The 10 Best Fans For Bedrooms

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by Kim Quindlen and BDG Commerce
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A bedroom fan can improve your quality of sleep, help you rest soundly, and awake refreshed. But, the simple fact is, most fans can technically be considered "bedroom" fans if you place them in your bedroom. So what actually makes for a great bedroom fan? The key is quiet performance. The best fans for bedrooms will quietly perform without disturbing you while you sleep.

What To Look For When Shopping For Bedroom Fans

Sound is measured in decibels (dB), and most of the fans below include a decibel rating that lets you quickly gauge the noise output. For example, a 30-decibel fan is as quiet as a whisper, though fans producing up to 50 decibels can still be considered quiet. Some brands do not list decibel ratings for their bedroom fans, but their quiet performance is backed up by user reviews on Amazon.

From there, it just comes down to picking one that fits well in your space, works with your budget, and comes with any add-on features you want to have, like remote controls or auto-shutoffs for overnight usage. This list features floor and desk fans that take up hardly any space, an ultra-quiet pedestal fan, a slim tower fan that can fit into tight spaces, and more.

If you’re ready to make those uncomfortably warm nights a little more peaceful and serene, here are the best fans for your bedroom that will keep you cool without interrupting your sleep.

Shop The Best Fans For Bedrooms

In a hurry? Here are the top picks for sleep-friendly fans.

  1. The Overall Best Fan For Bedrooms: Lasko Portable Electric Oscillating Tower Fan
  2. The Runner-Up: Dreo 42” Tower Fan
  3. The Best Pedestal Fan: Rowenta Turbo Silence Oscillating Stand Fan
  4. The Best For Large Bedrooms: Vornado 660 Large Whole Room Air Circulator Fan
  5. The Best Budget Buy: Vornado Pivot Personal Air Circulator Fan
  6. The Best Fan & Air Purifier: ULTTY Bladeless Fan & Air Purifier
  7. This Personal Fan With Vintage Style: Vornado VFAN Mini Classic Personal Fan
  8. The Quietest Fan: Greentech Environmental pureFlow QT7 Bladeless Fan
  9. This Space-Saving Window Fan: Comfort Zone CZ310R Window Fan
  10. A Fan With A Built-In Sound Machine: Honeywell HTF400 Dreamweaver Sleep Fan


The Overall Best Fan For Bedrooms

  • Decibels: Not listed

This tower fan is a favorite with Amazon shoppers, boasting over 33,000 reviews and a 4.6-star overall rating. It features three quiet fan speeds that reviewers describe as soothing white noise. The fan is 42 inches tall and oscillates to provide a cooling breeze. And thanks to the remote control, you can adjust the speed, set a timer, and turn on the nighttime setting (which decreases fan speed and dims the control lights) while lying comfortably in bed.

One glowing review: “I love that this fan oscillates, has a sleep function, and a remote. I thought it would absolutely silent but the soft white noise is actually nice to sleep to. Perfect for a bedroom or small space.”


The Runner-Up

If you like the tower fan style but want to know the exact noise level before buying, this bladeless fan has a noise range between 34 and 48 decibels. The powerful motor moves air at 24 square feet per second, helping to cool you off in a hurry. It also has six speeds and three modes to choose from, including a sleep mode that gradually decreases the fan’s speed. There’s also an auto mode that adjusts the fan’s speed according to the room’s temperature, and a timer setting. Plus, the fan has 90-degree oscillation and comes with a remote control.

One glowing review: “This is a great product, it is absolutely perfect for my high ceiling bedroom. I like to have a fan on at nights and this works just perfect, it is very powerful yet quiet, and the remote makes it all even better. Highly recommend!!!”


The Best Pedestal Fan

This quiet oscillating fan is a great choice if you want a powerful breeze at a “whisper-quiet” noise level. The bedroom fan offers five different speed settings, including “turbo boost” if you need some extra strong airflow on a super hot night, as well as a “silent night mode” if you need it to be as soundless as possible while you get some shut-eye.

One glowing review: “Our bedroom doesn't have a ceiling fan, and we wanted a quiet, gentle fan to provide a little extra cooling in the summer. This is the second summer we've used it, and it continues to work well. We have the fan positioned about 5 feet from the foot of the bed, and we barely hear it on the silent setting.”


