3 Powerful Weed Killers For Gravel That Actually Work

Hundreds of shoppers swear by these.

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Removing weeds from your driveway can be quite the task. While it may be tough to get into the nooks and crannies of your drive, there are many weed killers that can do just that — and fast. The best weed killers for gravel pathways will largely depend on how persistent and resilient the weeds are, and whether you want to use chemicals.

What To Look For In A Weed Killer For Gravel

If the weeds are in a small patch or seem to be growing slowly, you can probably go with a mild or even a natural herbicide. On the other hand, if the weeds just keep coming back (and back, and back) then it may be best to go straight for the big guns: a glyphosate-based weed and grass killer that banishes every unwanted growth down to the root. If you are dealing with truly persistent weeds, consider investing in a more expensive weed killer that also works as a preventative treatment to keep weeds away for longer.

To get the job done quickly and efficiently, it's important to find the best weed killer for your property. Here's a round-up of some of the most effective options out there to help you tackle any and every weed.

Shop The Best Weed Control Solutions

In a hurry? Here are the top picks for the best grass and weed killers.

  1. The Best Overall, All Things Considered: RM43 Weed Preventer Total Vegetation Control
  2. The Best Value: Compare-N-Save Concentrate Grass and Weed Killer
  3. The Best Natural Weed Killer: Green Gobbler Vinegar Weed & Grass Killer


The Best Overall, All Things Considered: RM43 Weed Preventer Total Vegetation Control

When it comes killing every last weed and keeping them at bay, this powerful glyphosate herbicide is the best of the best. The formula contains 43% glyphosate, which kills a huge variety of weeds and grass down to the root. What's different about this option, though, is that it doubles as a preventative treatment. Once you apply this to any gravel surface, it kills weeds on the spot while also preventing them from sprouting again for up to a year. Plus, 1 gallon covers over 17,000 square feet. Over 4,000 Amazon reviewers absolutely rave about this weed killer.

One reviewer wrote: "I used this spray on my gravel drive two weeks ago instead of the Roundup I typically use, as Roundup killed the weeds but the next visit, new weeds would be there to spray. I used the RM-43 two weeks ago and visited the property again today and OMG, not a single weed in the entire drive! Don't know how long this will last, but I can't even remember the last time there were NO WEEDS in my drive to spray.”


The Best Value: Compare-N-Save Concentrate Grass & Weed Killer

While this weed and grass killer doesn't serve as a preventative treatment, Amazon reviewers swear by this stuff to take care of stubborn weeds. This concentrated formula is made from 41% glyphosate and makes up to 85 gallons of sprayable herbicide. It even covers up to 25,000 square feet, so one bottle is enough for multiple treatments. Apply this weed killer on your gravel on a sunny day, and within hours it'll be completely rainproof. Thousands of reviewers can't say enough good things about this weed killer.

One reviewer wrote: "For the price, I was willing to give this a try. I didn’t see results right away, but after 9 days, the grass started to turn brown. Within two weeks, I could see this product was definitely working. I sprayed the areas I missed after two weeks. It’s been three weeks now, and the difference from the day I first sprayed the gravel is obvious. This works!”


The Best Natural Weed Killer: Green Gobbler Vinegar Weed & Grass Killer

This chemical-free weed killer banishes weeds safely and effectively. The secret is in the acidic formula that kills weeds to the root without Glyphosate or other additives. Just pour or spray it directly onto your gravel, then let it go to work. Any weeds or grass poking through will wither within 24 hours. This weed killer even comes with its own twist-on spray top to make it easier than ever to apply.

One reviewer wrote: "I’m very happy with the results. The spray showed results in a couple of hours. After a week, there was nothing left to pull. I sprayed young broadleaf weeds that were growing in gravel. What a fantastic natural solution. Great product.”

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