The 35 Best Fitness Products To Sneak In A Workout While Watching TV At Home (& They're Under $35 On Amazon)

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by Andrea Hannah
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I like hitting the gym just as much as the next person — but honestly, it's way more comfortable to work out at home. Not only can I wear whatever athletic gear I want (hello, sweat-stained joggers), but the best Amazon fitness products to sneak in a workout actually make it fun to exercise in front of my favorite TV show.

Here's the thing: A great TV show can distract you from your workout to make it fly by, but it's also a balancing act. In my opinion, whatever workout you're doing should be challenging, yet low-intensity enough that you can still catch the most important moments in your show. My personal favorite is yoga because the slow and steady postures give me plenty of time to listen in on the dialogue when I'm not moving. Another great option is strength-based training. That way, you can stay mostly still — except for a targeted motion — making it easier to pay attention.

While there are tons of great fitness products on Amazon that would definitely amp up your workouts, you also have to consider what you have the space for. While an exercise ball may seem like a must-have (and who wouldn't want to literally sit down while they're working out), but it takes up a lot of space. Just be sure you have a game plan on how and where to store it between sessions.

If you aren't sure exactly what's out there, check out this collection of some of the most effective fitness products to help you piece together your perfect exercise routine.


These Best-Selling Resistance Bands With Different Strengths

Not only are these resistance bands super lightweight, but they come with their own little pouch so you can take them everywhere (or from your TV room to the gym). This set comes with five bands ranging from extra light to extra heavy, so you can use them to work both small and large muscle groups. Just pick your preferred resistance and work your arms shoulders, back, and glutes while you take in your favorite show.


This Wheel That Works Your Abs As You Slide Back & Forth

Thousands of reviewers swear by this ab wheel — over 9,700, to be exact. You can bring it out to your living room, get into a plank position, and crunch your abs to pull the wheel in and work your muscles. The wheel features anti-slip traction, so you can use it on your carpets or rugs, and it comes with a foam pad to protect your knees while you're working out.


The OG Step Platform That's Great For Aerobics

At 4-inches tall, this step platform is perfect for getting in some HIIT cardio while watching your favorite show. It features an anti-skid surface so you can jump on and off without worrying about slipping. It also comes with two black risers that shouldn't budge — but if you're looking for an even bigger challenge, you can buy extra risers to lift this platform up another 2 inches.


This Hand Weight Set That You Can Store In Your Living Room

Tuck this hand weight set next to your couch and you'll be ready for a quick workout at any time. They come in a set of 1-pound weights, but you can choose from various options and start a collection from there. Each one features a neoprene coating to protect both the weights and your floors, and they'll barely take up any space in your TV room.


The Handle That Turns Any Weight Into A Kettlebell

Instead of investing in a whole set of kettlebells, grab this versatile grip and create your own set from the weights you already have. Here's how it works: Just unsnap this heavy-duty grip, put in any hand weight up to 55 pounds inside the shell, and then snap this grip closed. The protective latch keeps any weight firmly in place while you swing, lift, and work your back, abs, and shoulders.


A Mini Exercise Bike That You Can Use While You're On The Couch

This mini exercise bike is the perfect way to work out while you're relaxing in front of the TV. The lightweight unit fits perfectly under a desk or small table, and it features nonslip pedals so you can get your heart rate up while you're at your desk or on your couch. It also features a slip-on strap over the pedals to help keep your feet in place. Some reviewers even use this genius little machine to pedal with their hands to work their shoulders, back, and biceps.


This Pilates Ring That Comes With A Workout Guide

If you love pilates, this medium-resistance ring is a great addition to your at-home routine. The ring itself is made with a durable fiberglass core that offers the perfect amount of flexibility without cracking or breaking. The double-sided foam pads are specially formulated so that you can hold onto them with your hands to work your upper body — or even between your ankles, calves, or thighs for your lower body. This ring even comes with its own workout guide.


A Thigh Master That You Can Use Anywhere

Not only can work your quads with this innovative thigh master, but you can strengthen your hamstrings and glutes, too. You can place this lightweight, portable device between your thighs to strengthen your hip abductors, under your booty to work your hamstrings and calves, or even between your bicep and forearm to work your upper body. The inside of this machine is even lined with plush foam — so no matter where you use it, you'll feel comfortable and supported.


The Sit-Up Pad That Helps Train Your Abdominals

This sit-up pad is an excellent tool for training every part of your abdominals while offering plenty of support, because it can be placed under your lower back to help you reach a full range of motion. As you lean back over the half-dome shape, the extra length requires your abdominal muscles to work harder to pull you upright, maximizing your workout in half the time. This pad also comes with a stretchy latex band that you can use for additional stretches and exercises.


