The 3 Best Carpet Cleaning Solutions For Pet Stains

Few things bring more joy to our hearts or stains to our carpets than our pets. That's why having the best carpet cleaning solutions for pet stains is a mandatory part of dog and cat parenting.

When you're searching for a good formula, you'll want to check the ingredients list for any red flags. Many household cleaners have toxins that are harmful to your pets; some of the biggest culprits include chlorine, ammonia, isopropyl alcohol, phthalates, phenols, formaldehyde, and perchloroethylene.

Instead of these harsh chemicals, opt for cleaning solutions with natural ingredients like lemon, orange, grapefruit, or other citrus-based components. You can also look for essential oils such as eucalyptus and tea tree, or non-toxic ingredients like hydrogen peroxide, vinegar, and baking soda. Some natural cleaning solutions also contain enzymatic bacteria that are capable of neutralizing odors by feeding on organic matter within the stains.

Beyond ingredients, you'll of course want to make sure it works, too. Since practically every company says their formula works well on stains, the best way to determine whether this is true is to read the reviews. Below, I've scoured dozens of reviews for you and listed the best carpet cleaning solutions for pet stains, complete with testimonials from fans.


The Best Carpet Shampoo

Size: 25 ounces

What's great about it: Made with plant-based ingredients, this all-natural carpet shampoo is a non-toxic yet surefire way to clean up pet stains. In addition to natural cleaning agents like lauramine oxide, it has powerful grapefruit citrus and coconut components that help neutralize odor while adding a fresh scent. It's a non-messy, low-foam formula that works fast and won't be toxic for your pets. On top of working on its own, it can also be used with most carpet cleaning machines, too.

What fans say: "We have a dog who is ultra sensitive to cleaning products especially floor cleaners. We have had no problems for her what so ever using the Puracy product. The shampoo cleans very well and leaves the house with a lovely fresh scent that is not overbearing. This is definitely our go to product for clean ups and whole carpet cleaning."


The Best Carpet Spray

Size: 32 ounces

What's great about it: Rather than using a full-on shampoo, this heavy-duty carpet spray is perfect for treating spots or cleaning up small accidents. Although the formula is strong and effective, it's also safe and non-toxic, relying on natural enzymatic bacteria to neutralize the odors. The solution is safe for hardwood floors as well as carpet, and it also works as a pretreatment for stains on clothing.

What fans say: "This stuff works WONDERS!!! Right away, it destroys the odor, then the more you work at it, this will get even OLD urine stains out. Beyond THAT, it even got some weird stains that my Grandson had gotten on the carpet in the extra bedroom out! GONE."


The Best Concentrate

Size: 32 ounces

What's great about it: Made with an eco-friendly blend of eucalyptus, lemon, orange, and other essential oils, this organic carpet cleaning concentrate is a natural way to tidy up after your pet and prevent stains and odors from building up. It's free of bleach, dyes, phosphates, and other toxins, yet still super powerful. The concentrated solution is not only strong but economical, too. Designed to be diluted with water and used in a spray bottle, one 32-ounce bottle makes 32 bottles of full-strength stain remover.

What fans say: "I have a house full of dogs between mine, my fosters, and those I pet sit for. I use this product to remove urine stains and odor. It is remarkable. The only thing I will ever use. You can literally see the urine stains disappear as you spray on Whip It. It has saved my carpets."


Also Helpful: This UV Blacklight That Detects Hidden Pet Stains

What's great about it: Built with powerful LED lights, this UV black light flashlight is a fantastic way to find urine stains from your dog that you might miss with your bare eyes. It's constructed with a durable casing and strong LEDs that emit 390- to 395-nanometer wavelengths. It runs on simple AA batteries and, as a bonus, can be used as a nail dryer, too. Just one note: it does not work as well on cat stains or dark carpets.

What fans say: "I bought this flashlight to find urine from our 2 puppies that we might be missing when cleaning up. It seems to work very well! ... It's very easy to spot the missed urine on hardwood and tile by using this flashlight. Great to help keep our house clean and free from unwanted puppy odor."

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