7 Of The Best Fill-Your-Own Advent Calendars For Christmas 2020

Including a wooden, Harry Potter-themed option...

Harry Potter/Primark

Advent calendar season is well underway, despite there still being a good six weeks until we can actually begin opening up our goodies. It's always an exciting time, whether you're sticking to a simple Cadbury version or splashing out on a glamorous beauty option. But if you can't decide which to get for your nearest and dearest, why not make your own?! These best fill-your-own advent calendars mean you can be as creative and personalise as you like.

Fill-your-own designs these days are so decadent they are sort of a present in themselves. But most really won’t set you back a whole lot, which is handy considering you need to fill all the boxes/sacks with your chosen goodies. You can pack them with everything from sweet treats to little boozy bottles, small beauty gifts to a pieces of delicate jewellery or just some warm socks. The options really are endless.

This year, everyone is going wild for the Harry Potter-themed fill-your-own calendar by Primark. But fear not – if Harry, Ron, and Hermione aren't really your thing, I’ve selected six others for you to get your hands on in time for the beginning of December.