The 5 Best Fans For Bedrooms

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A bedroom fan can improve your quality of sleep, help you rest soundly, and awake refreshed. But, the simple fact is, most fans can technically be considered "bedroom" fans if you place them in your bedroom. So what actually makes for a great bedroom fan? The key is quiet performance. The best fans for bedrooms will quietly perform without disturbing you while you sleep. From there, it just comes down to picking one that fits well in your space, works with your budget, and comes with any add-on features you want to have, like remote controls, air ionizers, or auto-shutoffs for overnight usage.

And, perhaps the biggest decision you'll have to make is what size and shape bedroom fan you want for your room. This list features floor and desk fans that take up hardly any space, a pedestal fan that is ultra-quiet, and even a slim tower fan that can fit into tight spaces. So consider your budget, your needs, and your bedroom when making your decision. This roundup features some high-quality, quiet fans that cost a little extra, as well as affordable options that will get the job done.

If you’re ready to make those uncomfortably warm nights a little more peaceful and serene, here are five of the best fans for your bedroom, so you can have the best night's sleep of your life.


The Quietest Fan

This quiet oscillating fan is a great choice if you want a powerful breeze at a “whisper-quiet” noise level. The bedroom fan offers five different speed settings, including “turbo boost” if you need some extra strong airflow on a super hot night, as well as a “silent night mode” if you need it to be as soundless as possible while you get some shut eye.

Satisfied reviewers confirmed that this fan “does not hum or grumble or provide any noise of its own,” and that “even at Turbo, it is amazingly quiet.” One reviewer deemed it the “quietest most powerful ultra silent fan I’ve seen.” Plus, it comes with a few premium features too, including an electronic control panel with an eight-hour timer and an energy-efficient mode, as well as a remote control so you can adjust the settings without even getting out of bed.


The Best For Large Bedrooms

This powerful fan for large spaces made almost every list of the best fans for a reason: The deep-pitched blades move air up to 100 feet, so you’ll get a comfortable breeze no matter how large your bedroom is. Using a glide bar that offers a 90-degree tilt, this fan provides both horizontal and vertical air flow, and has four different speed settings: whisper quiet, low, high, and turbo. One reviewer described, “Moves much more air than fans twice as big.”

Although the fan comes with a five-year warranty, it doesn’t seem to be frequently needed, with one reviewer raving, “I have had this product for over 4 years. I use it every single night on the 2nd speed. It hasn't had any issues at all. I love it. I bought a 2nd one to use in other rooms during the day. Vornado's are definitely worth the money.”


The Best Budget Buy

While it doesn’t offer as many fancy features or as much extended air flow as some of the pricier options, this option from Honeywell provides three different speed options, as well as air circulation of up to 32 feet. It’s recommended for small to medium-sized rooms, and according to the manufacturer, can help reduce your energy bill by up to 22 percent when used in conjunction with air conditioning. Even at its low price, users are thrilled with this fan, applauding the fact that it’s “surprisingly sturdy and quiet.” One reviewer described, “Wow! This thing moves a lot of air. I use in my living room during the day, at night I use in my bedroom, on low. [...] Worth every penny. I love it.”


The Best Investment

With a blade-less design that features streamlined air channels for less noise, this Dyson table fan is quiet, powerful, easy to clean, and 100% safe for any bedrooms that have dogs or children constantly running through them. One other reason it's great for bedrooms? It comes with a sleep timer that can be programmed anywhere from 15 minutes to nine hours, you can set the fan to your exact ideal amount of time, to save energy overnight. It also features 10 different air flow settings, so you can customize the intensity of the air flow to your exact comfort level using either the LED digital display or the magnetized remote control. That means as the climate you live in changes (from spring to summer to fall), you can alter the air flow precisely to be most comfortable for you all night long.

With all these convenient features, it's no wonder users described the Dyson as the "Rolls Royce of fans" and "worth every cent." One reviewer raved, “You don't hear a thing but the air moves around like a whisper. The remote is functional and convenient. Would consider another in the future. Great engineering.” And, for the price, you also get a two-year warranty, so you can feel confident this investment will last you for a long time.


The Most Powerful (Best For Stuffy Bedrooms)

At a height of 42.5 inches, this oscillating tower fan is perfect for circulating air throughout your space at a variety of heights and angles, so it can work in just about any bedroom. And thanks to the multifunction remote control, you can lay comfortably in bed and choose between three different speed settings. But the most unique feature of this tower fan is the “fresh air ionizer” setting, which users could not get enough of. The ionizer deposits negative ions into the air around you, freshening up a stuffy bedroom. One reviewer wrote, “The difference this tower fan makes in cooling down the room is AMAZING. It can take it from feeling warm and stuffy to cool enough to want a blanket, and we mostly use it on the lowest setting.” Another celebrated the ionizing feature for the fact that “it feels like having an air conditioner in a low cool setting.”