The 9 Best Dog Brushes For Shedding

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Brushing your dog regularly is the best way to ensure that any loose hairs end up on an easy-to-clean brush head rather than scattered across your floor or furniture. Although there are a lot of different types of grooming brushes out there, the best dog brushes for shedding typically are rectangular, slicker-style brushes with fine metal bristles. These brushes are able to reach the dog's undercoat and safely remove dead hairs. Many are also safe to use on a variety of different types of coats, from long- to short-haired dogs — which is a major plus, especially if you own more than one pup.

Alternatively, some pet owners prefer deshedding gloves. Since your dog is likely used to being pet, gloves provide the pup with a more familiar sensation while still catching and removing loose fur, making it an especially great option for anxious animals. Similarly, some pet owners find that brushes with soft silicone or rubber bristles are gentle and effective. A metal comb can also be helpful.

Regardless of which grooming tool you use, make sure to always deshed your dog gently. Brushing your dog at least every few days is recommended, although medium- and long-hair dogs may need to be brushed daily for best results.

But, whether you have a long-haired Golden Retriever or a short-haired Chihuahua, these are the very best dog brushes for shedding, below.


The Overall Best

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Although some dog brushes can be a pain to clean, this Hertzko self-cleaning slicker brush has a unique feature: With just a click of a button, its bristles retract inside of the brush, making it super easy to remove all of the hair. This brush also works on all kinds of dog coats and its fine, wire bristles are able to de-mat your pup's undercoat without scratching its skin. Along with a 4.5-star rating and over 68,000 reviews on Amazon, this makes it a standout deshedding brush for your dog.

One positive review: “This is a quality product and my dogs really enjoy the brushings. The mechanism that retracts the bristles is the best I've encountered on a brush like this. It is sturdy, good quality, and the plastic frame/button are denser (sturdy) than lesser quality products. The button mechanism spring (or however it works under the button) is reliable, it works every time and doesn't stick. [...] When the brush comes out now, the dogs line up for brushing and one patiently waits while the other is being brushed.”


The Runner Up

This Pet Neat deshedding brush boasts a 4.5-star overall rating with over 10,000 Amazon reviews, so it's no surprise that it's a best-seller. In just 10 minutes of brushing, it can remove up to 95% of loose dog hair. The 4-inch comb is made of durable stainless steel, and even comes with a lifetime money-back guarantee should you run into any issues. Plus, whether you have a short- or a long-haired dog with a single or double coat, this brush should work for your pet's fur.

One positive review: “This tool really works! We have a Pomsky puppy (Pomeranian/Husky) who is "blowing his winter coat". I have been cleaning up hair 5x per day for 2 weeks now. Tried this tool and what a difference it makes. [...] And it is very obvious the amount of hair on the wood floor has decreased dramatically. If you have a heavy shedder, give this a try.”


A Rotating Brush For Hard-To-Groom Places

You don't have to spend a lot to find a high-quality deshedding brush for your dog. This Glendan slicker grooming brush will get the job done for just $11. It's available in two sizes (small or large) and features small stainless steel bristles with a nonslip rubber handle. And, given the 90-day guarantee and 4.6-star overall rating, this deshedding brush is a no-brainer.

One positive review: “I’ve been using other de-shedding tools on my pomsky (Husky/Pomeranian mix), and it just wasn’t enough to take down the fur that would otherwise shed. This brush does wonders! Was able to get so much in just a few minutes. And this doesn’t hurt my pup, like other de-shedding tools. My dog sheds a lot less now after using this on him every day, or even a few times a week.”


These Gentle Deshedding Gloves

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For a more gentle but still effective option for removing pet hair, look no further than this pair of DELOMO deshedding brush gloves. The gloves' silicone tips are far softer than metal ones and guaranteed not to accidentally scratch or hurt your pet. Some pet owners have also found the motion of petting their dog as they brush to be very calming for the animal. Meanwhile, the sticky silicone surface of the gloves will catch and remove loose hairs. When it's time to clean, simply toss the gloves into a washing machine.

