The 8 Best Floor Lamps For Reading

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In order to prevent straining your eyes, you'll need the proper light when reading. While some of this will come down to what light bulb you use (the brighter the light the less stress on your eyes), having one of the best floor lamps for reading can also make a huge impact.

When shopping for a floor lamp for reading, you'll want to keep your eye out for a few things. First, finding a lamp with adjustable height or an adjustable neck is key. Even if you have a dedicated reading spot, you may want to change how the lamp is positioned based on the time of day or the size of the text in your book.

Choose a lamp with various brightness settings. This will come in handy if you like to read at different times of day when you may or may not have a lot of sunlight coming in. You'll also want various brightness settings if your eyesight tends to be better some days versus others. If you're willing to upgrade, you can even find a floor lamp with a remote control that allows you to change the level of brightness without moving from your favorite reading nook.

Lastly, think about your personal style. Are you looking for a sturdy, minimalist design that is inconspicuous? Or would you rather have a durable brass or stainless steel lamp that matches your decor? Answer these questions first.

But, your next favorite book awaits. Here are the best floor lamps for reading.


The Overall Best Floor Lamp For Reading

With over 5,300 glowing Amazon reviews, this floor lamp from Brightech is a favorite amongst readers, sewers, and anyone tackling a hobby in their home. Not only does it have a bright, 2000-lumens LED bulb that will give off plenty of light for you to see your book, but the bulb comes with a 20-year lifespan, so you won't have to change it out (maybe, ever?). You can pick it up in one of five colors to match your space, and the entire model has a flexible gooseneck you can adjust to suit your space. Even better, it comes with a three-year warranty should you run into any issues.

What fans say: "I’ve had this lamp for awhile now. For my reading needs, it is perfect. The stand is very [sturdy] with substantial weight. The goose next is good quality and is able to put the lamp in any position and it will stay. The depth and overhang is spot on. It is a very pleasant light that is super easy on the eyes. My favorite thing is the easy intensity adjustment. Simply click the on button twice and hold. Release when the light reaches your desired level. Fantastic. Highly recommended."


A Remote-Controlled Floor Lamp For Reading

This remote-controlled floor lamp has a flexible neck you can rotate 360 degrees to direct the light in any direction you want. While it's a bit pricier than the lamp above, it comes with a remote control that you can use to adjust the brightness level without having to move from your favorite reading spot. You can also turn the lamp off and on simply by tapping it, and it offers five individual brightness settings. It's even backed by a 12-month warranty and a 100-percent satisfaction guarantee, so you can try it out risk free.

What fans say: "This slim floor lamp looks sleek and modern and is a great addition to our living room and bedroom. The different light choices make it easy to find the right setting for reading."


A Brass Floor Lamp For Reading With 3 Brightness Settings

This brass floor lamp has a few features that make it great for readers. First, the 1150-lumens bulb provides a strong light that can illuminate whatever you're reading even in the darkest of rooms. Secondly, the pharmacy-style shade over the top of it helps direct the light downward so you'll get concentrated light when you're reading. The arm can easily be swung so you can angle it perfectly to where you're sitting, and you can even adjust the brightness to one of three levels just by touching the switch on the side.

What fans say: "I bought this because I needed a standing small reading light to place next to my favorite chair. It didn't disappoint. It's a snap to assemble and perfect reading light which allows you to select among 3 touch settings the amount of light preferred. I use the low to medium during the day if needed and the brightest setting at night when I stay up to enjoy the quiet (we have a busy household) and want to read without turning on the ceiling light. [...] Love that you can adjust the both the swing arm of the light as well as the cover over the bulb to whatever position you prefer and position to hit the book I'm reading without glare in my eye. Overall would definitely recommend."


A Tree Floor Lamp For Reading That Can Light Up Your Whole Room

Unlike other lamps on this list, this tree-style lamp will give you the most allover light if you want to illuminate your entire room. Its design allows you to swivel one of the heads so it points directly at what you're reading, while the other two will help brighten up the rest of your room. This lamp requires you to purchase light bulbs (unlike the other options on this list), but each shade has an on/off switch that allows you to turn on the three task lights individually. Bonus: In addition to this mid-century-modern aged brass design, this lamp also comes in a brushed nickel finish, if that matches your space better.

What fans say: "Just what I was looking for in my silver and gold bedroom. The amount of lighting is perfect for reading, relaxing, and winding down for bedtime."


A Minimalist Floor Lamp For Reading That’s Super Adjustable

If you’re looking for a modern lamp that will just blend in, this basic reading lamp from Ebest has got you covered. It’s super adjustable, with three different height settings that let it operate as a floor or table lamp, a 360-degree swivel neck so you can always illuminate your pages, two brightness settings, and the option to switch the color temperature between warm and cold. It plugs into a USB port, which means you can plug it into your laptop or use a USB wall plug to plug into a regular wall outlet. It’s also super lightweight at around 2.5 pounds, making it easy to move around the house as you need it. Ebest also sells a different version of this lamp in black with a bar-shaped head if you prefer.

What fans say: “This lamp lights up my room really well. I can read well at night with it on and it is adjustable. Great deal!”


A Contemporary Floor Lamp For Reading With A Unique Design

With a split ring-shaped design, this ultra-modern floor lamp is basically a work of contemporary art. Each half of the ring can be rotated separately, allowing you to adjust both the way the light falls on your book and the visual appearance of the lamp itself. A built-in switch on the pole allows you to turn the light on and off or adjust brightness (it goes up to 1489 lumens and has three brightness settings). Brightech claims the LED lights for 20 years of regular use, so no need to worry about how to replace the bulbs. Nab it in black or silver.

What fans say: “Coolest lamp I've ever owned. The adjustable swivel top is unique and functional making it the most practical light in my possession. Just have it pointing at the ceiling to light the room and you can rotate one or both LED elements down when you are reading or need some light on the subject. The on/off device is a small, easily located nub that you just touch for on/high/med/low/off.”


A Budget-Friendly Floor Lamp For Reading

For less than $30, you could do a lot worse than the Delilah lamp from Globe Electric. Available in silver, black, or white, the lamp has a primary light for illuminating the room, plus an additional reading light that branches off from the pole on an adjustable gooseneck. While the reading lamp isn’t dimmable, the main torchiere component has three brightness settings so you can brighten the entire area if you need more light than the reading lamp can provide. The whole piece stands 72 inches tall and is seriously a total steal.

What fans say: “Awesome! Great price, easy To put together and lighting is just perfect also [functional] if you want to turn the main light off you have a small reading light for the price you can’t beat it and they look nice to not cheap and flimsy”


A Stylish Floor Lamp For Reading That Works With Any Decor

Whether you buy it in brass with black accents or black with brass and silver accents, this gooseneck floor lamp will look good anywhere. The 62.5-inch-tall lamp has a flexible neck that allows you to angle the head down to 42 inches in height or bend it to perfectly illuminate your reading area. The LED bulb has 900 lumens at its highest setting, but it can be adjusted between three brightness levels by tapping the top of the lamp. According to Brightech, the bulb should last for 20 years.

What fans say: “So impressed with this lamp!! I’ve been wanting to get one for reading on my couch and am so happy I finally grabbed this one. I love that it adjusts in height so I can point it to light up the whole living area, or just where I need it. I also appreciate the different levels of brightness. It’s perfect for using while nursing my baby to sleep. Highly recommend!”

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