A Pilates Bar That Works Every Part Of Your Body

It's easier than ever to get a full body workout with this portable pilates bar. The bar comes in three sections, and you twist them together to create one longer bar made from solid iron pipe. This set also comes with two latex bands and two straps that you can use to secure your feet and ankles. You can do virtually anything with this set, including standing squats, plank work, lunges, crunches, and more. And when you're finished, you can store everything in a small box or bag.


This Resistance Band That Keeps Your Feet From Slipping

This resistance band may look a little different than traditional latex options, but as one reviewer puts it: "I feel the burn." It's made from ultra durable materials that offer tons of stretch without tearing or breaking down over time, and it features both easy-grip handles and foot pedals for even more leverage. Reviewers rave about how great this tool is for ab work, but truly, the options for use are endless.


The Ab Trainer That Cushions Your Head & Neck

Every time you crunch with this ab trainer, you work your core while catching another glimpse of your TV. It features a lightweight, steel frame with a soft grip handle and cushioned headrest. Instead of overexerting your neck muscles while you work out, this brilliant machine supports your head, neck, and shoulders while you crunch. That way, you can focus on strengthening your abdominals instead of straining your neck.


This Sit-Up Bar That Suctions To The Floor

Instead of struggling to work your abs, grab this sit-up bar that doesn't budge and inch. To install, you place a rubber pad on your hardwood floors, then apply this bar to the pad with the ultra powerful suction cups. This heavy-duty bar stays put while you hook your feet under the foam-covered bars. You can even use it for upper body exercises or plank work, and when you're finished, you can release the suction cups and move this bar out of the way.


A Balance Board That's Simple & Effective

What's not to love about this wobble balance board? You can use it to subtly train your core as you work toward greater stability by literally just standing on top of it while you watch a show. The anti-slip grippers on top help to keep you from sliding — and when you're ready for a tougher challenge, you can even do plank work.


This Foam Roller That Helps Release Tight Muscles

Grab this foam roller between workouts to release muscle pain and tension. It features a 3-D grid surface that has tons of different-sized nodules and textures so you can find the surface that works best for the part of the body you're working on. Just set it up in front of your TV while you roll out sore calves, hamstrings, glutes, and more, stimulating blood flow to help heal soft tissue.


A Chest & Arm Toner That You Can Use 10 Minutes Per Day

This chest and arm toner is small enough to slip into a drawer and simple enough to use anywhere. To use, just press the levers closed while you're sitting or standing. That's it! Different height positions work different parts of your chest, arms, and upper back, helping you to build muscle even while you're engaged in your favorite show. Use this device for just 10 minute per day to strengthen and tone in no time.


The Illustrated Cards That Guide Your Workout

Instead of doing the same old workout everyday, these exercise cards give you a fun way to change it up. This deck comes with over 100 cards, each with dynamic exercises that you can do anywhere (even in front of your TV). And the best part? Each card only involves your own bodyweight. No weights, bands, or any equipment required. There are even specific instructions for how to do each exercise to guide you.


This Jump Rope That Has Thousands Of Rave Reviews

Reviewers love these jump ropes because they’re super portable and easy to use for a quick burst of cardio. The handles feature a textured grip to keep them from sliding out of your hands, all while the jump rope itself is made from actual steel. The steel is coated with PVC material to protect to protect you while also giving this rope plenty of weight. You can pull it out, do a few quick reps between shows, and slip it back into a drawer in a snap. Get two in a pack and choose from a few colors.


A Weighted Hula Hoop That Works Your Core

Not only is this padded hula hoop fun to use, but it's also weighted to make your workout a bit more challenging (it weighs about 2 pounds). You can even break this hula hoop down into smaller sections to store it when not in use, and it comes with workout guides so you can plan your routines out.


These Ankle Weights That Are Totally Adjustable

For some added resistance, these adjustable ankle weights are an excellent investment. They're made from soft, breathable cotton and feature an adjustable Velcro strap so you can find your perfect fit. The best part about these weights, though, is how versatile they are. Each weight features sewn-in "slots" that you can fill with weighted bags to create the exact amount of resistance you need. Add up to five bags for five extra pounds per weight, or keep it light with just one or two bags.


This Pull-Up Bar That's Simple To Install

It couldn't be simpler to sneak in a workout with this pull-up bar. While it comes with the hardware you need to install it directly to your doorframe, it also comes with instructions to easily secure it between any standard-size door without permanently attaching it, making this bar perfectly portable for on-the-go workouts. It also features multiple grips so you can use it for traditional pull-ups, chin-ups, or you can even work your lower abs with leg raises.


