The 50 Best Cheap Products Trending On Amazon

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When I was growing up, a "cheap" item was something that was considered subpar, but that isn't the case anymore. If a product is "cheap" in 2020, it's simply available for a low price. It doesn't have to be flimsy or mediocre, but it does have to be affordable — just like these cheap products that are trending on Amazon.

I'll be honest: When I was making this list, I wasn't sure how many high-quality products I'd be able to find on the cheap. Luckily, Amazon makes it easy to figure out which products are fabulous finds versus financial flops. Not only does the site feature massive review sections where shoppers can give you the nitty-gritty before you hand over your money, but it also makes sure all the reviews are legitimate. Shoppers have to have a credit card on file, and they're required to have made at least one purchase with that card before they can even leave a review.

And since one of these genius products will break the bank, feel free to add more than one to your cart. In fact, I think I can even hear the silicone muffin pan calling your name (and mine, of course).


The Strainer That's Perfect For Draining Rice

Most strainers allow some rice to flow through, but this one is designed with extra-fine holes so that your grains don't escape. It's also great for rinsing fruits and vegetables, and the footed bottom helps keep it stable while resting on your countertop.


A Pack Of Burner Covers That Help Keep Your Stove Clean

Tired of scrubbing your stove clean after every meal? Just pop these covers over your burners, and they'll help prevent spilled food from becoming stuck to your stove. They're heat-resistant up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit, and one Amazon reviewer even raved that the "heavy concentrations of oil and grit can be simply wiped off with a light swipe of a sponge or cloth."


The Garbage Bin That's Specially Designed For Your Car

Not only is it made from super-durable Oxford cloth, but this car garbage bin is also completely leakproof, so you don't have to worry about any drinks spilling inside. You can also use it as a storage bag for toys, snacks, and more. It even doubles as a cooler, so you can sip on drinks during long drives.


A Pair Of Pumice Stones Made With Real Volcanic Lava

If your skin is easily irritated by serums and peels, try using these pumice stones to exfoliate skin from your feet. They're made from real volcanic lava, and the rope loops give you an easy way to hang them up to dry. The best part? Each one is ergonomically designed to fit comfortably in your hands.


The Shampoo Brushes That Feel Like A Massage

Simply massage your favorite shampoo into your hair using these brushes, and the silicone bristles can help stimulate blood circulation in your scalp. They're safe to use on all types of hair (including pets), and they feel really good on your skin.


An Exfoliating Body Brush For Hard-To-Reach Places

It doesn't matter whether you're trying to reach your elbows, back, or legs — this body brush can help exfoliate them. The nylon bristles are resistant to fraying, and the super long handle makes it easy to reach those awkward spots on your back. This brush also comes with a bath sponge and a pumice stone (for exfoliating the feet), so you’ll feel like a brand new person coming out of the shower.


The Eyeglass Cleaning Cloths Made From Soft Microfiber

Use these cloths to remove dust from eyeglasses and camera lenses, or use them to clean your computer screen. They're made from soft microfiber that latches onto dust particles more effectively than cotton, and you don't even need to use cleaning spray (the microfiber is effective without it).


A Ring Light That Adds Shine To Your Selfies And FaceTimes

You're not always going to be standing in bright lighting when taking a photo of yourself, so make sure to grab this ring light. The clip lets you easily secure it to any smartphone, laptop, or tablet for brighter and better quality selfies and video calls, and the brightness and light color is adjustable, too.


The Smartphone Mount That Attach To The Air Vents In Your Car

Just pop this magnetic mount onto an air vent in your car, and you'll easily be able to see the GPS on your phone while driving. The universal design means it'll work with any type of smartphone (no matter what brand it is). Plus, there are zero brackets, clamps, or messy adhesives to deal with during installation.


A Pair Of Glasses That Block Harsh Blue Light Rays

The blue light rays produced by electronic screens can put strain on your eyes, so help keep them protected with these blue light glasses. The transparent lenses make it easy to transition from reading screens to everyday tasks, and they're available in a variety of styles (including leopard, floral, beige, and more).


These Cable Organizers Made From Durable Silicone

Most cable ties will wear out over time, whereas these ones are made from extra-durable silicone. The built-in magnets on each end make it easy to secure these ties around your wires — and they're also great for keeping keychains, headphone wires, and more looking tidy.


