The Best Electric Pasta Makers, According To Reviewers

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Fresh, homemade pasta may seem mysterious to the uninitiated, but it’s remarkably simple to make. Well, it can be simple with the right tool. Whether you’re an experienced cook or a total beginner, the best electric pasta makers make the whole process easy and enjoyable. To help guide your search, consider a few key things.

Pasta Maker Types

There are two types of electric pasta makers: rollers and extruders. Both are effective at making excellent pasta at home, so it comes down to the amount of effort you want to exert, what kind of artisanal vision you have for your kitchen, and how much counter space you’re willing to sacrifice for foolproof spaghetti.

  • Pasta rollers: When you envision a traditional pasta maker, this is probably the type that comes to mind. They look almost identical to hand-crank models, save for the inclusion of a motor. Rollers require you to knead the pasta dough yourself and then run them through the press like a newspaper, and are usually limited to flat pasta shapes like lasagne or fettuccine. They're fairly compact, often taking up less space than an extruder and are usually more budget-friendly. (You can even get pasta roller attachments for other machines, like a stand mixer, which is great for home chefs who don’t have a lot of counter space to devote to yet another appliance.)
  • Pasta extruders: This type of countertop appliance functions a lot like a bread machine since the machine does all the mixing. You can measure your ingredients directly into it, then kick back with a glass of wine and watch as the noodles are pushed out. Unlike rollers, this type can make a wider variety of noodles, including round shapes like penne and spaghetti. Those extra functions come at a premium, however, and the kitchen real estate required to house one of these bad boys might make smaller kitchens think twice. But it’s hard to argue with their time-saving, sanity-preserving ease of use.

With that in mind, it's time to shop. Between compact countertop models, chef-quality machines, and genius little attachments for the appliances you already own, there's an electric pasta maker here for every skill level. Prego!

1. The Overall Best Electric Pasta Maker

This top-quality electric pasta maker is a multifunctional wünderkind and a go-to for pasta connoisseurs who are ready to step up their kitchen game. This versatile extruder comes with four discs for making classic noodles and trickier shapes like penne, but you can also pick up more, including sets for macaroni or shells. All you have to do is measure and add your ingredients, press a button, and walk away. This machine does the kneading and extruding for you, making half a pound of pasta in ten minute. (The machine can handle over a pound at once, though.) The pasta-making components are dishwasher safe, saving you even more time. It also comes with a noodle cutter, cleaning tool, and measuring cup — the only thing it doesn’t have is a built-in scale.

One helpful review: “I love this pasta machine. So easy to use and to clean. I have made homemade pasta for years but just don't always have the time. This is a really great alternative.”

2. The Best On A Budget

This budget pasta maker packs a lot of functionality into its affordable price tag. It extrudes a full pound of fresh pasta in 10 minutes or less, and does all of the work for you. Simply measure your ingredients directly into the tank, then step back and be amazed. This machine can extrude 13 different shapes, more than any of the other picks on this list, to make everything from spaghetti to Japanese-style ramen noodles. When you’re done making pasta, most of the parts are dishwasher-safe for easy cleanup.

One helpful review: "I Love love love this pasta machine it makes bouncy fresh pasta and Ramen Noodles too.I’m so happy with how simple it is to use and clean. There are so many attachments also which makes it so much more in value.I definitely recommend it. I’m not buying the dry pasta at the market anymore!!!!! I’m making it at home now”

3. The Best For Small Kitchens

If you have a small kitchen or limited storage space, this Phillips pasta maker is going to be your best bet. Weighing just 13 pounds and measuring 13 by 5 by 10 inches, it doesn’t take up too much counter space, and can be stashed away even in a smaller cabinet when not in use. While this machine does only make three kinds of pasta — spaghetti, penne, and fettuccini — it can still make up to three servings in less than 20 minutes. The discs store inside the machine, so you don’t need to worry about finding a separate place for them. It also comes with a full color recipe book.

One helpful review: "I have been wanting one of these for months now, and I finally bit the bullet and bought one! I had originally planned on buying the kitchen aid pasta attachment, but the automatic process of this one interested me. We can't stop making pasta! It's very easy to use, and I love not having to wait for the pasta to rest and I REALLY love not having to hand knead it! The pasta is pretty good too!”

An Electric Spiralizer That Makes Lightning-Fast Zoodles

Veggie noodles can also be time consuming to make, and this electric spiralizer has three different cutting cones that transform produce into spaghetti or fettuccine noodles, ribbons, even – wait for it – curly fries. It has a 6-cup capacity, and disassembles for easy cleaning. The removable components are dishwasher safe and it comes with a designated cleaning brush for getting into every nook and cranny. Numerous shoppers said that they loved theirs so much they started purchasing more as gifts.

One helpful review: "I've always wanted to use a spiraler for all my summer vegetables and this is a really simple machine with minimal parts (6-7) to put together. There are 3 different blades: spaghetti, a thicker spaghetti blade, and ribbon. I cut up some carrots and the machine ripped through them without any issues. It didn't work so well on the thicker spaghetti blade but it made really nice curly Q carrots and a beautiful rose ribbon. Another great thing about this machine is it's pretty quiet. I was expecting it to be twice as loud as it was. Simple to use, easy to clean and store.”

A 3-In-1 Pasta-Making Attachment For Your KitchenAid Stand Mixer

If you already have a large KitchenAid stand mixer (or other similarly sized stand mixer), save your counter space with this pasta roller attachment set. There’s a wide roller that can handle sheets of pasta, plus two other attachments for picture-perfect spaghetti and fettuccine. There's a knob to adjust the noodle thickness to your preferred size. These attachments may look simple, but they're capable of making pro-grade pasta, and quickly. Unfortunately, the components can’t go in the dishwasher but they come with a cleaning brush to sweep out dough; from there, just wipe them down with a damp cloth.

One helpful review: "I am SO happy I finally bought this!! I made fettuccine last night and it was super easy. I don’t have to use a rolling pin over and over, trying to get the dough thin enough. Love, love, LOVE it!!”

You May Also Want: A Pasta Drying Rack

A traditional wooden pasta drying rack creates a safe haven for hanging pasta up to dry while you work, freeing up countertops and reducing the number of dishes washed. This elegant model is made from sustainable rubberwood and features four, 18-inch dowels that are easy to disassemble for compact storage and wipe clean with a damp cloth.

One helpful review: "Can't live without this when we make our homemade pasta !! This is a genius little creation, easy to store, easy to assemble, easy to clean. Love it. Stores right back in the box it came in."

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