These Clever Products Under $25 Are So Popular Amazon Can Barely Keep Them In Stock

From anti-slip velvet hangers to champagne flutes that won’t shatter, you’ll want to act fast here.

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Take a look around any brick-and-mortar store, and it probably won’t be too hard to find empty shelves. Retail shops have a limited amount of space available — so once an item is out of stock, it likely won’t be back until the next delivery arrives. Amazon, however, has tons of distribution centers that are filled with clever products — so if Amazon has trouble keeping some of these items in stock, you know they’re absolutely worth the money.

With that in mind, I’ve made sure to select only the most clever, useful products to feature in this list — like containers specially made for bacon grease and mineral oils to help keep your cutting boards from splitting. The only downside? You’ll have to act fast — because, like I said, Amazon is having trouble keeping these items in stock.


The Cable Wrap That’s Made For Your Stand Mixer

Designed to work with nearly any stand mixer, these cable wraps help you keep all those wires neatly tucked away instead of sprawled out when in storage. The adhesive backing makes it easy to stick them onto your machine — and if you don’t have a stand mixer, you can still use them with a variety of other appliances.


This Mineral Oil That Can Help Keep Your Cutting Boards From Splitting

Wooden cutting boards can dry out over time, leading to splits and cracks. That’s why it’s always a good idea to keep this mineral oil on hand. Not only can it help preserve your cutting boards, but you can also use it to help restore knives, steel surfaces, wooden furniture, and more.


This Container That Holds Onto Bacon Grease Until You Need It

Cooking with bacon grease can add loads of flavor to any meal, so why not keep all your drippings inside of this container? The built-in strainer helps remove any little burnt bits so that you’re left with nothing but grease — and since the whole container is made from stainless steel, there’s no need to even think about rust.


This Gripper That Keeps Your Razor High & Dry In The Shower

You don’t let your razor sit in a puddle shower water; instead, keep it high and dry inside of this gripper. Its arms are flexible so that they’ll automatically adjust to fit handles of nearly any shape or size, while the suction cup on the back easily grips onto tile or glass walls.


A Shoe Horn Made With Seriously Durable Metal

Unlike some shoe horns, this one is made from tough metal that shouldn’t crack, bend, or break when wedged between your foot and your shoe. It’s small enough to take with you when traveling, as it easily fits inside your purse or suitcase — and the loophole on the handle means you can hang it up when you’re not using it.


A Tiki Toss Game That’s Fun For The Whole Family

Looking for a fun backyard game that the whole family can enjoy? Search no further than this Tiki Toss game. Simply pull the ring back, then let it swing forward — if it lands on the hook, you’re automatically the winner. And if it doesn’t? Just take a few extra steps forwards or backwards to adjust the swing, then take turns trying again.


These Drawers You Can Add To Tables & Shelves

Need a little extra storage space? Not a problem when you’ve got these drawers. They stick to the undersides of tables and shelves, giving you more room to store office supplies, electronics, and more. And since they come with sticky adhesive, zero tools are needed for installation.


The Gadget That Slices Grapes For You

Instead of wasting time cutting up grapes, why not let this slicer do the work for you? Its serrated blade cuts grapes into quarters with a simple press on the plunger, and each order comes with a protective blade cover for storage. Once finished preparing grapes, it also dissembles for easy cleaning.


These Silicone Lids That Stretch To Fit Your Containers

Instead of wasting money on plastic wrap, why not use these stretchy silicone lids to package leftovers? Each order includes a variety of sizes so that you can use them with everything from small cans to larger pieces of cookware — and you can even use them to save halved fruit for later.


The Pastry Brush Made With Silicone Bristles

Whereas some pastry brushes are made with bristles that can shed into your meals, this one features silicone bristles that won’t shake loose. They’re also odor-, stain-, as well as heat-resistant up to 446 degrees Fahrenheit — and the ergonomic handle is designed to fit comfortably regardless of which hand you’re using.


A Spoon Rest That’s Just Plain Cute

Still putting your dirty stirrers on a folded paper towel? Take this as a sign it’s time to upgrade to this cute spoon rest. It’s made from thick ceramic — so there’s no need to worry about it melting when placed next to the stove — and it’s large enough to hold everything from small spoons to bulky ladles.


This Soft, Absorbent Towel That’s Easy To Take With You

Whether you’re hitting the gym or the pool, this towel is a companion you’ll want to have with you. It folds down into a compact travel bag for easy packing, making it a must-have for camping — and it’s even made from incredibly soft microfiber.


These Yoga Blocks That Cover All The Bases

Stretching, balancing, meditating — these yoga blocks are an affordable way to bring your local yoga studio home. They’re moisture-resistant as well as nonslip, making them perfect for heated workouts. Plus, each one is also made from 100% nontoxic EVA foam.


