The 8 Best LEGO Sets For Adults

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Anyone who says LEGO sets are just for kids has clearly never experienced the satisfaction of spending hours assembling a realistic-looking space shuttle with nearly a thousand pieces, or putting together a 3-D tree house that can sit on display in your home for months to come. Once you let go of the idea that they're just for kids, there's no limit to the fun that the best LEGO sets for adults will provide.

When you're talking about LEGOs made specifically for adults, there's a huge variety to choose from. They come in lots of different styles and subject matters so it doesn't really matter who you are — there's a LEGO set out there for you. Architecture lovers, for example, can try erecting cityscapes or skylines, while nature fans can build birds, trees, and other scenic wonders. There are also tons of pop culture themed picks, from Star Wars figurines to sets from popular TV shows.

To help match you with the perfect build for your personality type, I gathered a handful of the best LEGO sets for adults I could find. As you skim through them, be sure to consider the size and dimensions. Part of the fun of putting a LEGO set together, after all, is getting to display it afterward — so make sure you have enough space for it.


This Popular Architectural Build Of The Stunning New York City Skyline

Number of pieces: 598

Dimensions: 10 by 9 by 1 inches

What's great about it: With more than 1,100 reviews, this is one of the most popular LEGO sets for adults— and for good reason. Once assembled, it showcases the beautiful New York City skyline, complete with views of the Statue of Liberty, the Empire State Building, One World Trade Center, and other iconic structures. It's a great choice for architecture buffs, as well as folks who simply love the Big Apple. The coolest part is that it belongs to a collector's series so once you complete this one, you can move on to other famed cities, like London, Las Vegas, and Tokyo.

One reviewer wrote: "I LOVE THIS PRODUCT!!I Bought it after our honeymoon in New York and me and my wife planned to display it in our living room as memorabilia reminding us of our great time in this magical city and it was the perfect piece for that. building it was simple and fun, the quality is the known and respected Lego quality, very durable and very beautiful [...] I Recommend it for any fan of Lego, architect or New York."


An Enchanting Collection Of Robins And Blue Jays That's Perfect For Any Bird Lover

Number of pieces: 580

Dimensions: Individual models vary (5 to 9 inches tall)

What's great about it: An excellent choice for any bird lover, this scenic LEGO collection features three different wild birds, along with miniature stands for them to perch on. There's a robin, a blue jay, and a hummingbird (the latter of which is accompanied by a pretty yellow flower). This particular set has been discontinued so it's truly a collector's item.

One reviewer wrote: "I absolutely love this set! Really enjoyed putting it together. Interesting and different pieces than I've worked with in other sets too and gorgeous colors. But still easy enough for an older child to put together without assistance. I wish there were more LEGO sets that had a more realistic nature/wildlife theme. These birds are cheerful and wonderful on display. I catch myself just staring at them in fascination!


This 3-D Stormtrooper Helmet That Star Wars Fans Will Adore

Number of pieces: 647

Dimensions: 7 by 5 by 5 inches

What's great about it: Part of the LEGOs Star Wars series (which also includes 3-D character sets like Yoda Attack of the Clones), this Stormtrooper Helmet is any Star Wars fan's dream come true. The 647-piece build is relatively small compared to others, and it doesn't take up too much space once complete. It comes with graphics stickers you can place on the nameplate, and reviewers noted that the instructions are clear and concise.

One reviewer wrote: "Definitely a good way to stay busy. The box was in good condition, all the parts were in the box. I got lots of compliments from friends!"


This Cool Set That Offers A Glimpse Of The International Space Station

Number of pieces: 864

Dimensions: 19 by 12 by 7 inches

This space station build is one of the coolest LEGO sets for adults out there. In addition to an intricate model of the International Space Station, it features two astronaut micro-figures and three tiny cargo spacecrafts. The shuttle itself boasts realistic details like rotating joints and adjustable solar panels. Plus, it comes with a 148-page booklet that's chock-full of space station fun facts. One reviewer did note, however, that's it's quite fragile once assembled, so keep that in mind when you're deciding where to display it.

One reviewer wrote: "This LEGO [set] is magnificent. It took me two hours to complete. It looks incredible next to my LEGO Saturn V and LEGO Lunar Module."


