These Are The Most Unusual Experiences Around The World That You Can Book Through Airbnb Right Now

by Kaitlyn Wylde

Most people plan their trips around a location, but Airbnb has always inspired travelers to consider the experience, first. After all, not only is Airbnb an accommodation booking site, it's an experience curator, too — and the site allows travelers to search experiences instead of locations, allowing them to let their interests help plan trips. Though tons of different experiences are offered in locales all over, there are some that are more unique than others — you just have to know where to look. Luckily, it got a lot easier this month when Airbnb released its list of the 10 most unusual experiences offered by hosts around the world, all of which are bookable through the site. The more unique the experience, the more likely you are to plan your trip around it.

The benefit of booking experiences through the site is vast. Instead of arbitrarily picking a location to stay in, you can pick a few experiences that call to you, and ensure that your trip is not only geographically satisfying, but thoroughly entertaining as well. From cuddle sessions with strangers to fire eating workshops, these experiences are not like anything you've ever heard about from a tourism office. Instead of zip-ling though the jungle with a giant tour group, you can take an intimate jungle survival course where you learn how to collect coconuts and live off the land. Instead of taking a surf lesson, you can take a mermaid course and swim in the ocean with a faux fish tail. What's more, participating in a host-lead experience allows you to connect with the experience in a really special way. Your host is sharing this experience with you because they love it — it's not just a job for them, it's their life. This kind of passion leads to a much more rewarding experience.

Yes, all of these experiences are actually available on Airbnb, and you can find the site's full list here. Here are a few of my favorites off the list:

Fire Eating In Los Angeles, CA


Want to live on the edge during your LA stay? One very rad burlesque and variety performer is hosting a 90 minute fire eating workshop in her private LA home studio. Book this experience and learn about the art of fire eating and then (safely) try it yourself. And yes, the host will help you get a great shot so that you have proof that you did it after you leave.

The Neural Enhancement Treatment in London, England


If this concept doesn't make a lot of sense to you, that's because it's not a real thing. The Neural Enhancement Treatment is a 50 minute Sci-Fi adventure. You're not really going to get brain surgery done of course, but you will have a very enjoyable sensory experience that's a combination of theater and a spa treatment. So, if you're looking for a super unique way to unwind and meet interesting people, this will be the experience for you.

Cuddle Experience In Los Angeles, CA


If you're not a fan of cuddling, this might not be for you, though if you'd like to be more of a cuddle person, this cuddle lab might be just what the doctor ordered. This experience is basically a low-key cuddle workshop. It teaches you how to be a better cuddler, a better hand-holder, a better hugger and more comfortable with safe touches. Don't worry, this is not a totally wonky experience, it says on the site that laughter is expected and encouraged.

Chainsaw Carving in Salem, OR


Ever wanted to play with a chainsaw in a safe space or carve wood? Now you can do both. This woodshop experience will not only give you an opportunity to work with wood and powertools, but create art, too. What's more, it's six hours long, so if you're looking to fill a rainy day in Oregon, this is the perfect way.

Mermaid Experience in San Diego, CA


If you're all about that mermaid life, you're going to love this experience. Your host will take you out to the beach, dress you up in beautiful mermaid clothes, give you a mermaid make up look and finish off with a 30 minute mermaid sunset photoshoot. What's more, your host is an ocean advocate and will teach you lots of fun facts about the ~real~ La Jolla marine life.

DNA Necklace Making Experience, Tacoma, WA


If you have dreams of being a scientist, you're going to love this STEM experience. Head to Tacoma’s innovative biotech labs and learn how to extract DNA from your own mouth and attach it to a pendant that you can actually wear. All the while wearing a white lab coat and learning about science. Best part? As a Social Impact Experience, proceeds from this workshop will benefit RAIN, a non-profit life science incubator educating the community and supporting the growth of biotech entrepreneurs in Tacoma.