A Pack Of Food Storage Bags That You Can Keep Reusing

Since they're 100% reusable, these food storage bags can help you save money on wasteful plastic baggies. They're made from food-grade PEVA that's extra-durable, and the ziplock enclosure creates an airtight seal to help keep your meals fresh. Each order comes with 12: four large bags, four sandwich bags, and four snack bags.


The Mesh Laundry Bag That Protects Delicates In The Wash

Instead of searching through your clean clothes for that one pair of socks, just keep them separated from the rest of your garments with this laundry bag. The bag can be washed with delicates inside, and it's made with breathable mesh that won't trap unwanted odors. Plus, the rustproof zipper tucks underneath the strap so that it doesn't snag on your clothes.


A Pantry Organizer That Displays Your Spices Like Trophies

Not only do the nonslip shelves help keep your items from falling off, but you can also use this pantry organizer in your bathroom to keep your makeup organized. It's great for cans, spices, sauces, lotions, creams, and more. Plus, it's available in three colors: blue, aqua, and grey.


The Pan Handles Made From 100% Cotton

Don't burn yourself when handling hot pots and pans — just use these covers to help keep your hands safe. They're made from 100% cotton that's heat-resistant up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit, and one Amazon reviewer even wrote that the rich colors mean they "look good enough to leave out on the counter."


A Moisturizing Cream That Helps Heal Cracked Feet

If your feet are dry or cracked, try using this foot cream to give them a nourishing dose of moisture. Most people reported seeing results after just a few days, and it's specifically formulated to penetrate deep through the thick skin on your feet.


The Muffin Pan Made From Flexible, Nonstick Silicone

Made from 100% food-grade silicone, this pan is flexible so that you can effortlessly pop your muffins or egg bites out once they're done cooking. The silicone is nonstick, which means it's also incredibly easy to use and clean. Plus, it's BPA-free and heat-resistant up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit.


A Guided Journal Inspired By Michelle Obama's Memoir

Based on Michelle Obama's bestselling memoir, this journal is a must-have for anyone practicing self-reflection. It's filled with more than 150 inspiring questions and quotes to help get you thinking, and reviewers couldn't recommend it enough — "This is about the only [journal] I found that was meant for grown women," one wrote. "It’s great for self discovery. The questions are short, but allow for in-depth introspection."


The Magnetic Strip That Holds Knives, Scissors, And More

Giant knife blocks can take up a ton of space on your counters, so switch over to using these magnetic strips instead. The adhesive backing lets you easily attach the strips to practically any wall, and they also work great for storing tools in workshops. You can trim them to fit your space, and they're especially great for cramped kitchens.


A Spiralizer That Lets You Make Veggie Noodles With Ease

Making veggie-based noodles might sound like a chore, but it doesn't have to be — especially with this spiralizer. The removable container catches your spiralized vegetables so that you can easily transfer them to your stove, and the high-quality blades are made from rust-resistant stainless steel.


The Fruit Fly Traps That Look Like Apples

Unlike other fruit fly traps that might leave residue behind, these traps won't stain your surfaces. The cute apple design allows them to blend in with your decor, and each apple works for up to 45 days (but the kit comes with a 90-day lure supply in total).


A Filter That Can Help Prevent Red Wine Headaches

Many wine drinkers claim that headaches can be caused by the sulfites, histamines, and tannins found in the drink — and if you agree, you can use this filter to help remove them from your next glass. They're incredibly easy to use: Just place one into your wine glass, start pouring, wait five minutes, then kick back and sip.


The Patio Umbrella Light Made With Super-Bright LED Bulbs

Because this patio umbrella light is made with long-lasting LED bulbs, you'll be set for a while. The brightness is adjustable for added convenience, and all it takes to function are four AA batteries. Use it while you're relaxing in the yard or camping in the wilderness.


A Deodorizing Spray That's Formulated With Essential Oils

Made with extra-strong eucalyptus, lemongrass, peppermint, and tea tree essential oils, this deodorizing spray is perfect for eliminating unwanted odors in shoes, gym equipment, closets, and more. The formula is completely nontoxic, so it's safe to use around kids and pets.


