17 Bestselling Sex Toys That Live Up To The Reviews

As someone who writes about sex toys on a regular basis (read: all the time), I can attest to the fact that some toys are winners, some are forgettable, and some are just plain bad. Like, real bad. Not every sex toy that's made, no matter how many stars it might have on a website, can live up to the hype. It's the not-so-great ones that make us appreciate the popular sex toys that are actually good.

Because we're fortunate enough to live in a time when sex toy innovation has truly skyrocketed and shaken us (and our genitals) to the core, we're far luckier than generations that came before us. We're living an era where pleasure — especially pleasure for those with vulvas — is studied and given the platform it deserves. But that also means that people who like sex toys have more options than ever to choose from. Which is good news: Not everyone is going to need the same kind of G-Spot stimulation, for one example. In order to decide what toy will be the best investment for you, it pays to look at not just reviews or best-seller lists, but what the pros say.

Here are 17 popular sex toys that are definitely worth the hype.


Magic Wand Plus

No matter what site you find yourself on, you'll see the Magic Wand Plus on the bestselling list. It has become just as iconic as the Rabbit vibrator. While some of this is due in part to its appearance on Sex and the City, a lot of it has to do with the fact that it's just fantastic. There may have been many reincarnations of the Magic Wand by a multitude of brands, and while each one is great in its own way, there's nothing quite like the original.


Rimming Plug 2

This particular butt plug comes from Good Vibrations' bestselling couples list. Although, as someone who has used this toy solo, I can assure you that you don't necessarily need a bed buddy to thoroughly enjoy this toy from b-Vibe if anal play is your thing.


njoy Pure Wand Stainless Steel Dildo

While silicone sex toys will always have their place, steel and glass toys offer something that silicone just can't: temperature retention. Whether you prefer hot or cold, this steel dildo by njoy will fulfill those needs. Its shape is also ideal to satisfy both the G-spot and the P-spot, making it a great toy for couples or for solo use too. It's all about getting those balls on either end to hit just the right spot.


Super Rabbit Vibrator

If a list of bestsellers that are worth the hype doesn't include at least some version of the Rabbit vibrator, is the list even valid? Probably not. Not only does Adam & Eve have the Super Rabbit Vibrator on their bestselling list of toys, but it also boasts that over a whopping 150,000 of them have been sold. Oh, and yes, it's worth the hype, because simultaneous clitoral and G-spot stimulation is always welcome.



At first glance, the Dame Products Pom can seem deceiving. Although we've evolved in sex toy innovation and know that something doesn't have to necessarily be phallic in shape to stimulate, this toy might feel a bit confusing — especially for newbies.

But, over at Good Vibrations, it's on the bestselling list for a reason: Pom is amazing. Not only does it stimulate the clitoris, but the shape allows for overall stimulation of the vulva. While those of us who need clitoral stimulation to orgasm tend to focus on the clitoris, the fact remains that the vulva is also bursting at the seams with nerves that want attention as well. Pom is the toy to make sure all those nerves get in on the action, too.


We-Vibe Sync

When We-Vibe first hit the market with their vibrator that corresponded to their app, We-Connect, minds were blown — or in some cases wary. A toy that could be controlled not just with a remote control, but via an app a world away? But the product and promise they sold was legit and put more than a few We-Vibe products on a variety of bestseller lists across sex toy websites.


Womanizer Premium Clitoral Stimulator

Is Womanizer really worth the hype? Absolutely. Because of this, you'll find the Womanizer Liberty Clitoral Stimulator on the bestselling list at Babeland and the Womanizer Classic on the bestselling list at Lovehoney. Yes, it really is that good. In fact, when it comes to bestsellers at Good Vibrations, almost all of the Womanizer products are on the list.


Le Wand Bullet Vibrator

This past summer saw the launch of Le Wand's Chrome Collection and it didn't disappoint. Although, personally, I put Le Wand Deux in my list of favorite sex toys of 2019, at Babeland the bestseller from the collection is the bullet: It's small, powerful, and the texture is heavenly.


