The 7 Best White Face Paints For Halloween In 2022

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Best white face paints for Halloween
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When shopping for the very best white face paint for Halloween, you’ll want to look for options that offer good, long-lasting coverage and apply conveniently for the level of detail you’re looking for — for example, a tub of cheap clown makeup should be great at covering your whole face, while a white pencil or crayon might be better for detailed designs.

Kerrin Jackson, a four-time Emmy-nominated makeup artist and creator of The Makeup Refinery, shares with Bustle why white is the go-to for so many people during Halloween. She explains, “White face paint acts as a ‘primer’ for your face and causes other tones to pop more and look more vivid than they would straight on our skin.”

Curious about what the makeup pros use themselves? “My favorite must-have face paint is undoubtedly Kryolan Aquacolor,” Jackson reports adding, “It is very user-friendly and easy to work with. It is water-based and contains glycerin. Aquacolor is very gentle on the skin, and it is also safe to use on small kids as well.”

Rachel Stiles, a professional wig and makeup artist based in Wisconsin, also approves of Kryolan Aquacolor. As Jackson mentioned, it’s water-based paint, which is a key consideration when looking for the best white face paint for Halloween. Stiles also says to keep in mind things such as creaminess, opaqueness, and ensuring that the paint is sweatproof.

“Because white gets layered underneath other colors, you don't want something that requires a lot of applying in order to show up,” says Stiles. “You don't want your white paint to look flaky or crack or dry out as soon as you put another color on top of it.” And if you’re wondering how to apply white face paint smoothly, Stiles recommends spraying it with water first. Then apply the paint using a flat buffing brush before letting it dry.

Shop The Best White Face Paints For Halloween

In a hurry? Shop the seven best white face paints on Amazon.

  1. Experts’ Pick: Kryolan Aquacolor Palette
  2. The Best Budget: Mehron Clown White Face Paint
  3. Editor’s Pick: NYX PROFESSIONAL MAKEUP White Jumbo Eye Pencil
  4. The Best White Fact & Body Paint: Mehron Makeup Paradise Makeup AQ
  5. The Best Pressed Powder: Bobbie Weiner Enterprise Bloody Mary Pressed Wet Or Dry Powder
  6. The Best For Touch-Ups: Mehron Makeup White CreamBlend Stick
  7. The Best Tube Of Cream Makeup: Mehron Makeup Fantasy F/X Cream Makeup

Once you’ve decided on the perfect Halloween look, below are some of the best white face paints on Amazon. There’s one to suit every budget, look, and skin type.


The Best White Face Paint Recommended By Makeup Pros: Kryola Aquacolor Palette

Recommended by the experts, Kryolan Aquacolor in TV white is a top pick for both beginners and professional makeup artists. “I love using Aquacolor because not only does it feel great on the skin, (and it smells great too!) it’s really gentle to use,” says Jackson. Aquacolor is best applied by using a damp makeup sponge although be aware — it does dry fairly quickly. “Although you have some blending time while the Aquacolor is wet, once it dries, it is dry — meaning you don’t want to try and shift it,” she says. Because this paint is smudge-proof, your look will last all night if used with a setting spray — no powder necessary! This palette comes with TV white, as well as 12 other colors so you have everything you need for your full face of Halloween makeup. It’s also great to buy for a group if you’re working on a group costume.

Helpful review: “I used to work as a face painter at birthday parties, and i tried a lot of brands and Kryolan is the best by far, it does not irritate the skin or the eyes, us super easy to apply [and the] most important, easy to clean!”


The Best Budget: Mehron Clown White Face Paint

— Also available on Walmart, $30

If you're doing Halloween on a budget, Mehron Clown white face paint is your best option. For around $10, you get nearly 67 grams of smooth, easy-to-apply product that offers sufficient coverage without creasing or cracking. It's one of the most popular choices because it's so versatile — reviewers have used it for clown costumes, comic book characters, sugar skull makeup, and more — plus it's especially long-lasting when covered with a layer of baby powder. It has rave reviews — one customer, who often works with face paint, called it "The best white paint in my life." The only downside is, apparently it's so long-lasting, it's hard to get off.

Helpful review: “Probably the best white cream makeup I have ever used, stayed on well for hours after I was out dancing. I primed my face and set it with white powder and matte setting spray, won't last as long without setting probably.”


