The 8 Best Essential Oil Diffusers For Large Rooms

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 Best Essential Oil Diffusers For Large Rooms
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It’s not uncommon to find your diffuser isn’t living up to your expectations. This is likely because you’ve found yourself with a model that's too small, therefore unable to provide aromatherapy to every corner of your room. Investing in one of the best essential oil diffusers for large rooms can easily fix this problem, however — just move that small one into the bathroom, where it'll work even better (and be a pleasant surprise for guests!)

Essential oil diffusers can deliver instant aromatherapy to achy joints, frazzled minds, and broken hearts, and there are two common types to choose from. Ultrasonic diffusers are wildly popular because they act as both a diffuser and humidifier, which means they require water, but they’re also multi-functional, especially beneficial during cold or allergy season. Nebulizing diffusers work without the help of heat or water to atomize essential oils by breaking them up into smaller particles that can be evenly distributed in the air, but they use much more essential oil than ultrasonic diffusers.

In terms of coverage, nebulizing diffusers deliver a concentrated mist that’s good for large spaces. If you opt for an ultrasonic diffuser, a tank capacity of at least 400 milliliters is recommended for big rooms.

With that in mind, scroll on for the best essential oil diffusers for large rooms that’ll fill your space with your favorite fragrance.


The Best Overall: A Large Capacity Diffuser That Doubles As A Night Light And Humidifier

With its 1,000-milliliter tank and a convenient remote control so you can adjust the settings without having to get up, this ultrasonic essential oil diffuser is perfect for large rooms. It features three timer settings (3, 6, or 9 hours) and lights up in seven different LED colors. In fact, the nightlight function can be used independently from the diffuser. As even more of a bonus, it also functions as a humidifier: Put it on low-mist mode, and it can run for up to 15 to 20 hours (while the high-mist mode runs up to 10 to 15 hours). Last but not least, it has an auto shut-off function for added safety, so it'll turn off by itself once the tank is empty.

What fans are saying: "OMG! A friend convinced me that using a diffuser will help battle my allergies and produce better sleep at night. I was skeptical until the first time I plugged in this device. Sold instantly. It runs all night on one tank of water, and even my pets have noticed the difference."


An Ultrasonic Diffuser And Humidifier With A 20-Hour Run Time

For a heavy-duty dose of aromatherapy, consider this ultrasonic humidifier and diffuser duo, which was specifically created for large rooms. It is designed to humidify the air in rooms up to 325 square feet and provides aromatherapy scent coverage up to 450 square feet. With a large capacity 1,500-milliliter tank and a knob with 270-degree rotation to control the humidity level, you can let this gadget run, hassle-free, for up to 20 hours. Plus, since it doesn’t use heat to disperse the aromas of essential oils, it will better retain their "integrity and holistic properties". Other highlights include its whisper-quiet function and seven different LED light options, ranging from bright to dim.

What fans are saying: "I’ve had this diffuser now for about a week. It’s fantastic. I have a large living room and needed something to not only scent the space but also have a large enough tank that I’m not refilling it several times a day. It scents my living room, dining room, and kitchen and runs from 5am to 9pm on high before needing refilled. It’s easy to clean and super quiet. I’m really impressed."


A Minimalist Nebulizing Diffuser That Covers Up To 700 Square Feet

Since this nebulizing diffuser doesn’t use heat or require water, essential oils will retain more of their natural benefits, which means faster and more potent relief. It can cover up to a whopping 700 square feet of space with an ultra-sleek and modern-looking design, making it perfect for open concept homes or lofts. The portable, USB-rechargeable diffuser works for up to 8 hours on one charge, and it features a timer and multiple mist settings. Color options include black and white.

What fans are saying: “[...] It works wonderfully, with various modes. Its quick and easy to set up and keeps rather large room 20x15 well scented even when I use it on medium setting. The battery on this thing lasts quite long time. Its portable to take on your trip, which is great considering I travel for business [a lot].”


