10+ Cult-Favorite Essential Oils On Amazon (Including Great Giftable Sets)

Looking for natural ways to help with stress or simply want to make your home smell incredible? The best essential oils can help you care for your body, mind, and living space. Below, I've rounded up a variety of stand-alone essential oils as well as starter packs to suit different preferences and concerns; and one even has detailed descriptions and instructions for beginners. Whether you're an essential oils novice or you've been experimenting with the stuff for years, there's surely a pick for you.

Essential oils can offer a safe and natural way to ease anxiety, promote relaxation and better sleep, and soothe coughing and congestion; one is even a portable roll-on essential oil.

I've also included an autumn-themed essential oil blend and a holiday-themed pack that will have your home or workspace ready for the season (or depending on the time of year, begging the season to come early).

All of the selections below are either 100% pure, certified-pure, or certified-premium-grade and several are certified-organic and therapeutic-grade as well.

If properly diluted or mixed with your favorite lotion, soap, or shampoo, essential oils can be used topically; but they also work wonderfully in an essential oil diffuser, so you might want to consider buying one if you don't already have one.

Take a look at the best essential oils on Amazon. All of them are highly rated, and there's a pick for every budget.


A Well-Rounded 8-Pack Of Essential Oils That's A Great Buy

This essential oils kit comes out to just over a dollar a bottle with eight 10-milliliter bottles of 100% pure therapeutic-grade essential oils. The kit includes lavender, tea tree, lemongrass, peppermint, eucalyptus, sweet orange, lemon, and frankincense essential oils; and each oil is free of additives and fillers. The oils are even packaged in amber-colored bottles to protect them from sunlight so they'll last longer. Plus, this pick boasts a 4.3-star rating and over 6,600 reviews.

What fans are saying: "Pretty much obsessed. This is such a great starter pack. The peppermint is so fun in a diffuser over the holidays, the lavender is so pleasant to fall asleep to [...] the tea tree oil I use in everything — I add it to my hand lotion and face masks — 'medicine in a bottle' is true! The eucalyptus is great for when you're sick, and the lemon/orange are so fun to drop in the shower — makes your shower experience smell even more amazing and uplifting! Love love love."


A Comprehensive Starter Kit For Essential Oil Novices

This Family Essentials kit by doTERRA comes with 10 5-milliliter bottles of certified-pure, therapeutic grade essential oils and blends that are designed to help parents and kids feel their best. The kit includes lavender, peppermint, lemon, oregano, frankincense, and melaleuca; as well as doTERRA's Deep Blue blend, DigestZen, On Guard, and Breathe. As an added bonus, this pick's box lists detailed descriptions of each oil and its uses, making it perfect for essential oil newbies. It's earned a 4.1-star rating as well.

What fans are saying: "I love how doTERRA includes short, informative descriptions for each item and graphics that depict usage options; very organized and easy for a novice to proceed with confidence. A nice assortment that addresses a wide range of aliments, this for me was a nice 'starter' kit for our family. Highly recommend."


A Mini Introductory Kit With Lavender, Lemon, & Peppermint Essential Oils

This smaller, beginner's kit by doTERRA boasts a 4.3-star rating and nearly 1,000 reviews, and it's easy to see why. This pick includes three 5-milliliter bottles of some of the highest quality essential oils around: certified-pure and therapeutic-grade lavender, lemon, and peppermint. It also comes with an introductory audio CD and booklet.

What fans are saying: "I LOVE this kit!! It's a steal at this price!!! I have found so many more uses for them since I received them. The Lavender oil works like magic to relax my boys and get them to sleep. The three oils, the lavender, lemon, and the peppermint oils are also so versatile that I’m always finding new uses for them. I will definitely be re-purchasing this kit again!"


An Essential Oil Roll-On That Might Just Help You Breathe Easier

Edens Garden has many great 100% pure essential oil roll-ons to offer; but if you're looking for an essential oil roll-on to help clear congestion, Edens Garden's Breathe Easier roll-on is ideal and convenient to keep with you. Its unique blend of lemon, rosemary, peppermint, and eucalyptus works to help ease congestion and coughing so you can feel your best no matter where you are. Plus, Edens Garden is women-owned and family-operated, and Amazon shoppers give this pick an impressive 4.7-star rating after more than 1,000 reviews. This roll on has 10 milliliters of the blend so it will last quite a while, too.

What fans are saying: "Love breathe easier and Edens Garden. Every time one of my co-workers gets a runny nose they come looking for a cotton ball with breathe easy to sit on their keyboard for the day. It always opens them up. I also like to put it in my humidifier at my desk. It smells great."


