropping is in the eye of the beholder. That's why the toys below range from penis-shaped dildos that ejaculate to eggplant-shaped dildos made of glass. Not into dildos? There are also butt plugs with furry tails, a wearable vibrator to slip into your panties, a sex game similar to Jenga, and so much more. All of these toys are meant to help you express yourself — and explore your sexuality. You may not realize what you're interested in until you try it, after all.

So if you're ready to trade in your vibrator for something a little more fun, keep on scrolling. You may find your new favorite sex toy among this list of jaw-dropping options.


This Realistic Dildo That Actually Ejaculates

An ejaculating dildo adds a level of realism to your solo sessions that other toys simply can't. This particular toy is made of realistic silicone and measures in at 9.5 inches. You can add water, lube, or any body-safe liquid to the attached pump to use as your faux ejaculate. And if you love incorporating temperature into your playtime, you can warm up the liquid, or keep it nice and icy cold.


A Tongue-Like Vibrator For Lovers Of Oral Sex

It may look like a Medieval torture device, but this tongue-wagging vibe is a thing of pleasure. It mimics a light, tickling sensation (similar to that of a tongue) that feels similar to cunnilingus. But it can also hit your G-spot — just insert the tongue into your vagina and let the silicone nubs that line the cup vibrate against your clit. With 10 different buzzing patterns, you'll never get tired of this versatile toy.


An Uncircumcised Dildo With Foreskin That Moves

Most dildos are circumcised, but plenty of real-life penises aren't. Those who prefer an uncut penis will love this dildo, which comes with a realistic foreskin. The skin glides up and down like a real foreskin does, giving you a similar sensation as you blow or ride it. But just like a real-life foreskin, this dildo requires deeper cleaning. Just remember to pull back the skin and scrub well!


A Completely Discreet Masturbation Cup

Unlike super graphic masturbation cups, this cup from Tenga looks more sci-fi than sexy. But it amps up the sensation factor by a thousand. The inside is 3-D sketched with countless textures and nubs, including two moving balls that deliver a rolling sensation as you insert. It's also the easiest cup to clean — simply pop it open, soap it up, and leave it to dry.


A Butt Plug With A Furry Fox Tail

If furry role play is something you and your partner would like to incorporate into your sex lives, then a furry butt plug might be just what you need. This one comes outfitted with a fluffy fox tail made of faux fur and a metal plug that's small enough for beginners. As a bonus, the tail is totally waterproof, and since the plug is metal, it can be heated or chilled with just a little water.


A Hand-Shaped Dildo Reviewers Call "Funtastic"

Look, not everyone necessarily wants a dildo that's shaped like a penis. Some people want fingers and hands, which is exactly what this dildo provides. It's on the larger side, meaning it might take some practice and lots of lube to finally fit. But the toy's flexible yet stiff design helps with insertion while still feeling incredible. Third base never felt so good.


This DIY Kit To Give Your Dildo A Personal Spin

Want a personal spin on your new dildo? Then you need this Clone-a-Willy kit. It comes with easy, step-by-step instructions to help you turn your partner's penis into your new favorite toy, plus all the materials you'll need.


A Twisty Glass Butt Plug That's Perfect For Beginners

This pink, twisted glass plug may seem like a bit much at first glance, but it's actually an amazing investment for first time butt plug users. It's a good size for beginners, and its twisty design helps with insertion (plus, it feels deliciously good). And since it's made of glass, it can be heated and chilled with water for some fun temperature play.


This Double-Sided Vibrator To Use With Your Partner

You've probably heard of two-sided dildos, but have you ever seen a two-sided vibrator? This toy is great for use with a partner, or for double penetration on yourself. It's flexible in the middle, so you can twist it, and has nine different vibration modes. And since it's remote-controlled, you can control it without having to do an awkward reach-around.


A Tentacle-Shaped Wand With A Unique Texture

Who says a dildo needs to be silicone — or shaped like something human? This tentacle-looking dildo is a perfect option for folks looking to add a little role play into their relationships — or people who are intrigued by the unique texture. Since it's made of glass, it can be warmed and cooled with water — but the real draw is the highly stimulating textured nubs.


A Set Of Remote-Controlled Vibrating Nipple Suckers

These nipple suckers aren't your average sex toy. They're like if a clit sucking vibrator and nipple clamps had a baby. These flexible circles attach to your nipples with the help of suction, which feels kind of like a mouth. The tiny silicone nubs offer a massaging sensation, while the vibrations amp things up even further.


This Huge Glass Dildo With Multiple Textures & Shapes

If you think bigger is better, then this oversized glass dildo is for you. At 11.8 inches, it's absolutely massive, and it has multiple textures and shapes, too. The bubble side feels like sex beads, while the other side has an oversized head and glass nubs for extra stimulation. But this guy is large, so if you're looking to partake, make sure to go slow — and use plenty of lubricant.


An Extra-Thick Dildo With A Strong Suction Cup Base

Most supersized dildos have a hard time staying up on their suction cups. But that isn't a problem with this guy. "The suction cup is super strong; good for even sticking to a wall," wrote one reviewer. It's thick and long, with 8.26 inches of insertable length, so this is one you'll have to go slow with. But since it can stick anywhere, you can use it everywhere, including in the shower.


This Soda Can-Sized Butt Plug That's NOT For Beginners

Butt plug experts, this big, textured toy is for you. Its orb shapes go from smaller to large, allowing you to insert as much or as little as you'd like. It has a flared base that keeps it from slipping, so it's a safe option, too. Use it as a training tool at first, but enjoy the fullness you'll get once you've worked your way up to the widest width.


A Masturbation Cup Shaped Like A Real Mouth

A lot of the masturbation cups on the market that are mouth-shaped don't have the details of a real mouth — like teeth and tongues. This cup has both. The teeth provide a subtle scratching sensation (without having to worry about them accidentally biting you), while the tongue provides a little pressure to the bottom of your penis. The inside is 3-D sketched to provide different textures, too, so it feels extra good when you're penetrating.


An Oversized Dildo That's Perfect For Size Queens

This dildo, which is roughly the length of your arm, could be used for penetration. But it's so huge that it might work out better as a gag gift. It's over a foot long, and has about a foot circumference. If you want to try and ride this thing, go for it — and use a lot of lube. But might I also suggest using it as a ring toss?


This Strap-On With A Cute Lacy Back

If you're interested in getting into the strap on game, this lacy little number is for you. It comes with a silicone dildo that fits into the strap-on O-ring while also having a sturdy suction cup base. The back of the strap on has a lacy, sexy design that looks cute, too.


This Flower-Shaped Vibrator You Can Wear In Public

For those who love a little public play, this petal-shaped vibrator is perfect. It's small enough to sit in your underwear discreetly and comes with a small remote that your partner can use up to 15 meters away. This toy has 12 different vibration patterns to help tickle your clit to completion. Just make sure to have a safe word if things get a little too intense while you're out and about.


A Sexy Spin On Jenga

You've probably heard of sex dice for sexual gameplay, but this game, which is similar to Jenga, provides a different kind of enjoyment. Each wooden stick has a number that corresponds to a card, and each card has a sexual activity on it for you to perform on your partner. Do as many as you can before the stack collapses!


A Glass Dildo That's Shaped Like Phallic Fruit & Veggies

Behold: The most discreet dildos you've ever seen. Instead of being shaped like a penis, these are shaped like fruit — including eggplants to bananas. And since they just look like little glass sculptures, you can leave them out without anyone being the wiser. These glass toys can be heated or cooled with water, and are compatible with every type of lube.

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