The 7 Best 'What Are You' Meme Accounts To Scroll Through ASAP

Countless customised meme accounts are probably clogging up your feed – here's a selection of the best.

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If it's not wearing a pillow as a dress, it's styling yourself as a classic painting, and if you have a child you're probably making them wait to eat a sweet and filming it. Yes it's 2020 and in terms of viral traffic — it's been log jammed. The latest trend is the 'what are you' meme accounts, where people can find out the kind of frog, llama, Disney character, or internet celeb they are.

One of the most popular accounts out there is @whatdogyouare, which has more than 120k followers. Following closely behind is @what_catare_you_ with 116k and @what_cow_you_are with 111k. If that's not enough to send you into an existential crisis then you should know that there's also a @what_whatareyou_are_you account where people can find out what 'what are you' account they are.

So where the heck did all of this come from, and what's all the fuss about? Well it appears that this new craze originated in early July and, per Esquire, has blown up in a big way just in the last fortnight (although Spanish language accounts like @eres.un.sticker have been around since late June).

The accounts offer a chance to revel in the lighter side of life, and come with a heavy dose of nostalgia. Think of them as the digital equivalent of gift shop trinkets you collected as a child with your name adorned on a glittery starfish keyring. But this time it's even better because those of us with unusual names can actually request ours be emblazoned across a picture of a cow, making up for lost time when our siblings and friends got to take home a personalised pieces of tat and we didn't.

If you're enticed by this bizarre but somewhat heartwarming new trend, below are a selection of the best 'what are you' accounts out there.


It's The G.C.

OK hun, shout out to my fellow Gemma Collins stans, the queen of UK reality TV is top of the list for obvious reasons. Check out @which_gemmacollins_are_u and see if your name is already on the VIP list.


Ribbet Ribbet

If I'd have told you this time last summer that scrolling through countless bizarre pictures of frogs in the search for one with your name across it would be a highlight of S/S 2020, you probably would have laughed in my face. Oh, such innocent times! It might be different but it's still a heck of a good time so check out @what_frog_you_are.


"Who Is She?!"

One of the newest of the bunch (the first post was on July 20), this particular format celebrates the simpler things in life, like noughties reality TV. Remember when Big Brother was really really good? One of its queens, Nikki Graham, gets a nod here with @which_nikkigrahame_are_you.


Watermelon Sugar Hottie

Put some newspaper down (especially if your name is Kelli/Kelly) it's Harry flipping actual Styles. Just hope your name is across a photo in which he's legal. @which_harry_styles_are_you


Something Fishy Is Going On

Look, everyone goes loopy about cats and dogs but what about the humble fish? Find out which one you are over on @which_fish_are_youu.


U OK Hun?

Live, laugh, love all huns and their crushed velvet couches. Find out which hun represents you best via the medium of @which_hun_are_you xx


Pig Out

The world may be terrible but you can also find your pig twin on @which_pig.are_you. So, you know, swings and roundabouts.

Many of these accounts have links in their bios to which names that have featured already, but where's the fun in that? Get scrolling and if you can't find yours, there's info on each page on how to request it.

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