The 5 Best Solar String Lights

It's amazing how a simple set of lights can transform your backyard into a festive nighttime wonderland. What's more, solar-powered lights will allow you to create this glowing oasis without having to deal with clunky outdoor plugs. To help you find the right set, I've made a list of the best solar string lights out there. Here are the qualities I looked for:

  • Fast charging: There's no point in having outdoor lights if you have to wait days for them to charge up. All of the selections below can be charged in 10 hours or less. And while it might take a little longer, all of them will still charge when it's overcast.
  • Easy to install: None of my picks below require screws, bolts, or any sort of extensive installation. All of them can be set up with easy clips or simple stakes.
  • Flexible strings: I made sure that all of the choices below feature flexible, mostly copper wires that are easy to mold. That means installation will be a breeze, whether you're wrapping them around fence posts or weaving them through the garden.

In addition to these factors, I read through the reviews carefully, choosing lights with lots of positive feedback from customers. Some of my picks have more than 1,000 fans who've attested to their greatness. Take a look below to find the best outdoor string lights for you.


A Set Of Outdoor Fairy Lights You Can Wrap Around Tree Trunks

What's great about them: With easy, bendable wires, these outdoor solar string lights for trees are perfect for wrapping around things like tree trunks, gazebos, wooden pillars, and porch posts. They offer eight different lighting modes, including flashing, twinkling, and slow fade. With an IP44 rating, they're water-resistant (though not quite as much as the globe lights) and boast nearly 33 feet of length. They last for 8 to 12 hours when fully charged and come in three color choices.

What fans say: "These work fantastic. The solar unit can be mounted on a wall or fence. There is also a stake to put it in a pot or the ground . The length is perfect to put around a garden or porch railing. They give off just enough light to give a festive atmosphere. I used these to replace battery operated ones and they are perfect!"


These Mini Globes With Smart Technology That Are Perfect For Outdoor Patios

What's great about them: Perfect for backyard decks or gazebos, these high-quality globes make great outdoor patio string lights as well as decoration for numerous other occasions. With 20 feet of length, they're fully waterproof, with an IP65 rating that makes them equipped to handle heavy rainstorms and other weather scenarios. They have eight lighting modes, come in four color choices, and last up to eight hours on a full, six-hour charge. Best of all, they have a built-in sensor that turns them on automatically when it's dark and powers them off when it's light out.

What fans say: "I used these to decorate my balcony garden, and find the warm color of the light to be just right for ambiance, and they are the perfect brightness - neither retina-scorching nor pointlessly dim. I like how the acrylic bulb covers are filled with little bubbles, since they create plenty of surface for the light to bounce off of, making the most of the light output. Charged up like a champ, and man, did they shine!"


These Solar-Powered LED String Lights With More Than 1,600 Reviews

What's great about them: With more than 1,600 reviews, these super popular solar-powered LED string lights have tons of fans on Amazon. Reviewers say they're easy to string up thanks to the bendy copper wire that's flexible and simple to twist. They emit a warm but bright glow and feature eight lighting modes including options like "fireflies," "twinkle," and "waves." They're 33 feet long with a waterproof, heat-resistant design, and they can last up to 10 hours once fully charged.

What fans say: "Extremely happy with these lights. I got them to make a garden ornament with a watering can and it came out great! The also have a few different lighting modes, flashing, steady, things like that, one mode makes for a nice waterfall effect!"


The Cute Teardrop Lights With A Cult-Following On Amazon

What's great about them: These enormously popular string lights, which have almost 2,000 reviews, showcase a set of 30 teardrop-style casings to hang around the backyard or other outdoor space when you want a more festive atmosphere. The cable is 20 feet long with a solar battery that lasts up to 10 hours once charged. They also have an easy on-off switch and the option for either flashing or steady light. According to the brand, these lights are weatherproof, so you don't have to worry about taking them down if it rains. Plus, there's a light-saving mode you can set to make them shut off when it gets light out.

What fans say: "These are so beautiful!! I used them down the center length of two ez-ups, with fairy lights all around the rest of the tents and legs. These have pretty colored ambiance to an off-grid Party. Love the drops, I'd love to get more."

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These Large-Bulb Solar String Lights With An Italian Bistro Vibe

What's great about them: These large-bulb solar string lights are another fan favorite with more than 1,300 reviews on Amazon. They have bigger bulbs that give off the look of a European café, which makes them great for outdoor barbecues or backyard garden parties. At 27 feet long, they feature "WeatherTite" technology, which means they can handle rainfall and heavy wind. The strong 3,000K LED lights are attached to simple push-down stakes you can put in the yard, and there's also a clip you can use to attach them to the roof or other structures. Able to charge in five to six hours, they last for roughly five hours at a time and come in your choice of soft white or warm white light.

What fans say: "These lights are incredible! I have been using solar lights on my deck for a while and none are nearly as wonderful as these! They are bright and a nice warm glow but not too yellow looking like some solar lights. I just ordered a 2nd set because I love them so much!"