5 Things To Do On A First Date When It's Freezing Outside

There's no need to let freezing cold temps and snowy conditions put a damper on your love life. Sure, first dates can be tricky, and involve some trial and error, but no matter where you end up going or who you go with, relax, be yourself, and take advantage of getting to know someone new during the winter months.

“I would consider a successful first date on which the parties feel closer to one another than before they met, and have a desire to meet again, regardless of whether it actually happens again," clinical sexologist Dr. Martha Tara Lee of Eros Coaching, tells Bustle. "If you feel uplifted, then their presence and energy was a gift."

The winter months can really give you a chance to get creative with where you venture, all while placing yourself in the position to meet a great someone. Just remember as you make your way through the dating world, “[g]etting some laughs is always good! Be of good cheer and company,” says Dr. Lee.

Here are first date winter date ideas to get you out from under your Snuggie and get you connecting with someone new.


Make It A Homecooked Meal Date

Of course, only do this if you feel comfortable enough with the other person. If you do feel comfortable with them, you can really show off your culinary (or takeout) skills and keep warm and cozy in the process. “A way to some people’s hearts is through their stomachs,” says Dr. Lee.


Go For Hot Chocolate And Challenge Them To A Snowball Fight

Though this one is dependent upon whether or not the weather agrees, it’s super playful. What's more, holding a hot drink can actually make you friendlier, according to a University of Colorado Boulder study, which can definitely help if you have some first-date jitters.


Attend A Trivia Night Together

Want to know right away how your date performs under pressure? May as well get this out of the way from the get-go, amirite? Dr. Lee suggests going for a first date at a local watering hole's trivia night. Not only is it really fun, but you're nice and warm inside away from the cold, and you're already testing your partnership and coupledom by working together as a team in a trivia night. It's a great way to get to know someone, as well as their competitive nature — may as well know now. And you also get to test their knowledge on trivial things.

It's a great first date situation: Minimal atmosphere pressure, it's not overly expensive, and the conversation is sure to continuously flow.


Try An Indoor Class

From athletics to cooking, and everywhere in between, why not show your date your passions right off the bat as they begin to learn more about the real you? Choosing an active class, such as a cooking class, can also test your skills right off the bat as to how you could or would work together as a couple.


Stay Indoors And Have A Movie Night

There's no doubt that dinner and a movie is a go-to and very typical first date, or any time date idea. If you feel comfortable meeting them at your apartment, or theirs, make it special and different by planning a movie night for your date by showing an oldie but goodie film and spread out nice and well-thought out snacks.

Sure, the winter months make us want to stay curled up on the couch more often than not. But if you are looking to meet someone new, know that it can be a great time to get to know someone — it just involves a bit of creativity.