The Most Comfortable Blankets On Amazon

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Whether you're snuggling on the couch or getting a good night's rest, having one of the most comfortable blankets can make all the difference. Since the word "comfortable" may mean something different for everyone, it helps to consider your needs and preferences before you start shopping around.

If you've been searching for the softest blanket material, you've probably seen that there are a lot of options to consider. Cotton is not only soft but also breathable, and it's a great material for people with allergies because it’s naturally hypoallergenic. The downside is that it's not good at wicking moisture, so if you're prone to sweating, you may want to avoid options that are 100% cotton. Instead, consider a blanket made with bamboo, which is breathable like cotton but also moisture-wicking. If you live in a cooler climate or just like a little extra warmth, merino wool is an insulating material that's great at regulating temperature, and it isn't itchy like other types of wool. As for synthetic materials, which tend to come with a cheaper price tag, sherpa is especially fluffy and plush, while microfiber is cozy and breathable, and it doesn't fade over time.

Another important factor to consider is what blanket size you prefer, and this will largely depend on whether you're planning to cuddle up with it on your couch or use it for your bed. Most of my picks below come in a variety of options, ranging from throw size (which is typically around 50 by 60 inches) to king size (which is roughly 100 by 108 inches).

Below, I've put together a list of the best blankets on Amazon to aid you in your search. Read on to find the most comfortable blanket for you.


This Super Soft & Cozy Fleece Throw That’s Just $15

What's great about it: Made out of microfiber fleece, this Bedsure fleece blanket is super soft and cozy. Because of its material, it's also lightweight, breathable, and still offers a solid amount of warmth. You can easily put this blanket in the washing machine, and it's not only quick-drying but also resistant to wrinkles. On top of all that, it's available in more than a dozen different colors, including pink, teal, and navy (pictured above).

One reviewer wrote: “It's a lightweight blanket that's still very fluffy, soft, and super cozy. It's light enough to be a summer blanket but it also keeps you warm enough during the chilly summer to fall nights. [...] Has become one of my favorite bIankets, I would definitely order again!!”

  • Available sizes: Throw (50 by 60 inches), Twin (60 by 80 inches), Queen (90 by 90 inches), King (108 by 90 inches)
  • Available colors: 27


This Organic & Hypoallergenic Cotton Blanket That Can Be Used Year Round

What's great about it: This organic cotton blanket is ideal for those who have allergy-prone skin and want something that is super breathable. Made of GOTS-certified, 100% organic cotton, this blanket is gentle on even sensitive skin. Both durable and luxurious, you can count on this option to last for years to come. By nature, the cotton material isn't moisture-wicking, so it may not be a good choice for those who tend to sweat a lot. The soft blanket is available in your choice of beige or burgundy colors.

One reviewer wrote: “So happy I bought this throw blanket! It's light, comfortable and soft- everything you need when you just want to cuddle on the couch. I love the print on the throw as well and the color looks great against my couch.”

  • Available sizes: Throw 60 by 80 inches
  • Available colors: 2


This Genius Wearable Blanket That’s Editor Approved

What's great about it: For something a little different, try out this one-of-a-kind wearable blanket that’s made with soft sherpa material. Providing an alternative to your traditional throw blanket, the soft, polyester throw-over allows you to keep your hands free for things like reading or knitting while still staying toasty and warm. Available in nine colors, the popular blanket boasts a whopping 54,000-plus ratings and a 4.8-star overall rating.

Editor’s take: “I bought the Comfy this fall and has been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. Mine is lined with a sherpa fabric and really traps heat to keep me warm. It’s so cozy that I’ll often wear it instead of a blanket when I’m lounging around my house on chilly days. I’d definitely recommend it!” — Amy Biggart

  • Available sizes: One size
  • Available colors: 8


This Bamboo Microfiber Blanket That's Lightweight & Moisture-Wicking

What's great about it: This DANGTOP cool blanket is one of the best blankets for hot sleepers. Made out of bamboo fiber material, this blanket is thin, soft, smooth, and breathable. Offering great ventilation and moisture management, this blanket is quick-drying, absorbent, and even helps fight odors, though it probably won't be the best option for those who want something extra warm to cuddle up with. This blanket can be machine-washed, but hand-washing is recommended, and it should not come into contact with heat. This option also comes in eight different colors, including gray, white, and a variety of pastels.