The Massage Balls That Help Soothe Away Soreness

It doesn't matter whether the muscles in your legs, arms, abdomen, or back are sore — this dual massage ball can help soothe away the pain. Each one is made from 100% natural rubber that won't collapse, and they're great for reaching deep into those tense muscle trigger points.


A Travel Razor With A Built-In Moisture Ribbon

This razor features five blades that effortlessly glide across your skin as they remove any unwanted hair. The moisture ribbon helps ensure that your skin comes out smooth instead of dry, and the extra-compact size makes it perfect for trips to the gym (or even traveling).


This Smartphone Tripod That Comes With A Wireless Remote

Are you tired of racing against your smartphone's timer to make it into a photo? If so, make sure you grab this tripod. It comes with a wireless remote that lets you snap pictures from afar, and the legs are flexible so that you can adjust them to balance on uneven surfaces.


A Wallet That Protects Your Data From Electronic Pickpockets

Don't let electronic pickpockets steal your sensitive credit card information: Instead, keep your information safe with this wallet. Unlike regular wallets, this one is made with military-grade RFID-blocking technology that deters theft, and it's made from genuine leather. Grab it in 11 colors, including black, coffee, khaki, and more.


The Blackout Curtain That Helps Insulate Your Room

Not only do they block out light so that your room is extra-dark, but this blackout curtain also features a grommet top that's genuinely cute. It also helps insulate your room so that the sun doesn't heat it up — and one Amazon reviewer even raved that "they don't wrinkle, and they feel so nice (kind of soft) to the touch."


A Pack Of Blemish Patches Soaked With Hydrocolloid Dressing

Hydrocolloid dressing can help wounds heal quickly, and these blemish patches are absolutely chock-full of it. They absorb the pus and toxins from your irritated pores in order to help them lay flat, and each patch is transparent so that they're hardly noticeable on your skin.


The Makeup Remover Cloth That Don't Require Any Serums

If your skin is easily irritated by cleansers and serums, try washing your face with this makeup remover cloth. It’s made from soft polyester that latches onto foundation, powder, and even waterproof mascara — just add water and you're ready to go. It’s machine washable for easy cleaning after each use.


A Curling Iron That's The Perfect Size For Traveling

Curling irons can take up a ton of space in your suitcase, so save yourself some space with this travel-sized version. It's cordless so that you can give your locks a quick touch-up practically anywhere, and it only takes two minutes to heat up. Each order comes with a travel case — and it's even TSA-approved for your carry-on bag.


The Storage Jars That Conveniently Lock Together

Stuff them with snacks before your next hike, or even use these storage jars to keep dry ingredients fresh at home. They lock together so that it's easy to carry all four of them at the same time, and each one is made from durable plastic that's stain- and odor-resistant.


A Handy Press That Makes It Easy To Stuff Your Burgers

Every time I try to stuff a burger, it always turns into a heaping mountain of meat. That's why I started using this burger press. It takes all the work out of stuffing your patties by molding them into compact sizes — and you can also use it to make sliders.


These High-Waisted Yoga Leggings That Feature Pockets

Have you ever wished your leggings had pockets? Because this pair of high-waisted yoga leggings not only feature pockets, but also four-way stretch material that won't become transparent (no matter what direction you bend in). The pockets are large enough that you can easily fit your phone or keys, and they're available in more than 15 gorgeous shades.

  • Available sizes: X-Small - XX-Large


A Derma Roller That Can Help Your Complexion Glow

A professional microdermabrasion session can cost more than $100, whereas this roller lets you do it at home for a fraction of the price. The needles quickly exfoliate old skin as they roll across your face, and they can even help stimulate blood flow so that your complexion is left glowing.


The Wireless Charger That Works Through Your Phone Case

Most wireless chargers require you to remove your phone case before they'll work — but not this one. It's designed to work with most phone cases, and the rubber ring on the top and bottom helps prevent your phone from sliding off. The built-in temperature control helps keep it from overheating, and you can use it with any Qi-certified phone.