A Certified-Organic, Non-GMO Lavender Essential Oil That's Great For Relaxation

Aetos Essential Oils are always 100% pure, certified-organic and non-GMO, and the brand's lavender oil is no exception. This 30-milliliter bottle is a solid option if you're looking for an essential oil to help you relax, and you can even add it to your shampoo or body lotion.

What fans are saying: "I love the scent of lavender in essential oils. I use three drops in my diffuser nightly to help me sleep. The scent is very calming and relaxing."


A Certified-Organic Peppermint Essential Oil That's Great For Pain Relief

Sourced from the U.K., Vitruvi's organic peppermint essential oil is 100% pure and certified-organic. This undiluted peppermint oil is packaged in a sleek, matte black, 10-milliliter bottle to protect it from UV damage, and it can be used for everything from helping you feel awake to freshening up your home. Personally, I love to rub slightly diluted peppermint oil all over my back and tummy when I'm dealing with menstrual cramps, and I also rub the stuff on my temples and jaw to ease headaches and jaw pain.

What fans are saying: "I love peppermint oil in a nice hot bath. It only takes a couple of drops to infuse the steam with the scent. It also feels good rubbed into my temples when I have a headache. This bottle drips a little faster than others I’ve used, but it’s good stuff. I’m pleased."


A Respiratory Essential Oil Blend That May Help Ease Sinus Issues

This respiratory blend by doTERRA is 100% pure and therapeutic-grade, and it can be applied topically or diffused in a diffuser to help promote a good night's rest. For an even more comprehensive wellness routine, you can also use doTERRA's On Guard blend to help support your immune system strong when the weather may be doing a number on your health. Plus, the brand's Balance Grounding Blend and Serenity Restful Blend to help ease anxiety and tension for relaxing days and peaceful sleep.

What fans are saying: "Worth every penny!! Had sinus issues for WEEKS and tried everything for relief — I was miserable. A few drops of BREATHE in a diffuser in the evenings and I finally started to feel better. I was VERY skeptical of the whole essential oils craze but this stuff seriously helped me."


An Essential Oil Blend To Promote A Good Night's Sleep

This Good Sleep Essential Oil Blend by Healing Solutions boasts a 4.4-star rating and over 4,500 reviews, and it's not surprising. This pick packs 100% pure, premium, FDA-registered, Kosher-certified, therapeutic-grade lavender, clary sage, and copaiba essential oils into one 10-milliliter bottle for the ultimate sleeping blend.

For stress management, check out Healing Solution's Calm Body Calm Mind blend; and if you suffer from headaches, try the Head Relief Blend. You can also shop Healing Solutions' Breathe Blend and Health Shield Blend if you're feeling under the weather or just spring for the brand's six-pack of Best Blends, which contains essential oils for headaches, stress relief, sleep, muscle aches, respiratory relief, and overall health protection.

What fans are saying: "Ok wow. Not only did this make me incredibly relaxed and tired within 10 minutes (I applied small amounts to my temples, wrists, behind ears, nose, and neck. Yes I was desperate and may have went a little overboard. Also deeply inhaled from the bottle for a few breaths) it made me sleep through the night. Can't wait for tonight."


A Crisp Autumnal Essential Oil Blend To Ease Aches & Congestion

Formulated by certified aromatherapists, this fall blend of essential oils contains 100% pure and undiluted fir needle, cedarwood virginian, bergamot, cardamom, and juniper berry essential oils. This crisp and uplifting harvest scent can be diffused in your diffuser or added to your favorite cream to create a soothing balm that reviewers report to help ease everything from congestion to muscle aches. For more fall scents you can also try Plant Therapy's Maple Leaf and Pumpkin Pie blends.

What fans are saying: "I'm in love with harvest moon! Not only is it an amazing diffuser blend but you can also use it [...] topically after it's properly diluted for muscle aches. As always, another amazing product from plant therapy!!"


An Essential Oil Kit That Smells Like The Holidays

This winter set of essential oils by P&J Trading will have your home smelling like the holidays in no time. These premium, highly-concentrated 10-milliliter bottles include six scents: peppermint, ginger bread, harvest spice, Christmas wreath, cinnamon, and sugar cookies. These fragrant oils can be diffused in your diffuser or added to candles, soaps, lotions, shampoos, unscented incense sticks, and homemade cleaning solutions. Plus, this festive pick is certified premium-grade and boasts a 4.3-star rating after more than 600 reviews.

What fans are saying: "Every scent is great. That sugar cookie is AMAZING! I like mixing the gingerbread and harvest spice. They smell almost edible when mixed. The Christmas wreath smells just like a Christmas to me. I like them so much I’ll most definitely be buying the other seasonal collections throughout the year."

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