The Best Products To Keep You Organized At Home

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There are two types of people in this world: those who take pleasure in tidying and organizing at home, and those who’d rather do literally anything but. Yet somehow, I fall somewhere smack dab in the middle. I’ll go on full-on organizing benders only to watch those very same spaces I took such satisfaction in decluttering fill up with stuff all over again. Between family, pets, and you know — life — it happens.

And while I’m at it, let me also *come clean* about something else. (Get it? I’ll see myself out, thanks.) I start thinking I’ve got it together with my little apothecary jars filled to the brim with q-tips and cotton balls, only to learn that all of my friends are one-upping me with color-coded and alphabetized pantries. Stunning. Impressive! But not going to happen in this lifetime for me. Luckily, there are a few simple products I always turn to to keep my home in check — type-A attitude not required.

Look, no matter which end of the neatness spectrum you tend toward, Walmart’s got everything you need to get (and stay) organized at home. Even if spring cleaning isn’t exactly your thing, we’re not here to judge. We’re just here to hook you up with some really smart, affordable solutions for all kinds of spaces. Check out 15 of our favorite organizing products from, ahead. And remember, you’ve got this!

Stackable Shelves For Shoes, T-shirts, And Sweaters

Deep closets can be a blessing and a curse. These stackable wire utility shelves make storage easy and customizable, whether you're stacking up sweaters or (finally) organizing that shoe collection. Pair, personalize, and be proud of your fresh new space, knowing these are strong enough to hold up to whatever you’ve got.

Customization For Closets of All Sizes

Configuration is key when it comes to making your closet work for you. This wire storage kit accommodates spaces from 4 to 10 feet, with vertical and horizontal shelving that’s as versatile as your wardrobe. Think adjustable rods, expandable shelves, and easy access to all of your favorites.

Airtight Storage For Your Favorite Foods

Kiss crumpled bags of chips and half-closed boxes of cereal goodbye with these keep-it-neat containers to store all kinds of kitchen goods. We swear by this multi-size set because it comes with 10 safe, airtight pieces that are dishwasher safe, because, yes please. Bonus points for a modular design that also saves space!

A Clutter-Proof And Comfortable Bench

Whether you’ve got items you want to show off, things you’d rather tuck away, or a whole lot of both, trust us: Storage cubes are the answer. This beauty doubles as a cozy seating option and sneaky-smart storage solution. Show or stow your stuff, and change it up at any time.

A Durable, Space-Saving Hamper

If you never knew you needed a fold-away hamper, spoiler alert: You definitely do! They’re awesome for tighter spaces like dorm rooms and apartments, but don’t discount their usefulness in kids’ rooms (or, er, your own) as a solid alternative to throwing everything on the floor. Handles make for easy carrying, and it’s collapsable to boot.

A Spot To Store Mops And Brooms

If your brooms, mops, dustpans, and other miscellaneous cleaning gear come tumbling out of the closet every time you open it, this organizer is about to be your saving grace. Stick it up, secure them in place, and easily pop ‘em out one by one as you need them. You won’t miss that semi-weekly avalanche — trust us.

A Place To Keep Accessories Tangle-Free

Ever experienced the frustration that comes with trying to get out the door when your favorite necklace is tangled with another one (or two, or five)? And don’t even get us started on finding matching earrings or the right kind of earring back when they’re all mixed in together. This hanging mirror and organizer keeps them all sorted and in plain sight. Just grab and go.

A Vertical Space Option For Bathrooms

Wishing for extra bathroom storage stops when you stop wasting usable space. Meet our favorite way to do it! Quick and easy to assemble, this is a sturdy, stylish, and practical over-toilet option that will have you saying “hello” to extra space where you need it the most.

Additional Under-The-Sink Storage Space

That under-sink area in kitchens and bathrooms is one of the most prone to clutter. However useful those cleaners, sponges, spare soaps, and TP may be, keeping them neat and accessible doesn’t have to be so hard. This two-tiered is adjustable in height and width and will keep whatever you’re storin’ tidier, fast.

Sturdy Stick-On Shower Shelving

You know you’ve got them — the myriad of half-empty shower products filling every corner of your shower space. This strong-suction caddy can be stuck and unstuck in just a second and hold up to 22 lbs. of your bathroom must-haves. We love that it’s durable and designed for drainage, and don’t think we can live without the little hooks for hanging essentials.

Space-Saving Storage Bags

If you’re in organization mode and you haven’t invested in vacuum storage bags, you’re seriously missing out. These are our favorite because they’re affordable, reusable, protective, and super simple to use. C’mon... compressing and compacting your winter sweaters (or just about anything else) until you need them next season? Yes, please!

A Designated Catch-All Station

From mail and keys to any and every other stray item you offload as soon as you walk into your house, a simple and stylish organizer is just the thing to keep it all straight. We love this one for its rustic look, sturdy design, and multiple hooks that always go to good use. It’s the easy-to-hang entryway essential every home needs.

A Go-To Spot For Remote Controls

Imagine a world where you never, ever misplaced the remote again? It exists, we swear — and here’s how! Handmade and uber-handy, this wooden organizer is the go-to spot when it’s time to unwind, and blends in easily with every aesthetic. (Just think of how much time you’ll save without having to dig in the couch cushions or finger-point!)

Some Secure Under-The-Bed Storage

These breathable zipper bags keep those items you don’t need close at hand — but out of sight — by making use of that empty space under your bed. We love the clear-top design that lets you quickly and easily see what’s in there without unpacking a bag you don’t need, and you’ll love the protection it offers your linens, clothes, and shoes from dust, mildew, and more. A definite must-have.

With homes doubling as offices and beyond, a space to store your workday essentials has become a non-negotiable. This is our favorite because it’s an all-in-one organizer that comes equipped with an ergonomic, adjustable mobile holder. Sleek and sturdy, this is a safe and convenient spot for whatever gets you through the workday.