These Cheap Home Upgrades Are Actually Super Impressive

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I love that feeling when I clean up even just a little bit and light a candle that’s in a beautiful jar. Even my house isn’t perfectly clean (and it’s definitely not organized) — there’s something about lighting that candle that makes my place look and feel impressive. That’s why I’ve found all of the cheap home upgrades, like a cute candle, that will make your home feel more impressive without actually having to clean up or do a major remodel.

So, why not start with the vegan soy wax candle on this list? First, it’s vanilla cake scented (instant yes), has that beautiful jar I mentioned, and the gold lid is sealable. It also comes in other sweet and savory scents like spicy amber or a chili and mango scent. What else is super impressive? There’s a plug-in pendant light with a seeded glass cover that gives the pendant a chic bubble texture.

If you’re throwing a dinner party, there’s an easy and pretty much universal jar opener that hides under your kitchen cabinet. Plus, you’ll really impress everyone with LED smart lightbulbs that listen to and change with your music while your friends wait for dinner.

Keep all of the things on this list around the house for whenever you want a quick boost of, “wow, my house is impressive.” I promise you won’t even have to clean or organize to get those instant impressive vibes.


These Simple Flat Cabinet Knobs To Replace Your Dated Rounded Ones

You’ll get an easy entire cabinet makeover kit with this 10-pack of simple cabinet knobs because they come with two screw sizes for each knob (to work with the thickness of your cabinet). They’re perfect for swapping out your retro rounded knobs because they have an updated flat face that’s fingerprint-proof. Plus, they’re made of rust-resistant solid metal zinc alloy.


These BPA-Free Stove Gap Covers That’ll Ensure An Extra-Clean Kitchen

Stop trying to stick a washcloth between the stove and countertop to clean your spills with these heat-resistant stove gap covers. This two-pack is BPA-free which is always a good thing in the kitchen. They’re also stain and smudge-resistant. Plus, each one is a trimmable 21 inches. I promise, your kitchen is going to be extra-clean.


This Large Woven Basket That Also Comes In A Smaller Three-Pack

This cotton woven basket is complete with adorable knotted handles, and it comes in an oversized option or a matching pack of three smaller baskets. The woven design has a soft rope style that makes it easy to wash, reshape, or even fold the entire basket for storage. It comes in five two-tone color options, including a striped pastel pink.


A Cake-Scented Natural Soy Candle With A Sealable Gold Lid

Each of these natural vegan soy candles comes in a stunning glass container, including a deep amber and a glossy emerald green. The sugary and savory scents include vanilla cake, chili and mango, spicy amber, and more. They burn for around 75 hours of impressive vibes. Plus, the sealable gold lid has an adorable knob on top.


A Plugin Glass Pendant Light With A Power Switch & Bubble Accents

This hanging pendant light with silver accents has a seeded glass cover which simply means it has elevated bubble accents in the glass. It comes with ceiling hooks and anchors. Once it’s hanging, all you have to do is plug it in and control it with the power switch on the 15-foot cord.


A Dryer-Ready Fleece Blanket With Extra-Reinforced Stitching

This 100% premium microfiber polyester fleece blanket has extra-reinforced stitching, and that means it’s totally okay in the dryer (on low, of course). The listing even shows a few of the colors in five different lighting conditions which is super helpful. This machine-washable, lightweight blanket also comes in five sizes, including a twin-bed option.


A Drawer Organizer With Drawer Grips & Four Color Options

The little slip-resistant drawer grips on the bottom of this bamboo kitchen drawer organizer keep the entire organizer in place. It’s complete with seven compartments (five utensil slots and two extra-deep ones). The bamboo makes this drawer insert odor- and water-resistant. Plus, it comes in natural bamboo and three painted bamboo options, including black, white, and gray.


A Rotating Jewelry Box With Four Stacked Compartments

Rotate each of the four stacked compartments 360 degrees to grab your super organized jewelry with this non-toxic plastic rotating jewelry organizer. It has a matte finish, and each layer is lined with removable and non-woven fabric. Plus, this 4-inch stacked organizer comes in black, white, green, or pink.