One reviewer wrote: “Exactly what I was looking for. I’m the worlds hottest/sweatiest sleeper and this product has completely changed my quality of sleep. I wake up cold sometimes!”

  • Available sizes: 59 by 79 inches, 79 by 91 inches
  • Available sizes: 9


A Soft Wool Blanket That Will Keep You Extra Warm On Cold Nights

What's great about it: If you live in a cooler climate or are just a cold sleeper, this Merino wool blanket is one of the best blankets for cold climates. It's made out of 80% premium virgin Merino wool for warmth and comfort, plus a bit of acrylic for durability. This blanket is much denser than other options on my list, and it also has double-stitched threading to help it last for years. Available in one generous size, this blanket is big enough for a twin bed but can also work as an oversized throw. It comes in gray, navy blue, and olive green (pictured above). Just note that it's dry clean only.

One reviewer wrote: “Just WOW! This blanket is FAR better than I expected. Super heavy, well constructed, and warm. I love the lanolin smell too. This is the real deal. I'm buying more for the rest of my rooms! This would make an excellent gift too.”

  • Available sizes: 66 by 90 inches
  • Available colors: 7


This Plush Sherpa Blanket That Comes In A Dozen Different Styles

What's great about it: This Genteele sherpa blanket is so soft and luxurious, it will feel like a splurge (but it's only $40). Made out of velvety microfiber on one side and faux sheepskin on the other, this option is fluffy, cozy, and perfect for snuggling up with. It's also reversible and available in a variety of beautiful colors. You can easily maintain this blanket by machine-washing it in cold water and then putting it on a delicate dry cycle.

One reviewer wrote: “I searched for "softest blanket ever" in the Amazon search box to see what would come up, and this one did. It was on sale, so I figured sure, let's try it out. Amazon wasn't kidding. This blanket is so, SO soft. Definitely the softest blanket I've ever had. It's like a baby blanket. It's so warm and pleasant to snuggle with in bed.”

  • Available sizes: 40 by 50 inches, 50 by 60 inches, 60 by 70 inches, Queen (90 by 90 inches), King (102 by 90 inches)
  • Available colors: 21


This Exceptionally Soft Flannel Blanket That Has A Cute Pom-Pom Fringe

What's great about it: Made with soft flannel-like fabric, this comfortable throw blanket is equally fantastic for your bed or your couch. The polyester microfiber material is ultra-silky and it has a thick striped pattern with a pom-pom fringe. Plus this blanket is super lightweight and breathable, according to reviewers. On top of all that, it’s machine washable for easy care.

One reviewer wrote: “This blanket is really comfortable, cute and quality, its color is beautiful and it matches my living room; its warmth is absolute, the thickness of the fabric is excellent and its softness is wonderful; I love covering myself with her in a relationship moment, without a doubt my best investment.”

  • Available sizes: 51 by 63 inches, 60 by 80 inches, 71 by 80 inches, 90 by 90 inches
  • Available colors: 9


This Ultra-Comfy Camping Blanket That You Can Use Inside Too

What's great about it: Whether you’re lounging on the couch or by a campfire, this high-quality indoor-outdoor blanket will keep you cozy and warm. It’s constructed with synthetic insulation and a weather-resistant ripstop polyester shell that gives it the feel of a sleeping bag or puffy jacket. It’s “deliciously warm,” according to one reviewer — and fully machine-washable.

One reviewer wrote: “It is super warm and good for cuddling. It is VERY good for travel/camping. On top of all this, we both found it beautiful and made the perfect gift.”

  • Available sizes: 52 by 75 inches
  • Available colors: 12


A Faux Fur Blanket That’s Made With Luxuriously Shaggy Sherpa

What's great about it: Boasting nearly 9,000 fans on Amazon, this popular faux fur blanket is made with soft and fluffy sherpa fleece. The shaggy throw doesn’t shed like some blankets do and it’s also not as prone to static cling, according to reviewers. The polyester throw is machine washable and comes in a number of pretty colors.

One reviewer wrote: “I cannot stress how wonderful and superb this blanket is. SO SOFT. The feel of it, it's MINDBLOWING. Running your fingers through the fur, it's relaxing, instantly releases stress you didn't know you had! I own a soft cat...this is softer than my cat. ... The best part??? It's a MACHINE WASHABLE.”