A Quilted Down Alternative Comforter You Can Use In Any Season

With its breathable, microfiber fill that's also hypoallergenic, this quilted down alternative comforter is just as good for cold winter nights as it is for warm summer days. There are eight built-in loops that let you secure the corners and sides to a duvet, plus the box stitching ensures that the fill stays distributed evenly throughout — no matter how hard you toss and turn.


The Countertop Utensil Rest Made From Nonslip Silicone

Since it's made from silicone, this spoon rest won't slip around your counter when you're using it. The notches let you store up to four utensils to prevent a messy surface, and the raised edges help prevent any drips from spilling off.


A Gadget That Helps You Cut Even Tomato Slices

It doesn't matter whether you're cutting up a tomato, onion, lemon, or even a kiwi — this gadget can help ensure that all your slices come out evenly. It's made from food-grade stainless steel that's rust-resistant, and you can use it as a pair of tongs in a pinch.


The Tools That Help You Open Jars, Remove Seals, And More

Open jars, cans, bottles, safety seals, and more with all the tools in this pack of opener tools. They're great for people of all ages (especially anyone with limited mobility in their hands), and many Amazon reviewers were enthusiastic about how easy it is to use them.


A Pair Of Spill Stoppers That Help Save You Time Cleaning Up

Few things are as terrifying as hearing your pot boil over before you're able to catch it, so save yourself some cleanup with these spill stoppers. Each one is made from BPA-free, food-grade silicone — and they're heat-resistant up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit. That way, you don't have to worry about them melting.


The Pressed Powder That Blots Away Excess Oil

If you find that your complexion quickly becomes oily throughout the day, try adding this pressed powder to your makeup routine. It creates a sheer, matte finish that lasts for hours, plus it looks completely natural — not cake-y. One five-star Amazon reviewer wrote: “I've been using Cover Girl powdered compacts since I first started wearing makeup as a preteen, and it's still a timeless classic. Sturdy compact with a big mirror and soft puff. What's not to love?”


A Gel That Retrieves The Crumbs And Dirt From Your Keyboard

It's not easy to clean underneath the keys on your keyboard — so give this gel a try. You can mush it underneath your keys to reach any stray crumbs or dust, and it also works great for dusting air vents, printers, camera lenses, and more. It's completely biodegradable, and you can use it over and over until the color turns dark.


The Hooks That Hang Your Bags Or Hold Your Smartphone

Not only can these headrest hooks hold your bags off your car floor to help keep them clean, but they also comes with a built-in smartphone mount is designed to work with most phones, keeping your backseat travelers entertained with a movie or YouTube video. Just slip them into the headrest poles to install (no headrest removal needed!)


An Abdominal Wheel That Helps You Get Toned At Home

Why go all the way to the gym to use their ab wheel when you can grab this one and exercise at home? The ergonomic handles are designed to fit comfortably in your hands as you roll, and it’s incredibly lightweight (it’s only two-point-one pounds!) so you can wheel it around super easily.


The Strips That Help Keep You Safe From Oven Burns

Just pop these strips on the front bar of your oven racks, and they'll help keep you safe from accidental burns when reaching inside. They're made from durable silicone that's heat-resistant up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit, and each one is completely BPA-free.


A Measuring Spoon That's Incredibly Compact

If your kitchen is low on storage space, this measuring spoon is a great alternative to the standard bulky version. You can adjust how much the spoon holds by moving the black slider up or down, and one Amazon reviewer wrote that "it’s simple to use — stuff like butter slides right out, and it’s easy to clean."


The Dish-Drying Rack That Rolls Up For Easy Storage

Made from rust-resistant stainless steel, this dish-drying rack rolls out over your sink to help save you precious countertop space. Once your dishes are dry, you can easily roll it back up and tuck it away into a drawer. Plus, it even doubles as a trivet for hot pots and pans.


This Washcloth That Help Exfoliate Your Skin

Made from textured nylon, 100% viscose, this washcloth is great for exfoliating skin all over your body. This cloth is bigger than normal, giving you easy access to even those hard-to-reach places on your body. One stoked five-star Amazon reviewer wrote about this cloth: “This thing lathers up like a dream!... This is a must buy, it is quite sturdy and feels like it's going to last me for some time! I honestly don't think I'm going back to them loofah shower poof thingys.”

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