The Best For Large Bedrooms

  • Decibels: 54dB on high speed, according to the brand website
  • Also available on Home Depot, $100

This powerful fan for large spaces made almost every list of the best fans for a reason: The deep-pitched blades move air up to 100 feet away, so you’ll get a comfortable breeze no matter how large your bedroom is. Using a glide bar that offers a 90-degree tilt, this fan provides both horizontal and vertical airflow and has four different speed settings: whisper-quiet, low, high, and turbo.

One glowing review: “We have a large bedroom with cathedral ceiling and alcove. While we do have two ceiling fans, the room does become stuffy. I always wake between 3-5 a.m to turn down the AC. With the Vornado, I've been able to sleep through without changing the thermostat for the last few nights.”


The Best Budget Buy

Though it's compact, this tabletop fan still offers three speed settings and a pivoting head so you can direct airflow where it’s needed most. Standing 6 inches tall, the small fan is easy to place anywhere in your bedroom (and move to another room if needed) and it’s available in four colors, including copper and gray. You can also opt for a clip-on style that easily attaches to your headboard. What’s more, this fan boasts over 4,000 perfect five-star reviews.

One glowing review: “I only have one AC unit in my apartment so the bedroom can get a little warm in the summer. I put the fan on the nightstand and even on the lowest setting (which can barely be heard) it makes such a big difference. I sleep so well with this fan on.”


The Best Fan & Air Purifier

  • Decibels: Under 32dB on sleep mode

Not only is this bladeless fan incredibly quiet, but it also functions as an air purifier. The fan’s replaceable HEPA filter removes 99.97% of particles, including dust, smoke, and pollen, purifying up to 320 square feet. The fan has nine speed settings and three modes to choose from, as well as 90-degree oscillation. It also comes with a remote control, so you can adjust airflow without leaving your bed. You can also set a timer for up to eight hours.

One glowing review: “Using it in my bedroom. The remote control is nice and it is quiet while it keeps me cool and hopefully purifies the air. I do have a lot of allergies but I seem to sleep well with it on during the night.”


This Personal Fan With Vintage Style

This quiet personal fan has a fun retro design and a small footprint (measuring 8.3 inches tall and 7.1 inches wide), so it’s a perfect addition to your bedside table. The fan has two manual speed settings and a tilting head that allows you to direct the airflow. This classic design is available in green (featured), taupe, and vintage white, and the fan also comes in four other colors with a modern wire base.

One glowing review: “This fan CRANKS. The lightest setting is plenty [...] Rest assured that even the tiny fan will cool an entire room. Perfect for sleeping and it looks awesome to boot. Honestly, best fan we've ever had, and we require one to sleep soundly..”


The Quietest Fan

In terms of noise level, this ultra-quiet desk fan falls somewhere between the sound of breathing and rustling leaves, so it won’t interrupt your sleep with loud rotations. The bladeless fan has 12 speed settings and a timer, which can be set manually or using the remote control, and an oscillating head that moves vertically and horizontally. What’s more, the energy-efficient fan boasts an impressive 30-foot reach.

One glowing review: “It’s whisper quiet, cute and cools down the room just right. I was going to install a ceiling fan in my apartment bedroom, but, the cost of the fan, installation ($300 in Denver!), removal when I move out, I opted for this. I’m so glad!”


This Space-Saving Window Fan

If you don’t have room for a fan on the floor or your bedside table, this window fan has accordion sides that can be adjusted to fit windows between 23.5 and 37 inches. You can choose between three speeds and a remote control is included for easy adjustments. The fan also has three functions: a circulating one to move air around a room, a cooling option, and an exhaust function to remove stale air. Plus, it comes with a removable bug screen to keep pesky insects out of your room.

One glowing review: “Smooth, quiet, and powerful sums it up well. Remote works flawlessly. I've often had it running 24 hours a day, and it's been a life-saver this very hot summer.”


A Fan With A Built-In Sound Machine

This bedroom fan with a built-in pink noise machine creates a soothing blend of high and low frequencies to listen to while you drift off to sleep. The oscillating fan also has three speeds, adjustable airflow shutters, and a pivoting base so you can aim the airflow where you need it. Plus, the lights are dimmable for a subtle glow or you can turn them off completely if you like a dark bedroom.

One glowing review: “This is the perfect fan for people that prefer fan noise to sleep. There are 3 noise/speed levels. You can close the vent on the front if you want the fan noise, but not the direct air. This way the air will blow from the top instead. It also has an option to oscillate, but the best part is you can tilt it up or down to control the air direction. It doesn’t take much space.”

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