  • Available sizes: 50 by 60 inches, 60 by 80 inches, 90 by 90 inches, 90 by 108 inches
  • Available colors: 8


This Weighted Throw Blanket That Helps You Feel Cozy & Relaxed

What's great about it: For folks who enjoy the extra comfort and security of a weighted blanket, this high-quality bamboo option offers the snug, cozy feeling of someone wrapping their arms around you. It’s available in a range of sizes and weights (from 12 to 25 pounds), so you can choose the best option for your preferences. The soothing blanket is made with airy cotton, glass micro-beads, and strong double stitching — and it’s even machine washable.

One reviewer wrote: “This blanket is everything I had no idea I needed. It's beautiful, comfortable, and my new favorite bedtime companion (sorry, honey!). Seriously, coming home to this gem after a long, anxiety-inducing day is just the thing to bring me back to life. I'm truly grateful to have been introduced to this company and product.”

  • Available sizes: 42 by 72 inches, 60 by 80 inches, 80 by 87 inches, 90 by 90 inches, 92 by 108 inches
  • Available colors: 2


A Dreamy Himalayan Throw Blanket Made From 100% Yak Wool

What's great about it: Handmade from 100% yak wool, this Nepalese throw blanket is soft and silky while also being extremely durable. The gorgeous blanket, which is available in nine different colors, offers comfortable warmth without being heavy or bulky. The only drawback is that it is dry-clean only.

One reviewer wrote: “I am absolutely in love with this himalayan yak throw, it's not a thick throw but perfect to have by your recliner or couch for a nap or when you read, the ad didn't justify the beauty of this throw.”

  • Available sizes: 56 by 90 inches
  • Available colors: 9


This Extra-Large Blanket That Has Enough Room For Your Whole Gathering

What's great about it: Whether you’re cuddling on the sofa with family or piling onto the couch for a movie with roommates, this extra-large blanket will keep everybody warm. With 2,500-plus ratings and a 4.8-star overall rating, this popular blanket is 10 feet long on each side (or 100 square feet), offering plenty of room for multiple people to curl up underneath. It’s woven with soft polyester fabric along with a hint of spandex to give it stretch, and it’s machine washable. Best of all, it comes in 18 colors and patterns.

One reviewer wrote: “All I can say is BUY IT. You will not regret it! We’ve actually started using ours as a light comforter! We have a king sized bed with deep mattress, so it’s hard to find a good fit. This [exceeded] our expectations, it fits with tons of room to spare!! I will be purchasing another for our living room. 10/10 y’all.”

  • Available sizes: 120 x 120 inches
  • Available colors: 18


This Fuzzy Brushed Blanket That Comes In 16 Colors & Patterns

What's great about it: Available in 16 colors, this versatile sherpa throw blanket offers an option for every room. Not only that, but it’s incredibly cozy and comfortable, according to reviewers. One side of the blanket features faux fur while the other is made of fluffy sherpa — and the whole thing is machine washable.

One reviewer wrote: “Bought this for myself & I have to buy more because everyone in the house wants one now! It is super soft & comfortable, just the right size for lounging around.”

  • Available sizes: Throw (50 by 60 inches), Twin (60 by 80 inches), Queen (90 by 90 inches), King (90 by 108 inches)
  • Available colors: 15


This Luxurious Weighted Blanket With Chunky Hand-Knit Embroidery

What's great about it: Another well-loved weighted blanket, this soft, hand-knit option is made from 100% cotton. While the first weighted option on this list is made with a heavier, solid bamboo weave, this one is woven with a loose, chunky pattern that’s perfect for hot sleepers. It’s designed to provide comfort and security while still allowing air to circulate. The breathable blanket is available in four size-and-weight combinations, ranging from 8 to 25 pounds (though, at the time of publishing some weights were out of stock).

One reviewer wrote: “Perfectly knitted cotton blanket ..arrived in a sturdy duffel bag which for sure I am going to use in travel! Blanket is good size, beautiful, comfortable, soft and heavy it’s perfect for my small family to snuggle in together while watching TV.”

  • Available sizes: 40 by 60 inches
  • Available colors: 2

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