These Carpet Vacuums Really Suck (All The Dirt Up)

by Lisa Fogarty

Most vacuum cleaners can handle a mess on hardwood or tile floors — that's amateur stuff, as far cleaning goes. But carpet is the one thing that truly separates the powerful vacuums from their less mighty peers. The best vacuums for carpet are capable of tackling pet hair, dust, dander, and deeply-embedded debris that lurk within the fibers. Because, let's face it: Who hasn't experienced the disappointment of running a vacuum over their living room carpet (50 times) only to confront the same old hair, dust, and dirt again and again? A vacuum that can actually handle carpet is a gem.

This list boasts a great carpet vacuum for every owner, no matter what your cleaning preference. You'll find bagless vacuum cleaners, vacuums that are cordless and can go anywhere in the house without cumbersome wires, and affordable vacuums that won't break the bank but will still get things super clean.

These vacuum cleaners are powerful and many boast attachments and special brushes that effortlessly transition from hard floors to carpet with ease. Some are better at low-pile carpets (finding a robot vacuum that can handle deep carpet is still a challenge), but all are equipped to clean every inch of your home.


A Vacuum That Delivers Powerful Sonic Vibrations To Lift Up Lodged Dirt & Debris

Soniclean Soft Carpet Vacuum Cleaner, $300, Amazon

Credit the large front wheels on this carpet vacuum for its easy breezy maneuverability — and the fact that it delivers 200 powerful sonic vibrations per second — for its ability to deep clean soft carpets. This is one vacuum that can really pick up deeply-embedded dirt, dust, and pet hair from carpets. Its nylon brush roll has soft bristles that won't damage rugs or carpets and you can open its adjustable vents to ensure it's compatible with low-pile carpet, medium-pile carpet, and hardwood floors.


A Robot Vacuum That Does All Of The Hard Work For You

Oregon Scientific Robot Vacuum Cleaner, $220, Amazon

Who hasn't daydreamed about sitting back and letting a robot do their dirty housework? When it comes to getting low-pile carpet (and hardwood floors) spic and span with minimal effort on your part, this is the robotic vacuum cleaner that gets the job done. It has an anti-hair and HEPA feature that does a great job of eliminating pet hair, dander, and dust, and its anti-collision detector alerts it to the presence of furniture and walls so that it can work around these obstacles. Most robot vacuums aren't equipped to handle carpets, and it should be noted that this one works best on low-pile carpets and hardwood, but it also enjoys stellar ratings from customers who say it's one of the best cleaning robots around.


A Cordless Stick Vacuum That Fits Easily Under Furniture

Hoover Linx Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner, $175, Amazon

If you prefer the ease of a cordless stick vacuum cleaner, this one creates three channels of suction that lift up and remove both surface dust and pet hair and deeply embedded dirt. This vacuum stands out from the rest because of its low-profile base, which slides and fits under furniture and counter edges so that every square inch of your home is spotless. It transitions from carpets to hardwood floors without fuss and, when it's time to clean out all of the nastiness it sucked up, all you have to do is push a button and empty out a bottom-release dirt cup.


A Lightweight, Affordable Bagless Vacuum

Bissell CleanView Bagless Vacuum Cleaner With OnePass, $80, Amazon

This completely bagless vacuum cleaner's claim to fame is that it can clean carpets and hard floors in just one pass — no more dragging your vacuum to and fro to pick up dirt and dust. It has a unique brush designed to dig deep into carpets and a TurboBrush tool for stairs and upholstery. The washable dirt tank empties with ease and, at just 15 pounds, this is considered a lightweight vacuum that's ideal for homes with several levels.


A Portable Vacuum With Several Attachments

Shark Navigator Lift-Away Professional, $144, Amazon

Weighing in at just 13.7 pounds, this upright vacuum has a detachable canister and a HEPA filter that traps allergens and dust. It's incredibly versatile and excellent at both carpet and floor cleaning. It also boasts a ton of attachments like a Pet Power Brush, dusting brush, and an eight-inch crevice tool to remove every crumb and speck of dirt on your rug, carpet, or floor.

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