A Resistance Band Set You Can Stack For Extra Weight

Each order comes with resistance bands in five different weights, but since they are stackable, you get plenty more combinations. They’re made from 100% latex, and super portable (and stashable) thanks to the handy bag.


This Yoga Ball That You Can Use As A Chair

Instead of sitting on you couch, take a set on this yoga ball before you settling in front of your TV. While you watch, this ball forces you to engage your core to keep you stable. You can also use it for sit-ups and plank work, or you can increase your flexibility by practicing backbends. This ball is also extremely durable and even comes with two extra air stoppers in case you need to replace the original. You can even choose from a bunch of sizes and colors.


This Double-Sided Mat That Has Tons Of Padding

Roll out this padded yoga mat and stretch, rest, and restore. At a quarter-inch thick, it offers the perfect amount of padding to support you without throwing off your balance. You can use this mat on either side, too — and when you're finished with you practice (or your show), you can easily wipe it down to keep it clean.


These Yoga Essentials That Help Increase Your Flexibility

It's easier than ever to deepen your practice with this yoga essentials kit. It comes with two foam yoga blocks and a strap to help increase your flexibility. You can use the blocks to ease into deep stretches, increase your stability, and keep proper alignment during standing positions. And when you're in the middle of a show, you can use the strap to stretch out your calves, hamstrings, and glutes.


The Yoga Dice That Mix Up Your Flow

Toss these yoga dice before your next flow to change up your routine in a fun and unexpected way. It comes with seven wooden dice, and each one features six different postures for a total of 42 postures and hundreds of combinations to choose from. There are a ton of ways to use these dice, too. You can roll them all at once to create a unique flow, or you explore each dice and posture one at a time.


These Anti-Skid Socks That Are Great For Pilates And Barre

These gripper socks are must-haves if you love doing barre and pilates classes at home. They're super soft, and the criss-cross bands across the top helps them from slipping. The highlight, though, are the textured grippers on the bottom. These grippers are made from silicone gel that prevents you from slipping on your mat or hardwood floors so you can hold your poses for longer.


The Sliders That You Can Use On Carpet Or Hardwood

As one reviewer puts it, these core sliders "really work your body." One side features a soft foam lining that slides easily over hardwood, and the plastic side glides over your carpets so you can use them anywhere. Some reviewers have also used them to work their upper back muscles for a full-body workout.


This Medicine Ball That Works Every Part Of Your Body

This 4-pound medicine ball packs a big punch in a small package. You can use it to add more weight to your core exercises, work your upper body and biceps, or even bounce it between squats for an added challenge. Plus, the surface of this ball features an anti-slip texture so you can carry, catch, and bounce it without it slipping from your hands.


A Resistance Band That's Super Versatile

Not only does this unique resistance band work every part of your body, but it's super adjustable, too. You can use it to work any part of your body, and you can even adjust the resistance level by switching out the grip . Move your hands closer together for more resistance, or farther apart for a little relief. On top of that, this band is made from natural rubber that holds up to daily wear and tear while still offering plenty of flexibility.


This Handy Device That Helps Strengthen Your Wrist

This wrist strengthener is the perfect device to use when you want to sneak in a workout, but aren't in the mood for something intense. Here's how it works: You slip this device over your forearm, then grip the other end with your hand. Then, curl your wrist to strengthen your muscles with small, targeted movements. This device adds resistance to focus your workout, while the band around the back offers tons of support.


The 20-Pound Kettlebell With An Enamel Coating

You don't have to be afraid to bring out the heavy weights with this 20-pound kettlebell. It features an enamel coating and is made from solid cast iron, and it even has a textured handle to help prevent you from losing your grip. Squat, swing, and lift this solid heavy weight while you're watching TV and your workout will be over before you know it.


A Different Ab Roller That Has 5 Levels Of Resistance

Working out with this ab roller is as easy as it gets. To use, set your knees on top of the small platform, grab the handles, and roll out and in. Each time you roll, you'll work your entire abdominal wall, making this device one of the most efficient ways to get a full core workout.


These Push-Up Grippers That Maximize Your Upper Body Workout

Not only are these push-up grippers easy to use while you're watching a show, but they actually make your workout go quicker, too. They're made from heavy-duty steel so that they won't budge, and they feature an ergonomic grip to help you distribute your weight evenly. They also allow you to fully engage your muscles when you're in the middle of a push-up, making the work twice as tough and the workout go twice as fast.


This ThighMaster-Like Machine That Gives You Quads Of Steel

There's a reason that this ThighMaster replica has been around in some form for decades, and that's because it works. The key is the spring-loaded steel coil. This coil is what provides tons of resistance, and the soft foam handles allow you to apply pressure comfortably. And when you're finished working out your inner and outer thighs, you can even use this device to work your back, shoulders, biceps, and more.

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