These Clever Things On Amazon Make Your Backyard Look Better With Almost No Effort

Get ready to have an oasis just on the other side of your back door.

Written by Julie Peck
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These Clever Things On Amazon Make Your Backyard Look Better With Almost No Effort
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When you look at your backyard, the deep sigh it elicits shouldn’t be one of aggravation over all the things you need to do — it should be a sigh of contentment from looking at the oasis that’s waiting for you just outside your door. If you need a little help getting from point A to point B, don’t worry, because these clever things on Amazon can make your backyard look better with minimal effort on your part. From outdoor lighting solutions, to ideas for upgrading your patio dining setup, these genius finds will make you wonder why you waited so long to get the transformation underway.


This Sail Shade That Blocks 95% Of UV rays

When you need a little break from the sunshine — and the heat that comes with it — this giant sail shade blocks 95% of UV rays. The rectangle-shaped sail has curved sides to prevent drooping, and can be attached to trees, roof overhangs, or posts with the included stainless steel D-rings and ropes. Choose from a handful of colors and a wide range of sizes.

  • Available sizes: 6
  • Available colors: 13


The Bug Zapper That Has A Huge Coverage Range

If mosquitos and other pesky insects are bugging you to pieces, this bug zapper will help keep the peace. The lamp emits a blue light that attracts all kinds of flying insects, and the internal power-mesh trap works to eradicate them. Water-resistant, the lamp operates silently and has an impressive coverage range of 1,500 square feet.


A Plant Stand That Lets You Proudly Show Off Your Greenery

Crafted from natural eucalyptus wood, this plant stand is the perfect display unit for potted greenery and decor items, but it even works as storage for gardening supplies. Stable enough to hold a number of heavy plants, it assembles easily without screws or nails using the included mallet. Besides this eight-tier option, you can choose from a variety of other sizes and configurations.

  • Available styles: 9


This Genius Tablecloth That Fits Around Your Patio Umbrella

Add some flair to your next outdoor meal with this tablecloth that has a cutout designed to fit around your patio umbrella pole. Crafted from stain resistant, wrinkle-free polyester, it’s the perfect fabric for outdoor dining, and the zipper makes it easy to put it on and take it off. It cleans up easily right in your machine.

  • Available sizes: 4
  • Available colors: 8


These Deck Lights That Add Illumination & Safety

With a low-profile design, these deck lights operate on solar power and are super easy to install with the included hardware. The weather-resistant lights switch on automatically when it gets dark, and turn off at sunrise, and they’re ideal for stairs, railings, and fences. A color-changing set is available in addition to this one that offers warm white light.

  • Available styles: 2


These Whimsical Solar Lights You Can Install In Seconds

These whimsical solar lights only take seconds to install because you simply stick them in potted plants, your yard, or garden. They’re made with flexible wires, so the cozy, warm white lights will float and sway around in the wind. They’re also solar-powered, so these magical little lights require zero upkeep from you.


These Solar Pathway Lights That Add Elegance To Your Landscape

With a leafy, ornamental design, these pathway lights truly elevate your landscape while illuminating your driveway or sidewalk. Designed to come on automatically at dusk and turn off again at sunrise, they stake right into the ground — no complicated wiring required. They’re waterproof and constructed to stand up to the elements.


A Solid Acacia Planter Ideal For Succulents, Herbs & Flowers

Crafted from solid acacia wood, this planter has a natural, timeless aesthetic that’ll complement anything you plant inside it. Ideal for succulents, a small collection of flowers, or even a batch of herbs, it’s lightweight enough to move in and out of the sun, and has a built-in drainage hole to prevent soggy soil and root rot.


This Utensil Organizer That’s Perfect For Your Patio Table

When you’re dining al fresco, it can be hard to keep all your utensils and other accessories organized, but this caddy does the job. Made from powder-coated metal mesh, it has six compartments that are great for sorting utensils, cups, napkins, and more. The built-in handle makes it easy to tote from the kitchen to the patio table.

