The Spice Bus Is Available For Holidays On Airbnb

But it looks a little different to how it did on screen.

Are you ready to spice up your life? There are many ways to show your devotion as a Spice Girls fan. An epic playlist, a house full of memorabilia, dressing up in a Geri-style Union Jack dress, getting up at the crack of dawn to ensure you get tickets to any and all live shows. But now, twenty five years since the group unleashed their debut song Wannabe onto the world, you can show your devotion and fandom in an even bigger way and live your '90s dream — you can stay in the Spice Bus from the Spice World movie.

How can you get this chance of a lifetime? Airbnb, of course. The Spice Bus — complete with the Union Jack paint job and 90s “Girl Power”interior decor — has somehow ended up in the Isle of Wight, stationed overlooking the picturesque River Medina marina.

It's a double-decker bus, so it sits over two floors and can accommodate up to three guests. There's even a dressing area, although there aren't any bathroom or kitchen facilities on the actual bus — but they will be setting up temporary bathroom facilities right outside the bus, decked out with fancy toiletries and all.

The inside of the bus is Spice Girl-themed all the way and its “super fan” hosts say they’ve included as many little touches as possible inspired by the girls and their music, ‘to make the inside just as iconic as the outside.’ “The driver’s seat remains at the front of the bus – sadly no Meatloaf!,” reads the listing.

The Spice Bus is currently available to book on Airbnb this Summer, however, available dates are selling up fast given the Spice Girls are currently celebrating twenty-five years of, well, being epic. And a nostalgic trip down memory lane doesn’t come cheap, to book one of the remaining dates this August would cost £220 for the night.

"This is the original Spice Bus that fans will know and love from the movie Spice World but with an interior makeover," the listing reads. "Working with some incredible designers, we’ve turned it into accommodation so you can stay the night and live out every fan’s wildest dreams. This is the first time the bus has ever been available to stay on." And it's safe to say that fans have turned up for it.

“​​Fulfilled our expectations. Had a great time and got some amazing pictures. Great location too,” said one past guest this month, meanwhile others have raved about the amazing photo opportunities.

The Spice Bus first turned up on AirBnB in 2019, and had temporarily parked up in Wembley during the Summer. Interest for the bus has been reignited, as the girl group celebrate 25 years of Wannabe. As Bustle (excitedly) reported, the band have released a special edition of the single this month, and there’s been talks of other new projects including live shows post-pandemic.

Meanwhile, the Spice Bus is a great opportunity to relive THE best cinematic experiences in modern history, in my opinion. There's only one thing left to do — decide if you want it. If you really, really want it. Zig-a-zig-ah.