The 5 Best Cheap Mattresses Under $550

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You've probably noticed that the world of mattresses is both crowded and expensive. Whether on your Instagram feed or a subway advertisement, every day someone is selling a new, "life-changing" mattress that'll revolutionize the way you sleep. But, don't let fancy marketing campaigns or pricey mattresses in a box sway you — you don't have to shell out a lot of money to get a great mattress.The best cheap mattresses come in all materials and sizes, and don't have to cost more than $550.

Before you buy a mattress, it's important to consider its material. For example, a traditional coil mattress can be cheaper than a lot of other options, but coil mattresses with lower price points tend to have a lower coil count, which means less support. While both memory foam and latex mattresses will contour to your body's shape to relieve pressure, they can be a bit more expensive. Keep your eyes peeled for hybrid mattresses that combine materials; these will strike a great balance between affordability and support.

Not to complicate matters further, but you'll want to keep your sleep style top of mind. If you tend to run warm when you're sleeping, you'll need an option with proper ventilation or a mattress infused with gel, which will keep you cool even when you're overheating.

Here's a round-up of some of some of the best cheap mattress out there that won't break the bank. Pro-tip: These are sorted by price, low to high.


The Best Under $200

This memory foam mattress has three layers of dense memory foam that cradle your body as you sleep for superior support, as well as cooling gel to help regulate your body temperature and keep you comfortable at night. The middle layer is designed with built-in ventilation to allow airflow, which is another huge plus for any hot sleepers. The bottom layer lends stability to this mattress so you won't sink very deep into it. Best of all, at under $200, this mattress is a bargain. It has more than 3,000 reviews on Amazon and an impressive 4.6-star rating. This pick comes in four sizes: twin, full, queen, and king.

What fans say: "[...] I wanted something new, cheap, and comfortable for less than $400. This is exactly what I was looking for. Let me tell you, I searched for days, DAYS. I was starting to stress myself out with how many mattresses there were online and which one to choose. This is a great buy! If you are stressed out and can’t decide on which one, this one is definitely a bang for your buck, the cheapest one I have found, & sooo comfortable.”


The Most Popular Mattress

This latex-memory foam hybrid mattress is designed with three layers: At the top there's 2 inches of super soft comfort foam, followed by almost 4 inches of ventilated foam, and then a supportive base made of high-density foam. This is one of the best mattresses if you tend to overheat at night. Plus, the entire mattress is infused with green tea extract, which is a naturally antimicrobial, to keep it clean and odor-free. But, don't take my word for it. It has more than 110,000 reviews and a solid 4.5-star rating. It comes in eight mattress sizes: narrow twin, twin, twin XL, full, queen, short queen, king, and California king, as well as four densities: 6, 8, 10, and 12 inches.

What fans say: "This bed is the jam. First off, I'm a flight attendant. I sleep in a lot of hotel beds. I know what a good and bad bad feels like. This bed is amazing. Feeling impartial about the non-conforming bed of the future? Think you'll miss the springs? No way."


The Mattress That Is Available In The Most Sizes

Like many popular memory foam mattresses, this triple-layer mattress features a top layer of ventilated gel memory foam that regulates body temperature, a middle layer of transition foam, and a bottom layer of dense bamboo charcoal-infused foam that provides amazing support. If both budget and back pain are a concern, this mattress is definitely the pick for you. This option is pretty squarely in the medium-firm category and one of its biggest drawers is that it comes in so many size and density options. You can choose among nine mattress sizes: twin, twin XL, full, queen, king, California king, and split king, as well as firm, medium, or plush densities. This pick has a 4.5-star rating and more than 9,000 reviews.

What fans say: "I haven't been sleeping and I finally decided to replace an excellent mattress that has past its prime. A friend just bought a Lucid and recommended them to me. I bought the firm 10" with gel. Last night was the first night I laid down on the bed. OMG it felt so good, firm and yet so comfortable. I slept a full eight hours last night and look forward to sleeping on that bed again tonight. I paid 3 times as much 20 years ago for my old mattress and I hate to say it but it is true, this is way more comfortable.”


This Mattress With Great Medium Support

This super plush mattress is pretty much like sleeping on a cloud. Made with 8 inches of foam (2 inches of memory foam and 6 inches of high-density memory foam), this mattress allows you to literally sink into it to relieve pain and pressure. That makes this a great mid-priced option if you experience any sleep-related back pain. On top of that, it's made with eco-friendly materials and doesn't include any mercury, heavy metals, or flame retardants in the foam. You can also opt for 6, 10, and 12-inch mattresses and this pick comes in twin, twin XL, full, queen, and king sizes.

What fans say: "I've had this for over a year and it still feels brand new. Super comfy and very durable (I have two cats and previously a giant dog who all jumped around and slept on the bed)."


The Best Firm Mattress

For the most support, this firm hybrid mattress is composed of tightly wrapped coils and high-density foam, and the top 1.5 inches are layered with a softer foam topper. The best part? Even if you toss and turn in your sleep, this mattress cradles your body without any motion transfer whatsoever. Some reviewers were skeptical that this mattress would truly be "extra firm" with the memory foam topper, but they were pleasantly surprised. So if you're a stomach sleeper or just prefer a truly firm mattress, this is your guy. Choose among four mattress sizes: twin, full, queen, and king and two densities: 10 and 12 inches.

What fans say: "If you are looking for a firm mattress, this is for you! Don't let the layer of memory foam on top of the coils turn you away, I am not a foam fan and this mattress is great. This is definitely 'extra firm' and exactly what I was looking for."