A Pack Of Sealable Nesting Bowls With A Handy Extra-Small Bowl

These BPA-free polypropylene ombre nesting bowls come in a six-pack with lids and a super handy extra-small bowl. The largest bowl holds 5.80 quarts. But the smallest bowl is something you’ll surprisingly grab all the time for leftover fruit or save-worthy sauce. Plus, the lids are transparent, which is always helpful in the kitchen. You can buy these in one of 13 different color packs.


A Cordless LED Stick-On Mirror That’s Travel-Ready

This cordless suction cup LED mirror with 10X magnification has a reflective layer on top of the light ring to soften it. The mirror rotates 360 degrees and has a simple power button on the front. That way, you don’t have to fumble to find a hidden switch. Plus, it’s super portable (just twist the base to pop it off the wall).


This Padded & Anti-Slip Foot Stool With A Linen Finish

This little linen-covered footstool is like a smaller version of an elevated ottoman specifically designed to prop up your feet. It has extra-comfy padding on top. Plus, the fabric on top comes in a few faux-leather color options. The short, high-quality pine wood legs can hold up to 220 pounds, and they're complete with non-slip pads.


These Dual-Hook Shower Curtain Hangers With Beads That Stay In Place

These ABS plastic dual-hook shower curtain hangers are always an easier option than the single-hook style. They’re complete with beaded accents on top that won’t slide because they have a notched design to secure them. They’ll also last a while because they won’t rust like metal ones. They still come in a nickel-finish option that looks like metal.


This Electric Wine Opening Kit That’ll Make You Feel Like A Sommelier

This electric bottle opener kit looks super nice all together next to your bottles because all of the accessories match the opener. It comes with a foil cutter, a transparent pouring spout, and even two vacuum-sealed reusable corks. The opener has a glossy swirl design. Plus, it only needs four AA batteries (not included).


A Rollable Sink Dish Rack With Extra-Thick Silicone Grippers

The silicone end covers on this rollable sink dish rack are made of extra thick and wide grippy silicone. That means they’re sure to securely sit on the edge of your sink. The anti-rust stainless steel tubes are heat-resistant up to 400 degrees. They’re also oil-resistant if you’re resting food and there’s a spill.


A Glass Bead-Filled Weighted Blanket With Duvet Attaching Ties

If you want a weighted duvet, this weighted blanket filled with non-toxic glass beads has ties to attach it inside a duvet cover. It’s machine-washable and covered in super-soft Minky fleece. Plus, the reinforced stitches and the smaller bead pockets keep all of the glass beads tucked inside.


This Universal Lid Opener That Hides Under Your Kitchen Cabinet

You won’t have to pull out this ABS plastic lid opener when you need it because it hides underneath your cabinets using industrial-grade adhesive and three screws. It has a v-shape opener slot to fit smaller bottle caps (it’s almost universal). Plus, it’s lined with carbon steel serrated grippers to hold onto the lid.


These LED Built-In Mic Lightbulbs That Sync With Your Party Music

There's a hidden and super sensitive built-in mic in each of the app-controlled LED lightbulbs in this two-pack. Why? Because the bulbs listen and sync up with your music (you can, of course, turn this setting on and off). It has 16 million color options, and even the warmth of the light is super adjustable.


A Simple Curved Glass Set With 16 Pieces & Two Sizes

Revamp your glass collection (especially if it’s all mismatched) with this huge dishwasher-safe 16-piece glass set that’s under $40. This pack comes with 8 and 16-ounce glasses that are all lead-free. Plus, they have a sophisticated curved base, which means the small ones can totally pass for wine glasses.


A Cable-Managing Monitor Stand With A Shallow Phone Slot

The phone slot on this wood computer monitor stand is super shallow, so you can use your entire screen (plus, it has a place for your charging cord, of course). It comes with an adhesive cord organizer so you can tuck your cords on whichever side works best. The bottom is also complete with non-slip feet, of course.


A Calming Spray That’ll Help You Refresh Both Linens And Bedrooms

Even when your sheets are freshly washed, sometimes it can be hard to go to sleep. Luckily, this lavender and chamomile spray is here to help. Asutra’s spray isn’t just for linens — you can also use it to help lightly deodorize bedrooms or bathrooms. If lavender isn’t your favorite scent, it’s available in many more, from Patchouli and Bergamot to Lemongrass and Jasmine.


