The Best Sleep Masks For Side Sleepers

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Side sleepers deserve to be able to doze off into dreamland with an eye mask that stays put all night. That's where the best sleep masks for side sleepers come in— they have an oversized design and extra-wide straps, typically without buckles. Not only will they fit the curves of your face better (which helps block out more light), but they'll allow your head to rest comfortably on its side without any uncomfortable materials digging into your skin. For the most secure fit, look for a sleeping mask that uses a Velcro fastening mechanism in the back, so it stays out of your way when you're sleeping on your side.

Beyond that, the other most important thing to consider when shopping for a sleep mask is the material. A pure, high-quality silk mask is often the most popular option because it feels luxuriously smooth against your skin. Cotton or mesh, however, will offer the most breathability, which will help you stay cool throughout the night. You may also want to think about the material inside of the sleep mask, too. A weighted sleep mask filled with beads provides soothing pressure exactly where you need it, while a contoured memory foam mask adds a layer of cushioning while being less constricting on your eyelids.

There are a lot of boxes to check off, but the best sleep masks for side sleepers have all of these features and more. And I've rounded them up, just below.


The Overall Best Sleep Mask For Side Sleepers

With over 3,000 five-star Amazon ratings and a cult-like following, this is one of the most popular sleep masks on the internet. Thought front and back sleepers love it, it’s especially great for side sleepers because it has thick, wide straps and no buckles, so you can sleep on your side comfortably without it digging into you. With its ultra-wide design and adjustable flap in the V-shaped nose area, it truly blocks out all the light. And though it’s filled with cotton, it’s made of a smooth nylon exterior that stays cool all night long (so despite appearing to be constricting, it’s actually pretty great for hot sleepers).

Relevant Amazon review: “I've tried a few sleep eye masks in the past and this one is the most comfortable one to wear and extremely soft on your face, I'm a sidesleeper and this works great for me because there is no uncomfortable side strap and stays in place even when I move around. It doesn't put pressure on your eyes and it blocks out all light. I just bought a second one to rotate between them.”


The Best Cotton Sleep Mask For Side Sleepers

This sleep mask is nearly identical to the one directly above, except it has one key difference: it’s made of 100% cotton, in case that’s something that’s important to you It's comfortable, easy to wash, and boasts a wide, adjustable strap, so it fits any head size. This pick also has a nose notch, so you can wear it comfortably without any light slipping in. And while the price may seem steep for a simple nighttime accessory, Amazon customers claim it instantly improved their sleep — and can you really put a price tag on that?

Relevant Amazon review: “This eye mask is comfortable. I am a side sleeper so I needed something that was not bulky. This is soft, comfortable and does not push into my eyes while laying on my side.”


The Best Silk Sleep Mask For Side Sleepers

If you’re looking to treat yourself — or maybe you’re searching for a nice gift — consider this luxurious sleep mask from The Original Drowsy Sleep Co. It has a similar design to the first two sleeping masks on this list, but the one key difference is that it’s made of 100% mulberry silk, so it feels impossibly decadent and soft. The extra-wide straps adjust in the back of your head, so you won’t feel any Velcro digging into your skin while you sleep, and it blocks out every trace of light effectively. Plus, since it’s made of such a gentle material, it won’t leave any lines or creases on your face when you wake up (and, like a silk pillowcase, it’s gentler on your hair, too).

Relevant Amazon review: “This probably the most chic eye mask I've ever splashed out on. I was using the Slip one for a long time, but it always falls off in the night and doesn't cover my eyes comfortably. The Drowsy mask is like a cloud for my eyes, it is SO soft and gives me total black out sleep. The silk carry bag is also a real plus because I often travel long haul so having something to transport it in is a lovely touch. Absolutely obsessed!”


The Best Weighted Sleep Mask For Side Sleepers

The Nodpod sleep mask and eye pillow doesn't look like a typical eye mask, which is exactly what makes it perfect for side sleepers. Aside from the loose, flared edges, the entire length of the mask is weighted with microbeads, so it really stays put. You can sleep with it open or tie it around your head for a more secure snooze. And since it's filled with beads, you can adjust where you want the weight to be distributed, which makes for a more customized experience. It's also reversible, featuring plush microfiber on one side and lighter jersey cotton on the other. Bonus: You can safely put the Nodpod in your freezer for extra cooling comfort when you need it.

Relevant Amazon review: “Who knew that a weighted eye mask would allow me to sleep all night long? I love how comfortable and convenient the nod pod is. As a side sleeper, I worried that the beads would be bulky and uncomfortable, but I find that it is quite the opposite. I am very happy with this purchase.”


The Best Strapless Sleep Mask For Side Sleepers

If you prefer a sleep mask that doesn’t have any straps at all — no Velcro, no buckles, no adjustable anything — this is the mask for you. Designed so as not to disrupt your comfort and to block out all the light as you sleep, this machine-washable mask is made of a soft, light, bamboo material that keeps you cool throughout the night, so it’s another great option for hot sleepers. The only downside to this mask is that it may be too small or tight for some people, since it’s not adjustable, which is something to keep in mind.

Relevant Amazon review: “I love love love this eye mask! Finally found one that doesn’t hurt my ears. No straps. No fuss. It’s like a headband over your eyes but not tight. Slept so well last night. Buying one for my friends bday. Perfect for travel and sleepovers. A must have.”


Editor’s Pick: Best Sleep Mask & Pillowcase Set For Side Sleepers

“I love this sleep mask that’s covered in 100% silk, so it doesn’t hurt when I wear it and sleep on my side. It has an elastic band that allows me to fit it perfectly to my head, and it really blocks out light. I also love that it comes with a silk pillowcase — a total bedroom upgrade!” says Bustle editor Amy Biggart. While it’s the only mask on this list that doesn’t have wide straps, it’s a good alternative for those who don’t like the idea of sleeping in an extra-wide mask that covers most of their head and ears. This one, admittedly, looks a bit chicer, too.

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