The 4 Best Over The Sink Dish Racks

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The right dish rack can make your dishwashing routine much tidier. To find the best over the sink dish racks you'll want to consider the design, size, and material. Thinking about what works best for your kitchen and cooking needs will help guide your decision.

First, it's important to consider the rack's design and whether you'd like to leave it out or store it after each use. While many options rest over the sink as a semi-permanent fixture, there are others that roll away or collapse for easy storage after your dishes dry. If space is not an issue, you might want to spring for an extra-large dish rack that's meant to be left out (I've included one such pick below). Whichever design you go with, you'll want to make sure it offers the capacity you need.

Finally, you'll want to decide on material. Two of the most common options for dish racks are stainless steel and plastic, and there are pros and cons to both. Stainless steel is super durable and sturdy, but can sometimes have a larger price tag. Plastic, on the other hand, isn't as durable, but it's usually more cost-effective. Both materials are fairly easy to clean and maintain, though.

Now that you know what factors to think about, read on to find the best above sink drying rack for your kitchen.


The Overall Best, All Things Considered

Dimensions: 16.5 inches by 26.75 inches

What's great about it: Between function, size, and design, this collapsible over-the-sink dish drainer checks off all the boxes, which explains why it has a 4.7-star rating on Amazon, with over 2,600 reviews. While it can remain in the sink, this pick is also semi-collapsible to one-third its original size. Although made of plastic, it can hold as many as eight plates up to 10 inches in diameter. Equipped with a removable utensil tray, this dish rack is also safe for the dishwasher because of its TPE and polypropylene material.

What fans say: "This thing is awesome!!! Very sturdy and collapsible for storage; but the best thing about it is that it is expandable... I can put it over the entire sink or just half (wash dishes in one half, place them up to dry on the other half. Ingenius design and I love it!"


The Most Budget-Friendly

Dimensions: 17.8 inches by 11.2 inches (additional sizes available)

What's great about it: With a 4.7-star rating from Amazon reviewers, this roll-up dish drying rack is another great option with a more modest price-tag. Super cost-effective and reliable, this pick is able to roll away into a compact bundle and can be stored in a drawer or other small space when not in use. While its price point may be low, it doesn't compromise on quality. Made of food-grade stainless steel, this rack is meant to last for years and won't rust or corrode over time. Designed to lie across your sink, it's also super sturdy and can hold all types of dishes, including pots. However, it's important to note that this rack doesn't have compartments or as much organization as other options.

What fans say: "I love this so much! High quality and easily rolls (and stays rolled!) when you need to have more sink space, or put it in a drawer. Much less ugly than most drying racks."


The Best Large-Capacity Dish Rack

Dimensions: 33.5 inches by 11.3 inches by 23.4 inches

What's great about it: For those who have bigger households or wash more dishes at a time, this iSPECLE over-the-sink dish drying rack is a great option. Made of heavy-duty, durable stainless steel, this rack hovers above your sink and can hold up to 28 pounds of dishes. It also has great compartments for easy organization, including a space for soap, cooking utensils, cutting boards, and much more. Its feet are made of rubber for extra support and stability, so it won't slip or topple over.

What fans say: "Genuinely my favorite thing in my apartment. I went from having a (bad) dishwasher to a new place and needing a big drying rack. This fits perfectly over my sink and has minimum counter-top footprint. All the little features like the hooks and knife section are amazing! Love it."


The Best In-Sink Dish Rack

Dimensions: 12.75 inches by 14.25 inches by 5.25 inches

What's great about it: This Neat-O deluxe chrome-plated dish drainer is great for those who want an in-sink option that doesn't take up a lot of space. While on the smaller size, it can still hold over eight dishes and has a detachable cutlery cup. Made with a coated wire base that protects dishes from breaking, it also has a sleek chrome finish and can be used either in the sink or placed on the counter.

What fans say: "This was perfect to fit in my sink. It looks great, and is nice and sturdy. Great!"