These Machine-Washable Blackout Curtains With Silver Accents

These machine-washable blackout curtains have 1.6-inch grommets to slide easily (but they also add an elevated silver accent). They block cold or hot air, outside sounds, and of course, around 85% of light. They're also double-sided. So whatever fade-resistant color you choose, it's the same color on the back.


This Adjustable Broom Holder That Withstands Weather

This plastic broom and mop holder will withstand weather and extreme temperatures if you like keeping your cleaning supplies in the garage (or use it for baseball bats, shovels, rakes, and more). Each of the five rolling ball slots holds up to 7.5 pounds and adjusts to whatever you hang.


These Three-Tier Real-Wood Shelves With Farmhouse & Minimalist Options

Hang these real wood and iron floating shelves for either a farmhouse or simple minimalist look. If you’re going for simple, grab the gray and black or the all-white. There are also nine other colors. Each one is four inches deep, and they come in a pack with three different widths.


These Hanging Closet Fragrance Pouches With Colorful Floral Prints

If you want to create a bougie signature closet scent, grab a 12-pack of one scent in these hanging closet fragrance pouches. Or, try out the variety pack that includes all four of the floral scents. They’re complete with anti-leak Japanese paper and essential oils that release a stronger scent if you shake the pouch.


A Serious Cable Management Pack For Every Single Cord

If you’re serious about getting every single cord organized, this cable management kit comes with three white and wood grain management boxes, five types of cable clips, and colorful cord velcro strips. The boxes have non-slip feet, openings on both sides to slide your cords through. It’s a good way to help pets and young children avoid accidents by tripping over or chewing on your electrical cords.


This Bidet Toilet Attachment With A Faux-Marble Option

This bidet toilet attachment is complete with simple to use knobs and a colorful cover that comes in gray, lavender, navy, and even a marble pattern. It has a universal fit and dual adjustable pressure nozzles. Plus, it’s made with ultrasonic welding, so there aren’t any screws, and it won’t leak on your tile.


A Classy Wall-Mounted Metal File Organizer With An Extra Shelf

Honestly, displaying your magazines in this hanging metal file organizer is super chic if you don’t want your files on display. It has an extra shelf at the bottom, and it comes in silver, rose gold, or gold styles. There are also five rectangular spots (one on each level) to stick on a label.


This Pack Of Fabric Bins With A Super Structured Base

These best-selling cotton-blend storage bins have a super structured bottom with a fiberboard and foam base but don’t worry — they’re still collapsible. You can spot clean them, and a few of the 25 styles and color options come with a transparent spot for labeling. Plus, all of the styles come with tie-on labeling tags.


A Waterproof Lined Rolling Laundry Hamper With Separate Bags

Keep this rollable hamper’s three flexible baskets in different rooms, and then hang them side by side on the metal frame to roll them into your laundry room. Each removable bag has a waterproof lining and carrying handles. Plus, you can lock all of the wheels to load the washer.


This Adhesive Backsplash With Blue & Brown Stone-Like Patterns

This 3D vinyl adhesive backsplash has hints of muted blue and terrazzo-like accents. Its stone-like texture also comes in two shades of brown and a deep blue with marble details. They’re heat- and humidity-resistant, and each adhesive square is super large at 12 inches by 12 inches, so you don’t have to buy as many. It’s available in four different yet equally colorful styles.


A Cast Iron Skillet With Eight Sizes & A Silicone Handle Grabber

This ready-to-go cast-iron skillet is pre-seasoned and comes in eight size options, including a miniature 3.5-inch skillet to make the perfect single fried egg. The material and seasoning create even heat while you cook, and that single fried egg will release super easily. Plus, there are two silicone protective handle holder styles to choose from.


A Round Rug With Almost 2 Inches Of Fluffy Fabric

The fluff on top of this polyester-blend round rug is 1.7 inches tall, so it’s super plush, but you can still run a vacuum over it. It has a non-slip rubber backing, of course, and comes in 16 colors and three sizes. You could even cover your living room in plushness with the 6-foot option.