Tor 2 Vibrating Ring

I've found that both in my personal life and my professional life that sometimes cock rings don't get as much love as they deserve. We tend to think of them as something that can only be used if one partner has a penis and one partner has a vulva — but that simply isn't true. Even used on a dildo during penetration, cock rings bring a lot to the table and both partners benefit from it. And it's these people who have discovered this fun fact that have put Tor 2 on the Babeland's bestselling list. It's something different and something exciting. Because of this, it's also something worth trying; they're fun as hell.


Satisfyer Pro 2 Next Generation

If we were to do a roundup of the most groundbreaking sex toys of the last decade, all the toys that either use suction or air to stimulate the clitoris would be right at the top. Because of this, it only makes sense that at Ella Paradise the Satisfyer Pro 2 is on the bestselling list. Although some might consider it a cheaper version of the Womanizer, that's not exactly accurate. While they both stimulate the clitoris with compressed air, there's a definite difference in sensation. And both of those sensations are orgasm-inducing.


Doc Johnson Pussy Pump

When it comes to bestselling bondage products at Lovehoney that live up to the hype — with 274 reviews and an almost perfect score speaks volumes — the Doc Johnson Pussy Pump is it. Although, for some, that term "pussy pump" might seem a bit daunting, for those who have tried it (and I have many, many friends who are very much in love with their pumps), it's literally love at first pump. The point of the pump is to enlarge the clitoris and vulva, so as to make them both far more sensitive. In doing so, you get more intense and longer orgasms.


Stronic Drei

Fun Factory's Stronic Drei is perfectly shaped for both G-spot and P-spot stimulation, and its texture is out of this world, as you can feel each ridge with every thrust.


Vac-U-Lock Realistic Stryker

When it comes to bestsellers at Doc Johnson, their focus is on bestselling Vac-U-Lock Strap-on Harness & Dildo System Components. So, if you're into dildos and/or strap-ons, that's where you want to go. These bestselling dildos snap into place, so you can enjoy using them without fearing it will fall out during mid-intercourse.


Jimmyjane Form 2 Luxury Edition

Because the original Jimmyjane Form was such a pleaser and bestseller, naturally its second version would be on Babeland's bestselling list, too. Based on the shape, it's easy to assume why it is deserves to be on such a coveted list: those ears. All it takes is a few rumbling sensations hugging against the clitoris to take all your day's worries to a far, faraway place.


Lovehoney Head Master Double Texture Blow Job Stroker

Not everyone who sleeps with people who have penises love giving blow jobs. Hell, some people just downright hate it — and that's totally fine! As Samantha Jones said in Sex and the City, "Honey, they don't call it a job for nothing." She's not wrong.

For those you would prefer to not give blow jobs, Lovehoney's bestselling Head Master Double Texture Blow Job Stroker saves the day. With this stroker, your partner can feel the sensation of receiving head while you can just give a few licks to the glans of the penis or just let the toy do all the work for you.


LELO Soraya 2

While there are a handful of bestsellers on LELO, including their Sona Cruise 2 that really knows how to treat a clitoris, the one I've always felt lived up to the hype was Soraya 2. Aesthetically, it's beautiful — which, as a Libra, is a selling point for me. But, as far as pleasure goes, its sleek lines that are flexible and angled perfectly for both G-spot and clitoral stimulation just make it irresistible. Especially knowing a blended orgasm is in the cards. That's when you know you've really arrived.


Tracy's Dog

With almost 5,000 customers giving their feedback on Tracy's Dog, 73% of them give it a perfect score. All you have to do is read the first (somewhat long and extremely entertaining) review of Tracy's Dog to know that this toy, in particular, just might exceed the hype that surrounds it.


Do all bestselling toys deserve the hype they get? Hell no. Sometimes things are just novelty products, which can be fun and cheeky, but that doesn't mean they're built to satisfy. But this list of toys, however, is all about satisfaction that deserve every ounce of hype they get.