A Bluetooth-Enabled Diffuser That Doubles As A Speaker

This ultrasonic diffuser and humidifier duo does it all: In addition to dispersing your favorite aromas, it also works as a speaker (it's Bluetooth-enabled) and night light (it lights up in seven different colors). Its 550-milliliter capacity is good for spacious rooms, and the diffuser offers two mist settings, timers for 1, 2, and 3 hours, and auto-shutoff when the tank is empty. Plus, the diffuser is easy to control with the included remote.

What fans are saying: “I loved everything about my diffuser, absolutely wonderful [...] I use it every night, (no need to get out of bed thanks to the handy little remote control) to listen to youtube, or my Audible books, while filling the room with relaxing oils and beautiful lights, not to mention the convenience of the timer just in case I fall asleep [...].”


Best On A Budget: A Quiet, Multi-Purpose Diffuser With Tons Of Positive Reviews

This budget-friendly diffuser is another wonderful option that offers multiple functions, albeit at a cheaper price tag. Not only does it effectively disperse essential oils into the air, but it also acts as a nightlight and humidifier. It offers seven LED light options that can be turned off, set to cycle gradually, or fixed to the color of your choosing. With ultrasonic technology that ensures the quietest of functions, this beautiful little diffuser packs a powerful punch: While its 500-milliliter tank might not diffuse an entire house floor, it'll certainly do the job in spacious bedrooms or living rooms.

What fans are saying: "This is such a great diffuser! Nice looking, practical and easy to use. Really like the different colors, and the mist is just right. The time settings are perfect and has a smooth beep when the time setting is over. I wish it was cordless to use it from the night stand to dinning table to kitchen counter, the cord gets in the way. Other than that, it's a great product. I practically use it daily."


This Modern Diffuser With A Marble Accent

This ultrasonic diffuser with gold and marble accents will blend in perfectly with modern decor, and its 500-milliliter tank provides coverage up to 480 square feet. The diffuser boasts quiet operation and three timer settings for 1, 3, and 6 hours. You’ll get up to 20 hours of aromatherapy at a time, and the diffuser shuts off automatically when the water tank is empty. Plus, there are seven LED light options in soothing shades.

What fans are saying: “Very nice design and looks great in my make up room where I have a rose gold theme. Some people do not even know that it is a diffuser. It has a large tank and lasts a good portion of the day before needing to be refilled. Does not have a lot of noise when in use. Its tank is large enough to make a large room smell. The lights are not overly bright and give a nice touch.”


A Diffuser With A Built-In Sound Machine

Featuring nine soothing sounds — including rain, piano music, and white noise — this ultrasonic diffuser with a built-in sound machine will make your next aromatherapy session super relaxing. The 500-milliliter water tank can diffuse scent and humidify rooms for up to 13 hours with two mist settings. You can have the diffuser run continuously until the water runs out, release mist every 10 seconds, or turn off after 2 or 4 hours. There’s also a warm light with dim and bright settings.

What fans are saying: “[...] As a diffuser, it works remarkably well. My living room is large and with about 7-10 drops (with a full reservoir of water), the mist diffuses essential oils throughout the whole room. I was impressed [...].”


This 2-In-1 Diffuser With A Himalayan Salt Therapy Chamber

This 2-in-1 ultrasonic diffuser releases fragrance and has a built-in chamber for Himalayan salt crystals, which may help purify the air in your room. The diffuser has a 400-milliliter water tank and automatically turns off when the tank is empty, but it does not have adjustable mist settings. However, it does come with 10 essential oils (including lavender, eucalyptus, and tea tree) and 2 pounds of Himalayan salt crystals. There’s also an optional color-changing ambient light.

What fans are saying: “I work at a spa and purchased this for the room I use! I absolutely love it! So easy to use, and way better than I expected! The ten oils all smell great. It puts out a lot of mist, the auto shut off is convenient, and the light isn’t too bright! I just used it for 8+ hours today and only filled it once!”