  • Available finishes: 3


This Solar Light That Gives Your Yard A Mystical Touch

Boasting an Art Deco aesthetic, this garden light adds a whimsical highlight to your yard. The bronze crescent moon cups a pearl light, which shines through the delicate cutout pattern. Solar-powered, the light illuminates automatically at dusk, and turns off when day comes again. Just stake it into the ground wherever you want to add a magical touch to your outdoor space.


An Instant Screen Door That’s Magnetic For Easy Access

When you’re carrying a big tray of burgers out to the deck, it’s hard to wrestle with the door — this magnetic screen door is the solution to that problem. It can be hung in any doorway to create a makeshift “screen door,” and features a magnetic closure, so it opens and closes without you having to use your hands. Plus, it’s a perfect way to create extra airflow (while blocking pests) when you don’t have a regular screen door. It installs easily with double-sided hooks and loops.


The Outdoor Area Rug That Adds Style To Your Patio

Crafted from durable and water-resistant polypropylene, this outdoor mat will turn your patio into an open-air living room. The edges are heat-treated to prevent fraying, and a UV-protective coating works to keep the rug from fading. It comes in several shades, as well as a handful of sizes, so you can get one to fit your outdoor space perfectly.

  • Available sizes: 5
  • Available colors: 4


The Grill Mats That Cut Down On Post-Dinner Cleanup

These grill mats are your best friends when you’re barbecuing and don’t feel like doing any in-depth cleaning after — no burnt food on the grates here. Just as good, they keep small items like shrimp and asparagus from falling through the grates. Still, the mat is thin enough so that you still get those enviable grill marks. The PFOA-free mat is heat-resistant to 500 degrees Fahrenheit and can be cleaned in the dishwasher.


This 8-Pattern Garden Hose Nozzle That Makes Watering Easy

Watering your garden and your yard with a regular old hose can be a real pain, and even if you have a spray nozzle, your hand can get cramped fast. This spray nozzle makes watering so much easier: The ergonomic handle offers a comfortable grip, and the eight watering patterns — ranging from mist to jet — help you accomplish every task at hand. The connector fits all standard garden hoses.


These Shoes That Make Aerating The Yard A Walk In The Park

To keep your lawn healthy, it’s important to aerate it regularly. Instead of renting or buying an expensive machine, just strap on these shoes that have long, heavy-duty metal spikes that do the aerating while you walk. Each shoe has three adjustable buckles so you can get a custom, secure fit.


A Cover That Protects Your Grill From The Elements

Your grill likely cost a pretty penny — protect it with this cover that shields it from weather to extend its life. Made from heavy-duty, waterproof Oxford fabric, it has hook-and-loop fasteners that provides a secure fit. A unique air vent prevents condensation (which can cause rust) while also ensuring the cover won’t fly off when the wind kicks up.

  • Available sizes: 3
  • Available colors: 5


The Side Table That Comes In More Than A Dozen Fun Colors

If you just don’t have a place to put your drink and your magazine when you’re out on the patio, this side table is just right. Made from sturdy steel, it’s powder coated to resist both corrosion and the elements, and can hold up to 50 pounds. It measures 17 inches across — so it’s roomy enough for a few items but doesn’t take up too much space — and comes in fun colors like rose, mint green, and bright red.

  • Available colors and styles: 20


This Ring Toss Game That Provides Instant Outdoor Entertainment

Combining the best elements of ring toss and darts, this game is the addition your backyard party needs. It comes in three sizes, so you can decide how elaborate you want the game to be, and the rubber rings are safe to use around small children and pets. Setup is easy — just hang it right on the wall or on a tree in your yard.

  • Available sizes: 3


The Glass Pitcher That Fits Right In Your Refrigerator Door

When you’re whipping up some lemonade for dinner on the porch, this pitcher is the ideal vessel to mix it in. The 2-liter pitcher is made from durable Italian glass, and the BPA-free lid features a hermetic seal to ensure freshness. Plus, it’s designed to fit in your refrigerator door, so you can keep your beverage cold right up until it’s time to take it out to the table.