A Pair Of Silicone Oven Mitts That Help You Grip Hot Pans

With textured nonslip silicone palms, these oven mitts help you keep a firm grip on hot pots and pans while you’re cooking. They’re both heat- and steam-resistant, and you also get two trivets included with each order. They even have a 4.8-star review and are available in six shades.


The Leakproof Food Containers That Help Keep Meals Fresh

With tough airtight lids, these storage containers are perfect for keeping last night’s leftovers fresh until you’re ready to finish them. The lids are also leakproof, making them suitable for liquids or soups — and the ergonomic design makes it easy to stack them on top of each other in your fridge.


A Napkin Holder With A Rustic Farmhouse Touch

Need somewhere to stash your napkins? Look no further than this farmhouse-style holder. It’s made from tough stainless steel with a powder-coated finish to help keep rust to a minimum. Plus, the rustic touch pairs effortlessly with nearly any decor you’ve likely already got in your kitchen.


This Glass Loaf Pan That’s Made With Easy-Grip Handles

This baking pan is designed with handles on either side so that it’s easier to pull out of the oven. Each order also includes airtight lids so that it’s easy to keep your meals fresh for later. But if that isn’t enough? One reviewer even wrote that they “worked like a breeze” when baking bread.


These Velvet-Lined Hangers That Help Keep Clothes From Sliding Off

Tired of finding that your clothes have slipped off your hangers? Make the switch to these velvet-coated ones. The velvet adds friction to help keep your clothes from sliding away, and the hook even swivels 360 degrees so that you can easily make sure all your garments are facing the same direction. Choose from seven colors, including a gorgeous shade of purple.


A Fashionable Container For All Your Wine Corks

If you like to hold onto your wine corks after you’ve finished the bottle, why not put them on display inside of this charming holder? It’s large enough to hold up to 50 corks of any shape or size, and the sturdy metal base keeps it from tipping over when full. Put it on your bar as decor, or even use it as part of a centerpiece on your dining table.


This Bartending Kit That Comes With A Chic Bamboo Stand

You don’t have to go out and spend money to enjoy a quality cocktail — save yourself a few dollars by using this bartending kit in the comfort of your own home. Each kit comes with a shaker, stirring spoon, strainer, and more. All the pieces are made from stainless steel, and you even get a chic bamboo stand included with every order.


These Comfortable Socks With Nonslip Grips On The Bottoms

Let these grippy socks help keep you from slipping around on hardwood floors and tile. Small grip dots on the bottom give you added traction when walking across smooth surfaces. They’re also suitable for pilates or yoga, pilates, or any other workout class that requires firm footing.

  • Available sizes: Small — X-Large


A Silicone Popcorn Popper That Collapses For Easy Storage

If you have a bulky air popper that’s cluttering up your cabinets, you might want to check out this microwaveable version. The built-in handles make it easy to take out of the microwave when hot, and it’s large enough to make up to 15 cups of popcorn at a time. The best part? It collapses down to a fraction of its size when it’s time to stash it away.


The Jar That’s Designed Specially For Honey

Not all containers are made for honey — but this jar features a glass dipper that helps prevent drips as you transfer honey from the jar to your plate. It’s great for helping keep mess to a minimum, as well as large enough to hold nearly an entire pound of honey.


These Champagne Flutes That Shouldn’t Break When Dropped

Made from shatterproof crystal, these champagne flutes shouldn’t break when dropped. The rounded rims allow for easy sipping, while the stemless design gives them a chic look that’s perfect for weddings, cocktail parties, catering, and more. They’re also BPA-free, reusable, as well as disposable.


The Gripper Pads That Help Keep Your Furniture From Sliding Around

Beds, tables, chairs — these gripper pads can help keep all of them from sliding around your floors. There’s no nails or glue required, as each one is backed with sticky adhesive for easy installation. Plus, you can even trim them to fit your furniture legs as needed.


A Weatherproof Doormat That’s Made To Last

With its tough weatherproof design, this doormat is made to last through every season. The nonslip backing helps keep it in place while you scrape your feet across the top — and since it has a super-low profile, you won’t have to worry about your door snagging when it swings open.


These Furniture Risers That Can Hold Up To 10,000 Pounds

These furniture risers are able to hold up to 10,000 pounds with ease. They’re shaped to work with most furniture legs, and you can also stack them on top of each other for even more height. Choose from three colors: black, white, or brown.


The Clear Refrigerator Bins That Help You Stay Organized

Fruits, eggs, condiments, soda cans — these bins are perfect for all the stuff you’ve got haphazardly stuffed inside your fridge. They’re BPA-free as well as shatterproof, and they can even help you maximize space. Plus, the transparent plastic makes it easy to see what’s inside without having to pull them out.


A Step Stool That Folds Down For Easy Storage

Don’t have enough room to leave a step stool kicking around the kitchen or bathroom? Not a problem when you’ve got this collapsible one. It’s able to hold up to 300 pounds and features nonslip dots on the top to help keep you stable. Plus, the handles on every side allow for easy carrying.