This Five-Tier Corner Shelf That’s Easy To Rearrange

This floating corner shelf is designed to zig-zag its way up the corner of your wall, but you can actually arrange (or rearrange) the separate pieces any way you want with the included hardware. It’s also made of laminate medium-density fiberboard that’s strong enough to hold up to 11 pounds.


A Pack Of Metal Straws That Come With Their Own Adorable Carrying Case

The natural cotton carrying bag that comes with this stainless steel straw pack is printed with an adorable illustration to admire while you sip. This BPA-free and dishwasher-safe 12-pack includes four straw sizes, two styles, and two nylon brushes. You’re bound to have these for a long time, as the 18/8 stainless steel won’t get bent out of shape or scratch.


This Extra-Tall Shoe Rack With Four Transparent Side Pockets

This extra-tall metal shoe organizing rack with six shelves also has four transparent pockets on the side for when you fill up the shelves but want to buy more shoes (it's inevitable). It can hold around 18 to 34 shoes and all of your shoes get to hang out on the washable polyester-blend fabric shelves.


A Magnetic Knife Bar That You Don't Have To Mount

If mounting something to your kitchen wall sounds terrible, this stainless steel magnetic knife bar can also stick onto your fridge with ease. It has a satin finish to go with your stainless steel appliances, and it comes in 12-, 16-, and an extra-long 24-inch option to fit all of your knives. If you don’t use a lot of knives, it’s also a fantastic way to store tools.


This Silent Mini Humidifier That Looks Like A Raindrop

The transparent raindrop-shaped top and all of the other parts of this mini humidifier are BPA-free and non-toxic. It's best in rooms up to 175 square feet for 10 hours at a time, and it even comes with a little cleaning brush. Plus, you can have a glowing raindrop nightlight with the soft blue light option. What’s not to love?


A Set Of Foldable Grocery Bags With A Vintage Paisley Print

Having matching reusable bags at the grocery store makes me feel seriously put together, and this set of three foldable grocery bags is complete with a vintage paisley print. You won’t have to worry about carrying these sturdy bottom bags with their long handles or shorter side handles, because they’re all reinforced with metal rivets.


A Pack Of Four Smart Plugs That Don’t Need An Extra Subscription

This pack of four smart plugs works with Alexa and Google Home, but if you don’t have either, I promise you won’t have to buy another subscription or device. How? These plugs with timer settings only need wifi and the free app to do the basic functions, like turning them on and off to save energy. That makes them a great starter smart plug if you’ve never used them before.


A String Of Vintage-Style Waterproof Lights With Extra Bulbs

This UL-certified string of vintage-style outdoor lights is fully waterproof, and each string comes with two extra 1.5-inch incandescent bulbs. They come in three length options and five colors, including two rainbow bulb styles. If you don't want to go that colorful, there are two plain bulb options with simple black or white cords.


This Bagel Slicer With Acrylic Safety Accents

The transparent acrylic sides of this bagel slicer and the handle that’s far away from the stainless steel make it extra-safe. The unique triangle blade is also Xylan-coated, non-stick, has serrated edges, and the frame automatically lines everything up to cut. Plus, the dishwasher-safe plastic frame comes in four colors and is reinforced with brass rivets. Aside from being safer, this gadget is also much easier to use than a standard bread knife.


A Multi-Use Silicone Kitchen Tray With A Zig-Zag Grip

Food-grade silicone is dishwasher-safe, which makes this zig-zag kitchen tray so versatile. Go ahead and let plant pots drain, dishes dry, or soap bottles drip into the zig-zag grips while you avoid getting water on your counter. Each little rectangle is heat-resistant up to 450 degrees. You can buy it in one of nine colors.


This 12-Pack Of Food Containers With Side Locking Lids

The four locking clips on the lids of these 15 airtight food containers make your pantry setup seriously spill-proof (especially if you drop one). They come with four dishwasher-safe sizes, and the included labels are even reusable, so you don’t have to grab new ones if you buy an out-of-the-ordinary chip flavor.

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