A Rust-Dissolving Spray That Restores Metal Surfaces

If your grill, gardening tools, or other outdoor surfaces are showing signs of rust and corrosion, use this rust dissolver that one reviewer called a “miracle.” The unique gel formulation doesn’t drip and is excellent at getting into cracks and crevices. Just as good, the spray helps guard against further corrosion for up to 12 months.


This Wind Chime That Creates A Relaxing Melody

Whether you’re chilling with a glass of iced tea or working in the yard, these wind chimes will help create a relaxing experience. Hand-tuned to E-major, the chimes are available in two sizes: The smaller option plays in the soprano range while the larger produces a rich alto sound. Choose from colors like black, copper and silver.

  • Available sizes: 2
  • Available colors: 6


A Brush That Makes Cleaning Even The Stickiest Grill Easy

This grill tool will save you tons of sweat and aggravation when it comes to cleaning any sticky, burnt messes. Supported by a sturdy stainless steel core, the tool features a scraper on one side and tough bristles on the other. The 15-inch acacia wood handle makes it easy to reach the back of the grill. When it’s good and dirty, you can throw it in the dishwasher for a cleaning.


The Drip Irrigation System For Gardens That’s Surprisingly Easy To Set Up

Whether you travel frequently or just have a hard time keeping up with watering the garden, this irrigation system is for you. It comes with everything you need to put together a simple drip irrigation system that can keep plants hydrated and happy. The kit includes 20 drippers, 75 feet of tubing, and a timer. This system can be used for anything from planter beds to hanging baskets, and reviewers rave about how easy it is to set up. (Just be sure to pick up a few AA batteries.)


This Rack That’s Ideal For Organizing Your Shed Or Garage

Get your long-handled yard tools organized with this utility rack that mounts easily to any wall with the included hardware. Holding up to 35 pounds, it has five spring-loaded slots for rakes, shovels, and brooms, and six flip-down hooks for gardening gloves, hats, and the like. It’s even weatherproof, so it’s suitable for mounting on your outdoor wall.

  • Available colors: 4


These Solar Lights That Look Like Otherworldly Flowers

For a touch of otherworldly decor in your backyard, get these gorgeous solar lights that look a cross between flowers and fountains. Each one features an umbrella of optical fibers that automatically illuminate at dusk and cycle through seven colors to create a light show. Just over 2 feet high, these water-resistant, solar-powered lights are easy to stake in the ground.


A Privacy Screen That Makes Your Deck A Secluded Retreat

This privacy screen is the ideal solution to make your deck or balcony the relaxing oasis that you’ve been seeking — especially if your neighbors’ windows look right onto your outdoor space. Although the screen provides great privacy, it’s still breathable so you don’t have to worry about blocking airflow. Featuring reinforced hems, the screen attaches via zip ties that you thread through its aluminum grommets. Choose from a collection of colors and sizes.

  • Available sizes: 5
  • Available colors: 11


The Insulated Wine Glasses That Keep Your Drinks At The Right Temp

Made from triple-insulated stainless steel, these unbreakable wine glasses are the perfect way to enjoy your favorite beverage — adult or otherwise — when you’re also enjoying the outdoors. The tumblers keep your hot drinks hot and your cold drinks cold, so you can sip rosé on a warm evening, or hot cocoa when it gets chilly. Each tumbler comes with a leakproof, BPA-free lid to guard against spills.

  • Available colors: 26


These Gardening Gloves That Are Extra Long To Protect You From Thorns

Gardening shouldn’t be painful, but some of the prettiest plants have the sharpest thorns — that’s why you need these long gardening gloves that reach past your wrists. Crafted from reinforced leather, they’re puncture-resistant, but soft and flexible for dexterity. A wide range of sizes ensures the right fit for most hands.

  • Available sizes: 5


An Herb Garden Kit With 12 Types Of Heirloom Seeds

Turn part of your yard into your own gourmet garden with these heirloom herb seeds that make it easy to grow a variety of herbs including parsley, cilantro, basil, and thyme. The kit includes 12 peat pellets to get you started, as well as step-by-step instructions, so you know the optimal time to plant and the best way to harvest.


