The 9 Best Tower Fans To Keep You Cool

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Whether you’re in the middle of a heat wave or simply enjoy the gentle breeze of a fan while you sleep, the best tower fans can help you stay comfortable both day and night. While air conditioners and cold beverages certainly play their part in keeping us cool, tower fans can be placed wherever they’re needed to provide us with an immediate, cooling breeze. Additionally, many boast oscillating capabilities and other features to customize their output to your liking.

What To Consider When Shopping For Tower Fans

Tower floor fans are available in a variety of shapes and sizes to accommodate any space and can be easily stored upright in your closet when not in use. With features such as varying intensity levels, oscillation, and energy-efficient designs, there’s a tower fan to fit most preferences and needs. Another huge benefit to owning a tower fan? Your noisy living space will seem a whole lot more peaceful because many are designed to be as quiet as possible.

In addition to the varying features of these fans, they’re also available at a variety of price points. Some of the fancier models employ high-tech designs for more powerful cooling, but if you’re just looking for a basic model to beat the heat, there are plenty available for under $100.

Read on to explore the best tower fans that will keep you cool and collected, without making a racket.


A Sleek Tower Fan That Comes In 3 Heights

Why it’s great: Available in two colors and three different heights (35, 36, and 43 inches), this stylish tower fan offers a sleek design without compromising power. It features three wind modes (natural, sleep, and oscillate), three speed settings, and a timer for ultimate customization.

A rave review: “I researched for weeks, online and in the stores for a fan for my bedroom (in Florida). I read reviews for every "top" name brand, in every style. Then, I found and ordered this kick-ass fan. Easy to assemble base and it's perfectly stable on my half-shag carpet. I have 2 cats that are afraid of their own shadows, and they were merely curious about the fan for only a minute. It fits perfectly in the corner of my tiny, 12'x11' ft area. The remote works perfect, I love having control over it night, without having to get up to change the settings. The air flow has 3 very distinct levels. The LOW is smooth and slightly audible. HIGH is enough to move the wind chimes that are dangling from the ceiling, on opposite side of the room.”


A Thin Tower Fan With 3 Independent Fans & Noise Reduction Technology

Why it’s great: This extremely thin tower fan (it's less than 3 inches thick) has an impressive number of features that include noise reduction, three independently controllable fans, and up to nine levels of cooling and customized airflow. You can program its timer in 30-minute increments and it comes with an extended range remote control. Plus, it offers 90-degree oscillation, three fan speeds, and an LED panel for access to all of the settings. Choose from three colors.

A rave review: “Photos do not do this fan justice. From the heavy (that's a good thing) glass base to the sculptured case to the display screen at the top, this fan is almost a work of art. Most visitors think it is a speaker tower. But aside from its high tech beauty, this fan is the most versatile I have ever owned. There are three fan speeds like most tower fans, but then each of the three fans can be independently operated. I bought this fan for a recording studio, and by using the lowest speed with only one or two of the fans running, it is quiet enough to operate while recording. With all those settings, plus options such as breeze mode or timer, it really helps to be able to see the display. This fan has a large display screen with big icons, making all the information legible even from across the room.”


Editor’s Pick: A Bluetooth Fan You Can Control With Your Phone

Why it’s great: This Bluetooth-enabled tower fan is a favorite of Bustle editor Amy Biggart, who says, “I love my Lasko tower fan — it has three speeds and oscillates so it really keeps my entire space cool. I also like that you can control it from your phone, so I never have to get up to change the settings. It’s surprisingly powerful, too. It was a game-changer the last few summers.” It also has a timer option that will automatically turn the fan off after up to seven hours of use.

A rave review: “The air feels cold and definitely cools off the area. I LOVE that it’s Bluetooth! I can’t ever find remotes in this house so it’s soo nice to have it right on my phone!”


A Super-Sleek Tower Fan With 8 Speed Settings For Small Spaces

Why it’s great: Your idea of "cold" may be different from your partner's "lukewarm" ideal — but both of your personal cooling preferences are taken into account when you choose this sleek tower fan with cooling speeds and various sound settings to match your different preferences. It oscillates for ultimate cooling, comes with a remote control, and has a one, two, four, or eight-hour auto shut-off timer. This fan works best in areas with limited floor space and even boasts a dimming feature with five night-time lighting selections.

