13 Haunted Airbnb Spots You Can Book Right Now

Lots of things can happen when you stay in an Airbnb, from the good, to the bad… to the haunted. I mean that literally, by the way; there are tons of allegedly haunted Airbnbs you can actually stay in listed on the accommodation rental site. Are all of them truly haunted? That’s up for debate — but you can’t deny the thrill that comes from just the mere possibility that you might encounter something supernatural while you’re away. And hey, if you’re planning a trip around Halloween this year, there’s no better way to get in the spirit of the spookiest holiday of the year.

Interestingly, it’s no secret that many listings in Airbnb’s database claim to be haunted. Indeed, the site actually released a piece on its official during the 2017 Halloween season detailing the stories behind five allegedly haunted homes available for booking. Besides these five, though, there are many, many more listings all over the world that claim to come with a side of the paranormal when you stay in them — and although the listings do tend to come and go, there’s never any shortage of ghost stories for those hoping to engage in a little haunted travel.

These 13 listing were all active as of the end of September, 2018. The alleged hauntings in each one all seem to relatively benign in nature — I doubt the rentals would be available to book if they weren’t — but still: Know that if you choose to stay in one of these paranormal hotspots, you do so at you own risk.

Are you brave enough to stay in them?