These Curtains That Turn Your Deck Into A Real Outdoor Living Space

Make your deck or patio into a truly special space with this outdoor blackout curtain that adds privacy and a sense of drama. Made from a polyester blend, this durable, waterproof panel hangs from stainless steel grommets that are resistant to rust. The machine-washable curtain comes in an array of soft colors like biscotti, sand, and hunter green.

  • Available sizes: 18
  • Available colors: 14


The Cleaning Spray That Tackles Bird & Spider Stains

Decks, grills, and outdoor patio sets — they can all get soiled by squirrels, birds, spiders, and other critters. This bleach-free, non-abrasive stain remover cleans up the mess without removing the finish on your furniture, fabrics, or other surfaces. Just spritz each spot a few times, watch it dissolve, and wipe it away.


A Pole That Holds Your String Lights Aloft In Your Yard

String lights can make your yard so festive, but figuring out how to set them up can be a problem. These string light poles are the perfect solution. Made from sturdy alloy steel, each pole features a five-prong base that can be staked into grass or soil. Alternatively, you can attach the poles to a fence. The poles are 9.8 feet tall and feature loops at the top for stringing through the lights.


The Pooper Scooper Set That Will Save Your Back

Make cleaning the dog waste out of your yard easier on your back with this pooper scooper set that features long handles so there’s no bending involved. Constructed from rust-resistant aluminum, the set includes a rake as well as a tray that’s oversized so you can gather more waste in one pass. This set assembles easily, cleans up with a simple hose down, and is long-lasting for lots of use.


This Landscape Edging That Doesn’t Require Digging To Install

Define planter beds and other landscape features with this edging that doesn’t require any fancy installation — just use a rubber mallet to stake it into the soil. Boasting a classic Adirondack style, it’s flexible enough to ring a tree, but sturdy enough to make straight lines where you need it. Choose from three colors: gray, black, and brown.

  • Available sizes: 3
  • Available colors: 4


A Broom & Squeegee Combo That Makes Cleaning Your Deck So Much Easier

Want a fast and easy way to clear off your deck or patio? This deck brush is up to the job, thanks to its stiff bristles that sweep away leaves and debris and a built-in squeegee that whisks away water. It has a telescoping handle that reaches anywhere from 45 to 56 inches, so you can easily target hard-to-reach spots like under your patio furniture.


The Vintage-Style Feeder That Attracts Hummingbirds

Shaped like a vintage bottle, this feeder is designed to attract hummingbirds to your yard. The thick glass bottle and metal vase are sturdy enough to withstand the elements, and the four flower-shaped feeding ports let multiple birds feed at once. The bottle and the base pull apart so you can clean both pieces to keep your avian visitors healthy.

  • Available colors: 2


A Fire Pit That You Can Use Right On Your Tabletop

With a modern cement construction, this unique vessel is sure to be the center of conversation at your next dinner — it’s a fire pit for your tabletop. A fun replacement for a standard pillar candle, it’s fueled by simple isopropyl alcohol, and the flames are odorless and smoke-free. You can even roast marshmallows with this.

  • Available colors: 2


This Spray That Protects Your Outdoor Fabrics From Sun & Water

From trusted brand Scotchgard comes this spray that protects outdoor furniture and fabrics from rain, spills, and UV rays, which can cause premature fading and aging. It’s ideal for patio chair cushions, but you can also apply it to your umbrella, grill cover, tarps, and hot tub cover. It’s even safe to use on leather and suede.


The Outdoor Lantern That Doubles As A Speaker

With warm LED lights that give the impression of real flames, this outdoor lantern is an ideal accent for your outdoor hangs. It has a built-in wireless Bluetooth speaker, so you can connect it to your phone and queue up your favorite playlist or podcast. The compact size makes it portable so you can have some ambience anywhere.


This Genius Patio Light That Goes Right Around Your Patio Umbrella

This battery-powered light set mounts right around your patio umbrella pole, creating something of a chandelier for outdoor meals. Controllable via the included remote, it’s brightness-adjustable and features four lighting modes, including steady-on, strobe, and flash. There’s even a timer, so you can clean up after dinner without worrying whether you turned the lights off.

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