This Bed Tray Made From 100% Bamboo

Unlike some bed trays, this one is made from 100% natural bamboo wood — not plastic. Collapsible legs make it easy to slide underneath your bed, while the lip running around the edge helps keep items from sliding off when you shift position. Plus, it even features handles on either side to help you carry it around the house.


These Finger Chopsticks That Are Easy To Use

These chopsticks are connected and only require you to squeeze your fingers together in order to pick food up. They’re also perfect for snacking while you work, as they help keep your hands clean while still allowing you to type. Choose from five different colors.


A Grocery Bag Carrier That Lets You Hang Them On Your Shoulder

Loop your grocery bags into this carrier, and it’ll let you sling them over your shoulder so that it’s easier to carry them. Or, if you’d prefer to carry them in your hands instead of on your shoulder, you can also use it as a comfortable grip so that the handles don’t dig into your palms. Plus, it can support up to 80 pounds.


The Key Organizer That Hangs Underneath Outlet Plates

Add this organizer underneath the outlet plate near your front door, and you’ll always have a convenient place to hang your keys when you come home. There’s zero drilling required for installation, and it’s even backed with soft foam to help prevent scratches on your walls. Choose from two colors: black or white.


A Magnetic Tray That Holds Onto Your Bobby Pins

If you’ve got bobby pins strewn across your vanity, this magnetic tray can help you tidy your space up. The strong magnet on the inside holds onto all your metal pins, barrettes, clips, and more. Plus, it even keeps them lined up neatly so that it’s easy to grab one when needed.


This Outlet Cover & Cord Concealer To Hide Tangled Messes

Most power strips have bulky plugs that stick out from the wall — but not this one. With this best-selling Sleek Socket kit, you get a thin outlet cover as well as a cord concealer so unsightly tangles stay out of sight. The cord concealer comes with adhesive to stick to the wall, and fans rave about how easy it is to install.


A Helpful Motion-Activated Light That Installs Underneath Your Bed

Next time you have to get out of bed at night, let this under-the-bed light help guide your way through the dark. The motion-activated sensor only lets it turn on when you get up, while the adjustable timer means it’ll turn itself off without you needing to press anything.


A Rubber Tap Head That Turns Sinks Into Water Fountains

Add this cover to your sink faucet, and it’ll redirect the stream of water upwards so that you can sip from it like a water fountain. It’s made from tough rubber that shouldn’t affect the flavor of your water, and you can easily twist it around to point in any direction that works best for you.


These Tabs That Help You Pop Open Canned Drinks

Popping open a soda or beer can could lead to a ruined manicure, and that’s why these tabs are total game-changers. Not only are they great for protecting your nails, but the various colors also help you keep track of whose can is whose. The best part? You can also slide them around to cover up the hole, keeping your drinks protected from bugs.


A Divider That Helps Keep Food On Your Plate Separated

If you prefer to keep all the foods on your plate separated, this divider is a must-have. The bottom suctions to your plates so that it stays in place — and the larger one is big enough to contain up to a half cup of food. Use it on plates, high chairs, tables, and more.


This Motion Sensor Switch That Can Help You Save On The Electric Bill

Always forgetting to turn your lights off? Add this motion sensor switch to every room in your home. It’ll automatically turn your lights on when you’re around, as well as turn them off after you’ve left. It can also detect daylight so that your lights don’t turn on during the day — and there are even dozens of colors to choose from.


A Coaster That’s Made For Your Sofa Arms

Place this coaster on your sofa, and you’ll always have a convenient place to rest your drinks between sips. Its ergonomic design is made to work with nearly any sofa or couch, as well as mugs, cups, tumblers, and more. Plus, the tacky base helps keep it from sliding off.


The Handle That Keeps Your Hands Clear From Toilet Seats

Not a fan of touching the toilet seat when you need to flip it up? Just add this handle to the side of the seat, and you’ll always have a separate spot to grip onto. Each order comes with sticky 3M adhesive for easy installation, and it’s designed to fit nearly any toilet seat with a flat bottom.


A Wireless Charger That Also Props Your Phone Up

Unlike some wireless chargers, this one props up your phone so that you can easily see when you get a text or even watch a video as it’s charging. It’s designed to work with any Qi-enabled smartphone, and it’s so versatile that you can place your phone on it horizontally as well as vertically.


This Bowl That Helps Keep Your Cereal Crunchy

Tired of your cereal becoming soggy before you’re able to finish it? Make sure to check out this bowl. It’s divided into two halves: one for milk, and the other for cereal. Simply dip your spoon into the cereal side, then dunk it into milk for a deliciously crunchy mouthful.


A Container That Helps Protect Bread From Getting Squished

It’s almost too easy to wind up with a squished loaf of bread, so why not keep it inside of this protective container? Not only does it help keep your loaf safe from getting smushed, but you can also pull the bread bag back and over the outside so that it dispenses one slice at a time when pulled.

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