The Best Calming Treats For Hyper Dogs, According To A Vet

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by Margeaux Baulch Klein
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When it comes to calming down a hyper dog, there are a lot of choices pet parents might want to try before going the prescription route, such as calming dog beds or collars. However, if your pup is food-motivated, the best calming treats for hyper dogs may be a great option.

According to Dr. Sara Ochoa, DVM, a small and exotic animal veterinarian in Texas and a veterinary consultant for, calming treats are ideal for dogs who are easily excited, hyperactive, or who suffer from anxiety (usually from separation or thunderstorms). When shopping for a calming treat, there are certain ingredients dog owners may want to look for.

"Common things found in calming dog treats are vitamin B1 and L-tryptophan. L-tryptophan is found in turkey. This is the main reason we are so tired after Thanksgiving dinner," Dr. Ochoa told Bustle by email.

Natural sleep aids like melatonin and valerian root, as well as L-theanine, an amino acid that is often found in green tea, are other ingredients that experts believe have calming properties.

While dogs should not experience any side effects from consuming calming treats, Dr. Ochoa warns that feeding too many treats could cause diarrhea. That's why it's important to heed the daily serving sizes that are listed on the treat's packaging. Typically, the serving sizes are based on a dog's weight.

With that said, see below for more information on the three best calming treats for hyper dogs on Amazon.


The Overall Best Calming Treats For Hyper Dogs

These NaturVet quiet moments chews are chock-full of natural ingredients that are known for calming dogs down and are a great option for helping to reduce a dog's hyper or anxious behavior. They contain brewer's yeast, canola oil, and dried potato mixed with active ingredients like thiamine (also known as vitamin B1), L-tryptophan, and melatonin, among others.

These treats are also wheat-free and are safe for dogs over 12 weeks of age, including pregnant dogs. Ideally, they should be given to a dog 30 minutes before a stressful situation to maximize the effect. Per the manufacturer's guidelines, the serving size starts at one chew per day for dogs up to 26 pounds, following that, the dose will double, triple, or even quadruple depending on your pup's weight.

Helpful review: “My dog used to get really anxious any time we road in the car and would vomit every time, unless she was riding on my lap. I've started giving her one of these calming treats about a half hour before we go anywhere and she hasn't barfed at all since! She actually seems to enjoy the car rides now too and loves looking out the window. Made for a happy puppy and a happy puppy momma with a barf free car!”


The Best Calming Treats For Older Dogs

These grain-free Pet Parents USA dog calming treats are another great option to consider. They're made primarily from carrots and chicken and are free of artificial flavors and preservatives. The active nutrients in these treats include thiamine (vitamin B1), L-tryptophan, and Suntheanine, a proprietary form of L-theanine.

In addition, these chews also contain hemp seed, an oil that contains essential fatty acids that may help reduce inflammation and improve a dog's joint health. So, while dogs of any age may take these treats, older pups may especially benefit from the addition of hemp seed oil and powder in these calming chews. Per the manufacturer, the serving size starts at one chew per day for dogs up to 25 pounds and increases from there depending on your pet's weight.

Helpful review: “As a Dog parent to a formally physically abused and starved rescue dog, Kane I can say without a doubt this is the best calming treat we have tried. Kane is very upset by other people in our house and very reactive to sounds outside. He is always on edge. This product really helps take that edge off and let him relax. Very happy with this and will definitely be using it from now on.”


The Best Calming Dental Sticks

Instead of giving your dog a separate calming treat and a dental chew, these Zesty Paws calming dental sticks for dogs have ingredients that combine the two types of treats into one. To help with hyperactivity stemming from thunderstorms, fireworks, or playing at the dog park, the dental sticks pack in melatonin, valerian root, and hemp extract, as well as Suntheanine. Meanwhile, the textured shape of the sticks may aid in scraping off tartar of your dog's teeth as he chews, and the added peppermint oil gives the chews (and your dog's breath) a pleasant scent.

Note: Per the manufacturer, the number of sticks will vary per bag as it's based on weight— in addition to this 12-ounce version, you can also get a larger, 25-ounce one. These grain-free treats are primarily made with chickpeas, and the recommended serving size starts at half a stick per day for dogs up to 25 pounds and increases from there.

Helpful review: “My sweet girl has grown to be afraid of thunder as the years have gone by- I’m not really sure why that is- but I purchased these in the hopes that they would help ease her anxiety during storms. I recently got to try them out and I am impressed, not long after she ate it she was laying down relaxing and even napping through the rest of the storm. I would say we are fans!!”


Dr. Sara Ochoa, DVM, veterinarian and veterinary consultant for

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