A rave review: “I love this so much I bought another for my classroom. On low levels, the fan is whisper quiet, but cools nicely. Higher levels provide a louder noise that is great to sleep with to block out other noise. It is narrow and fits nicely into a corner.”


A Fan With A Digital Screen & An Adjustable Base

Why it’s great: Depending on your cooling needs, you can attach this tower fan directly to its base on the ground or fix it to its pedestal for a taller fan that measures 42 inches high. Either way, you'll reap the benefits of three quiet speed settings, 80-degree oscillation, a remote control, and a night mode for dimmed light from the LED display.

A rave review: “I hate to use any kind of forced air (a/c or heat) at night during sleep so a decent fan was a must. This fan has not disappointed all summer, worked flawlessly. In oscillating mode it is a little noisier than just in a static position. I preferred the static position. The display is quite bright at night but the night mode takes care of that, only drawback is I wasn't able to activate the night mode with the remote, has to be done on the unit itself, no big deal really. The air this fan produces is beautifully cool, and power is awesome, I never really needed anything but the lowest setting. All in all, super happy. Great deal. Definitely recommend.”


A Fan With A Fresh Air Ionizer For Better Air Quality

Why it’s great: With three quiet speeds (low, medium, and high), an easy-carry handle that lets you transport this fan from room to room, and the option to use the air ionizer function for cleaner air, this tower fan is perfect for small- and medium-sized spaces. And, because this model has an electric timer that can be set from 0.5-7.5 hours, it’s a particularly energy-efficient tower fan that will turn off by itself to conserve power. Even better, reviewers rave about how easy it is to assemble.

A rave review: “My current home does not have AC, and my old box fan only blew room temperature air at me which did not help to cool me off. This Lasko fan, however, blows cold air throughout my room that cools me off within minutes! [...] The remote it comes with is very handy when I don't want to get up from my desk to adjust my settings, as well as controlling my settings when laying in bed.”


A Personal Tower Fan That Sits Right On Your Desk

Why it’s great: This 14-inch table fan is the perfect size for desks, end tables, and nightstands thanks to its compact design. Although small, it still provides a powerful cooling breeze in four different settings. It also has an optional oscillation feature, light-up buttons, and ultra-quiet operation. In addition, the fan also boasts “Lasko’s Blue Plug, " a safety feature unique to Lasko fans and designed to cut off electric current to the fan if it detects a potentially hazardous electrical fault in the fan’s motor or power supply.

A rave review: “Bought this for my office at work that gets hot during the summer days. I am constantly in conference calls so needed a fan that wouldn't make to much noise. I am super happy with my choice the fan is very quiet and doesn't take up alot of space!”


A High-Tech Bladeless Tower Fan That's Safe & Quiet As A Mouse

Why it’s great: Meet the tower fan of your techie dreams: not only does it not look like a typical fan, it behaves differently, as well. Expect this bladeless, high-velocity tower fan to produce a powerful cooling airflow, thanks to its Air Multiplier technology which draws in surrounding air through a unique annular aperture. Overall, it's a quiet, energy-efficient tower fan that comes with a remote control that lets you choose among 10 airflow settings.

A rave review: “We have no a/c, and despite this fan being pricey, found it was well worth the investment [...] Even in very humid & hot weather, this cools us off [...] Nice touch is the remote, when it gets a little too cool or maybe not cool enough, can just hit the remote to raise/lower the speed.”


An Adjustable Oscillating Tower Fan With Airflow Patterns That Help You Sleep Better

Why it’s great: This stylish tower fan stands out from the rest because it’s specially designed to produce more air velocity with less noise. It's equipped with three pre-programmed airflow patterns and three quiet speed settings designed to promote relaxation and support better sleep. It also features a 90-degree oscillation option, timer function, and remote control.

A rave review: “This fan is amazing and worth the price point. The first thing I noticed upon opening the package, it's a gorgeous fan. Assembly is super easy, you don't need tools IF you don't use the height extender. I chose to use the extender, so you will need a phillips head to secure it, but that's it. Super easy, takes no more than a few minutes to set up. I plugged it in. Man, this puppy really puts out the air! It has 3 speed settings... and I see no reason to put it beyond the second one. You'll also notice the awesome display, which will show you the temperature, speed, and if it's oscillating. I'm super pleased with this fan, and it was well worth the extra money. I would highly recommend this fan if you're in the market for a quality tower fan.”

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