An Intricate Central Perk Build For "Friends" Buffs

Number of pieces: 1,070

Dimensions: 11 by 8 by 4 inches

What's great about it: If you're a "Friends" fan, you'll love this detailed LEGO version of Central Perk, the iconic coffee shop from the beloved 90s sitcom. It has a cult following on Amazon with more than 1,500 reviews, many of which mentioned how fun it is to put together and how many details there are from the show. On top of the cafe itself, the LEGO set also features tiny figurines of Monica, Ross, Rachel, Chandler, Phoebe, Joey, and even Gunther the barista.

One reviewer wrote: "Had fun putting this set together while watching old episodes of Friends. The set has a lot of detail, down to a poster advertising Phoebe and Smelly Cat and even decorations on the walls and plenty of colorful coffee cups. It took me several hours spread out to put the set together. There are many small pieces so the set may be most appropriate for older lego fans. All 6 of the friends, plus Gunther, are included and can be moved around so they can sit on their favorite orange couch or stand at the counter to order coffee. Friends fans will not be disappointed!"


This Extra-Challenging Lunar Lander Kit Made For Expert LEGO Builders

Number of pieces: 1,087

Dimensions: 8 by 7 by 7 inches

What's great about it: For folks looking for a challenge, this Apollo Lunar Lander is definitely a more difficult LEGO set. That said, fans noted that it's fun to put together and definitely worth the time investment. It's part of the LEGO Creator Expert series, which is designed with extra details for advanced LEGO builders. The lunar surface features a crater, footprints, and a U.S. flag. Other notable sets in the Expert series include Corner Garage, Winter Village Fire Station, and Assembly Square.

One reviewer wrote: "It is a difficult build just because there are so many pieces, but our family of four had fun putting this together over the course of 3 evenings. Of course it is a LEGO version, but it is remarkably accurate. You actually learn about the lander when putting this together. You learn how NASA stored the TV camera and corner cube on the outside of the lander, the asymmetry of the lander, and how there is a descent and assent stage [...] If you have any interest in learning more about this amazing achievement and like LEGOs, you want this set."


An Even Harder, Bigger Tree House Build With Over 3,000 Pieces

Number of pieces: 3,036

Dimensions: 14 by 10 by 9 inches

What's great about it: If the Lunar Lander looks enticing and you want to crank the challenge level up even higher, this intricate tree house build is one of the hardest LEGO sets out there. The intricate build involves more than 3,000 pieces that form a cool tree house, complete with several cabins, a tree swing, a crane, and a treasure chest. It has four mini-figures of human family members, and a bird to perch in the branches. It's a pricier item but for avid LEGO enthusiasts, it's a must-have.

One reviewer wrote: "I wanted a challenge... and I got it. Apart from the octagonal walls in the little rooms I wouldn't say this is unusually difficult to build (ship in the bottle remains my biggest accomplishment in that regard) but it is a big time commitment. I love all the detail, down to lovers' initials carved inside a heart on the tree [...] Given the scope of this one --894 steps-- I am thinking it's a good candidate for an adult-kid or family activity. (There’s plenty to go around - 19 bags of parts!) Excellent kit for the experienced, and persistent, LEGO lover."


A Cheaper Off-Brand Alternative That Offers Nautical Models Of the Titanic And More

Number of pieces: 113

Dimensions: 31.5 by 7.8 by 4.3 inches

What's great about it: If you love LEGO sets but you struggle with the price tag, this cheap LEGO set (that's not actually "LEGO" by brand name) offers an awesome alternative that won't break the bank. At 113 pieces, it's not quite as challenging as some of the others but it's still fun, according to reviewers — and the end result is a beautiful replica of the RMS Titanic. Best of all, it has real LED lights that make it glow (with the help of two AA batteries that are not included). It's part of an eight-part series of collectible ships including the San Felipe, the Queen Anne, and others. Just note that it's bigger in size than some of the others on this list.

One reviewer wrote: "Loved this Puzzle! Instructions were Excellent and it was so much Fun! Looks Beautiful too! Not sure on the time it took me since I’m a mom and I needed to stop for many breaks. This is the perfect gift for any Titanic fan! I even bought the titanic educational book to teach my son all about it. I’m making it into a lesson."