An Editor Favorite That’s Good For Details: NYX PROFESSIONAL MAKEUP White Jumbo Eye Pencil

— Also available on NYX Professional Makeup, $6

For just $5, this NYX white eyeliner crayon is a great pick if your Halloween look involves intricate detail work. It's no wonder that this formula has been used by over 43,000 Amazon reviewers, who give it an overall rating of 4.3 stars. Bustle Editor Carina Finn is one of the crayon’s many fans, explaining, “I love doing elaborate Halloween makeup, and white face paint is crucial. The NYX jumbo eye pencil goes on creamy and smooth and gives opaque coverage that also blends really well with other colors. I love how easy it is to apply with the pencil style (especially on kids!).” Furthermore, she adds, “It's not impossible to wash off, and it's never made me break out.”

While it's designed as an eye pencil, this crayon can be used for eyeshadow, detailed designs, or even on your eyebrows. Even better, since it's small enough to fit in any pocket or purse, you can bring it with you throughout the night if your Halloween look starts to slip.

Helpful review: “I used this to plot out my Corpse Bride makeup and to fill in the ‘eyes’ as a base before adding the white stage makeup over it. I also used it to pencil in the ‘eyebrows’ before adding the black lines with gel eyeliner. Made it much easier to get the lines right in white before making a mess with the black!


The Best White Face & Body Paint: Mehron Makeup Paradise Makeup AQ White Face & Body Paint

"I have very dark skin so I was hesitant," one reviewer comments on Paradise Makeup AQ paint, "But the coverage is amazing." Even though it's water-based and infused with skin-friendly ingredients like aloe, chamomile, and cocoa butter, this stuff is highly pigmented and concentrated for vibrant colors and smooth application. The cake-like palettes are activated with water, and according to buyers, you can layer it as many times as you want to get the saturation you're looking for. It'll even cover tattoos.

Helpful review: “I have never put on makeup like this before and it went on so smooth. I got so many compliments and people thought I had it professionally done but I was like nope, did it myself!!! Amazing!!! I'm going to buy more colors now!!!”


The Best Pressed Powder: Bobbie Weiner Enterprise Bloody Mary Pressed Wet Or Dry Powder

Get two for the price of one with this Bloody Mary pressed powder, which can be used wet or dry. When wet, the powder transforms into a full-coverage face paint, but when dry, it works great as a setting powder (which should come in handy if you’d rather not sweat off your Halloween makeup). It comes in a compact case with a mirror built into the lid, which makes it super convenient to use on the go.

Helpful review: Made my Harley Quinn go from ‘kids party’ to ‘stage-ready.’ Night and day difference! [...] Thick enough to wear by itself if you wanna be ultra pale, but not white.”


The Best For Touch-Ups: Mehron Makeup White CreamBlend Stick

Body paint can be a messy process — especially if you're new to it. The Mehron CreamBlend stick features a highly-pigmented formula that'll give you full coverage, but it comes in a convenient, albeit small stick design that's easy to apply without getting it all over your hands. It's also rich in vitamins and antioxidants and especially creamy to prevent caking, but it's made without any petroleum whatsoever. One customer, who bought it for her daughter, said it lasted through the heavy rain, and many others with sensitive skin say it didn't cause any irritation.

Helpful review: “I had been seeking a crisp white foundation or face paint that didn’t feel heavy or greasy on my skin. This product went on velvety soft, highly blendable and durable throughout an entire photo shoot! The price wasn’t to shabby either!”


The Best Tube Of Cream Makeup: Mehron Makeup Fantasy F/X Cream Makeup

Conveniently packaged in a squeeze tube so you can easily transfer it to your fingers, brush, or sponge, this white makeup from Mehron is super pigmented and creamy. The water-based formula dries matte and shouldn’t transfer too much, though you can apply setting powder if you’d like to be careful. It’s ideal for use as either face or body paint. At the end of the night, it should wash off easily with soap and water.

Helpful review: “This stuff is bomb! I usually steer away from using face paint because of the following reasons: itchiness or irritation to the skin, difficulty in removing the paint, or peeling of the paint throughout the night. Let me tell you, none of this happened! It was easy to apply and it dries fairly quick.”

The Experts:

  • Kerrin Jackson is a four-time Emmy-nominated makeup artist and creator of The Makeup Refinery
  • Rachel Stiles is a professional wig and makeup artist based in Wisconsin

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