One positive review: “These gloves work wonders for my long-haired German Shepherd puppy. My puppy is 11 months old and sheds like crazy. The gloves are perfect because my puppy does not like being brushed by those rough brushes and tries to bite them. With the gloves she doesn't care as much.”


A Multi-Tasking Brush For Short-Haired Dogs

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Made from silicone, this grooming brush is a great multi-tasker. One side of the brush features silicone bristles for deshedding and massage, while the other side can be used to remove pet hair from clothing and furniture. The brush can also be used to shampoo your dog’s coat, creating lather and a gentle massage.

One positive review: “My dogs used to hate being brushed, and since switching to these, they fight over whose turn it is! I got the blue model for my short-haired dog and the green version for my long-haired dog. They both work great! I vacuum them to remove the hair - very easy!”


An Undercoat Comb For Getting Through Matted Fur

This comb with rounded stainless steel teeth is excellent for detangling matted fur and loosening trapped hairs while being gentle on your dog’s skin. Half the comb is outfitted with widely set teeth that are great for brushing long hair, while the other half has fine teeth for untangling smaller knots. The comb has a rubberized handle that’s easy to grip and has earned an impressive 4.7-star overall rating on Amazon with more than 6,000 reviews.

One positive review: “This has saved my best friend a hell of a lot of aggravation. He is a 70-pound lab chow mix, massive shedder, with a thick dense under coat. I have long used a similar comb with 11 teeth per inch which is about the same as the fine teeth on this. It grabbed so much fur that it was painful to him. The course teeth on this, 7 teeth per inch, are far less painful but far more effective. In just a couple days I have combed out as much fur that would have taken weeks before with the finer comb. And, he is far more grudgingly willing to our annual ritual.”


This Deshedding Tool Designed For Big Dogs

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This highly rated deshedding tool has small stainless steel teeth that are perfect for brushing doggie’s topcoat and undercoat, catching loose hairs and trapping them in the brush. The brush is specifically designed for dogs weighing 50 pounds or more, and it has a skin guard and curved edges to prevent digging in and conform to your dog’s shape. There’s a button to release all of the loose fur once you’re done, making cleanup a breeze. The brush is available for long- and short-hair breeds and also comes in small and medium sizes.

One positive review: “I was at my wits end with running the sweeper several times a day, then using the Swiffer for any stranglers and finally steaming my floors! I invested in clothes brushes, rollers with sticky tape, and a new Shark sweeper with all the attachments! [...] As a last-ditch effort I found this miracle FURminator!! After one swipe down her back I couldn’t believe the hair that the tool held! I was so excited to keep combing and combing and emptying the fur into a zip lock large bag! She actually stayed and didn’t run off!”


A Small Rubber Brush That’s Easy To Hold

This small rubber grooming brush and a top handle so it fits securely and comfortably on your hand. The gentle brush is recommended for dogs with short or smooth coats and works to remove loose hair. It’s also great for creating a shampoo lather at bath time. Also great: This affordable brush has earned more than 3,800 reviews from Amazon shoppers.

One positive review: “My dog is a black lab/German shepherd mix. We had been using two different brushes and come to find out, neither of them were effective. I would brush on a nightly basis and I’d still have tumbleweeds of hair rolling around my house no matter how much I swept and vacuumed. This arrived yesterday and I immediately spent - AN HOUR AND A HALF - brushing my girl with this. Also need to add that her coat shines more and this brush helped distribute the oils needed for her dry skin. I haven’t seen any dog hair in places I’m used to.... I am so happy with this purchase!!”


A Complete Grooming Kit That’s Great For Multiple Pets

With silicone gloves, a slicker brush, and a deshedding brush, this pet grooming kit has everything you need to help keep shedding under control. The two brushes will help untangle knots and remove loose fur and dander, and the gloves remove hair while providing a gentle massage. The deshedding brush has a detachable stainless blade for short- and long-haired pets and each grooming tool is easy to clean when you’re done brushing.

One positive review: “Great product for its price. I need it as the daily care for my dog who sheds a lot. She loves the massages with the glove and it gives me a chance to leave the dog’s hair outside my home.”

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