This Pocket-Sized Essential Will Keep You From Getting Caught Out In The Rain

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by Emily Estep
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Umbrellas are notoriously unreliable. Who hasn't had to wrestle an inside-out umbrella in the middle of a downpour? Or, was left ducking under a droopy canopy? So understandably, it can feel risky to buy a compact umbrella, in which quality is frequently sacrificed for size. But the best pocket umbrellas — ones that are not just picked up from the bargain bin at a corner store — really can withstand not only water but wind, too.

Of course, you'll want to find a model with a good, waterproof canopy and strong frame that will not only protect you from the rain but will also be able to withstand a little wind. But it's also vital you find an umbrella that's easy to wield. Can you open and close it quickly? Is it light enough that you don't mind carrying it around with you? You should also consider how the umbrella will be stored when it's not in use, too. If you plan to keep a pocket umbrella in your bag and don't want it to get all of your other purse goodies soaking wet, then get yourself a model that comes with a waterproof case.

And finally — though umbrellas are traditionally bought to keep you dry — you might want to keep UV protection in mind. If you ever do want to use an umbrella to stay cool and prevent a sunburn, you'll be glad you did. It's a lot to look for, but we've already done the searching for you. These top-rated pocket umbrellas check off all the above boxes, and some of them are beyond cute, too.


A Fan-Favorite Pocket Umbrella

With nearly 2,000 reviews and a 4.3-star rating, this compact umbrella is truly small enough to fit in your pocket and will keep you well-protected in any downpours. Measuring 6.7 inches when closed and weighing just 7 ounces, the umbrella features ultra-strong fiberglass ribs to keep it steady in wind. A Velcro closure keeps it secure when not in use, and the loop is perfect for hanging it on your wrist. Plus, the black lining on the underside keeps you protected from 99% of UV rays. Choose from colors like orange, light green, and black.

A reviewer wrote: “This umbrella is compact & sturdy. It fits nicely in my bag & does well in the wind.”


This Umbrella With A Waterproof Zippered Case

This mini umbrella weighs in at a mere half-pound, making it a super lightweight option. It’s 8 inches long when closed and offers UPF 50 protection. Despite its small size, its fiberglass ribs keep it from turning inside out, and you can pack it in the zippered waterproof carrying case, which can be carried on your wrist, thanks to the convenient strap. Choose from fun colors like baby pink, lemon yellow, and black.

A reviewer wrote: “The case was actually WATERPOOF!! All I did was to shake off the water before placing it away, and the wet umbrella did not wet my bag at all.”


The Pocket Umbrella That Weighs Only 3 Ounces

If you don’t like the idea of anything weighing you down, this pocket umbrella weighs just 3 ounces — the lightest on the list. At 8 inches when closed, it’s not the most compact option, but it does come with a capsule case that’s completely waterproof, so it won’t get your car or bag wet. It has UPF 50 protection, plus, the carbon fiber ribs are durable, and reviewers report it offers decent wind resistance.

A reviewer wrote: “The light weight is amazing, and the foldable carbon fiber 'ribs/spokes" are really clever, and strong. It works well in rain, and in strong winds it gives way nicely without breaking...”


A Double-Canopy Umbrella With Superior Wind Resistance

Although it only collapses to 11 inches, this travel umbrella is one you’ll want to consider if you’re going to be confronting serious winds. The 1-pound umbrella features a vented double canopy that prevents flipping in high winds, and the 9 fiberglass ribs are super strong. Plus, the canopy is a generous 42 inches, so you’ll be getting tons of protection.

A reviewer wrote: “Has survived an entire season walking through the skyscraper wind tunnels of NYC!”


This Cute Umbrella In Pastel Color Options

Conjure up springtime with this cute umbrella that comes in pretty pastels like pink, purple, and yellow. The half-pound umbrella is just 6.7 inches when closed, and it feature a snap closure to keep it secure when you’re not using it. It has UPF 50 protection, and while reviewers are pleased with how it handles rain, they say it may not be the best option for particularly gusty days.

A reviewer wrote: “It already has a place of honor in my bag. It’s so light and tiny that I don’t even remember it’s there when I peer into my bag. It always feels like a pleasant surprise to see it.”


The Brightly Colored Umbrella That Has A Huge Canopy

This travel umbrella has windproof fiberglass ribs, and while it may only fold down to 12 inches long, it opens up to a whopping 42-inch canopy. Weighing 13 ounces, it comes in seven colors, including solids like black and red, as well as fun prints like clouds and the rainbows. Since it has more than 4,000 stellar reviews on Amazon, it's safe to say that this umbrella is a winner, no matter which color you pick.

A reviewer wrote: “Love it! It truly does withstand the wind. It will be coming with me on my trip to Italy.”

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