The Queen Has Launched A New Gin Just In Time For Christmas

Sandringham Gin is distilled at a barn at Her Majesty's much-loved country estate.

WPA Pool/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

After watching all four seasons of The Crown in the space of two weeks, I've suddenly come over all... royal. And considering the Queen's reported favourite tipple is a gin and Dubonnet, I naturally now must follow suit. If you, like me, have a new-found appreciation for the finer, more regal things in life, you'll be excited to hear that the Queen's Sandringham estate has launched a brand new gin in time for Christmas.

Sandringham Gin is distilled at a barn at Her Majesty's much-loved country 60-acre estate in Norfolk. For the budding gin-connoisseurs amongst us, the "full-bodied" gin is said to have a rich juniper tone and a lingering citrus finish.

The small batch is distilled with "foliage from myrtle plants" and the distinctive Sharon Fruit, which is grown on the Sandringham estate, and both ingredients have a Royal significance.

On the website, it explains that Sharon Fruit "is grown in the Walled Garden on a sheltered wall at the end of what was a range of glasshouses, built on the winnings of the famous racehorse, Persimmon, owned by King Edward VII.

It also adds that myrtle plants "originated from a cutting taken from Princess Alexandra’s wedding bouquet on her marriage to Prince Albert Edward, who later became King Edward VII and Queen Alexandra."

It's not the first time the palace has tempted us to a gin tipple. They launched the Buckingham Palace premium small-batch London dry gin during the summer with ingredients including lemon verbena, hawthorn berries, bay leaves, and mulberry leaves.

You can purchase the Sandringham Gin £50 bottle (50cl) from the Sandringham online store, and following lockdown, from The Gift shop. They warn that delivery "may take up to two weeks due to small-batch distilling" so I wouldn't waste any time. There's also a click and collect option.