52 Things That Make You Look 10x Nicer For Less Than $35 On Amazon

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In a world of expensive beauty treatments and retouched supermodels, it can be overwhelming to keep up with the new hair, skin, and fashion trends. Every time I do find a new viral beauty hack I want to try, my wallet shudders a bit in anticipation of the hit it’s about to take. But thanks to Amazon, my savings aren’t depleted. The online superstore is home to products that make you look and feel good while staying under budget. Check out these 59 things that make you look 10x nicer for less than $35 on Amazon.

If you have an eye for bling, this list is packed with affordable and shiny accessories that will make you feel more put together. I’ve included a set of rings, hair clips, bracelets, and lots of arm candy to look dazzling at your next office party, dinner out, or in that selfie. And while you’re picking up accessories, don’t forget about some amazing clothing items that are budget-friendly and wildly stylish so you can strut your stuff without breaking the bank.

Staying healthy and fueling your skin and body is another important self-care routine that will just make you feel better — and look nicer. On this list, you’ll find nutrient-rich skincare products, a protective sunscreen, and tools for a bright and healthy smile. Beauty starts from the inside, so nourish what your mama gave you so you can truly shine.

Whatever trend you’re chasing, I’m happy to say you’ll probably find it on this list — and at an impressive price. Now you can feel confident, look nice, and spend without remorse thanks to Amazon’s low prices.


These Vintage-Inspired Headbands For Just $10

These velvet headbands combine elegance and affordability. They feature a wide 2-inch velvet band with a top knot, faux pearls, and an elevated color palette in soft shades like beige and muted rose. This pack of four vintage-style bands stretches to fit your head and they’re open in the back to avoid painful headaches. Plus for $10 — how can you go wrong?


These On-Trend Wide-Leg Jeans That’re Only $40

Ready to update your wardrobe? These button-up, wide-leg cropped jeans are totally on trend but still only cost $40. Choose from three denim shades and see for yourself why reviewers are calling these the “best fitting jeans I’ve EVER worn!”


This SPF 70 Sunscreen With A 4.8-Star Rating & 17,000+ reviews

Protect your skin from the sun every day with this vegan sunscreen. The broad-spectrum SPF 70 offers daily protection for adults and is hypoallergenic. Plus, the moisturizing formula includes healing vitamin E and is paraben-free.


These Nutrient-Rich Face Masks For Healthier Skin

Feed your skin with nutrients it loves with these face masks designed for sensitive skin. Each of the 12 masks is made of Tencel fabric, which comes from eucalyptus wood and cotton fabric. Choose from nutrient-rich ingredients like avocado, cucumber, orange, cranberry, mango, and honey. It is designed with an S-pattern that adheres to your skin quickly to allow it to absorb all the goodness in every mask and is free of harmful substances like alcohol, silicone, and parabens. Each mask is designed to help with something specific from purifying your pores to soothing irritation — and at this price, each mask is just $1.


An Effortless Tunic Dress That’s Stylish Year Round

This tunic dress is a year-round wardrobe staple that can easily transition to winter with a few added layers or summer with your favorite sandals. This dress stops mid-thigh and looks great alone or with tights, plus it has unique bell sleeves that add elegance. It’s made of silky chiffon and is fully lined, with a loose fit and V-neckline. It has more than 27,000 reviews and comes in dozens of colors and sleeve lengths.


These Budget-Friendly Mirror Vanity Lights

It can be hard to find a bathroom with proper lighting, but these vanity lights offer ideal lighting for applying makeup and cost less than you might think. The ten-foot, extra bright LED lights are dimmable and have easy-to-use touch controls. Designed with an adhesive backing, you can simply stick them on your wall or mirror for custom lighting at an affordable price. They are waterproof and safe to use in bathrooms, with cords that can simply snip off to fit your mirror.


A Hair Finishing Stick To Eliminate Flyaways

Instantly look more put together by smoothing down those annoying flyaways with this hair finishing stick. The non-greasy formula looks like a portable tube of mascara and is used to slick back stray hairs or frizzy strands. By moisturizing and controlling your locks, it gives hair instant shine, plus the formula is clear so you can use it on any hair color.


These Affordable Kicks That Comes In Bold Patterns

Slip on these fashion sneakers whether your headed out for date night or chasing kids around the park. They pair comfort and style and come with a reasonable price tag. You’ll love how breathable and lightweight they feel, while also providing ample support thanks to the padded insole, arch insert, and anti-skid sole. They have a thick, almost platform height that elevates your style without compromising fashion. Choose from 12 other colors and patterns including pink, snakeskin, and camo.


This 32-Piece Pack Of Stylish Barrettes For Just $9

This set of hair barrettes comes with 32 pieces, giving you an affordable and unique complement to your every look. The pack includes barrettes decorated with pearls, colorful acrylic patterns, geometric rhinestones, and a few minimalist gold pins thrown in to add balance. They are designed with smooth edges that keep your strands from getting caught, pulling, or breaking. For less than $10, this deal is hard to beat.


The Mineral-Infused Mud Mask That Rivals The Spa

This mud mask is infused with minerals to leave your skin feeling (and looking) like you just left the spa — for a fraction of the cost. It works to soothe different skin types, thanks to its natural ingredients (like aloe vera, vitamin E, sunflower seed oil, jojoba oil, and more). It helps exfoliate dirt and toxins for smaller-looking pores while treating blemishes throughout the process. It's even free of alcohol, parabens, and sulfates.


A Soothing Bath Soap For Much-Needed Beauty Sleep

If you need a little bit of help catching up on your zzz’s — this foaming bath soap is for you. It is made with Epsom salt and lavender to soothe your muscles while also relaxing your mind before bed. Just add it to warm water for a luxurious bath that will moisturize your skin and can even help you sleep better. One reviewer noted, “It is a welcomed retreat after a stressful day. As I sink into the silky water with its ample bubbles and soothing fragrance, my muscles relax and I am confident that a good night's sleep is only moments away.”


An Affordable Heel Liner To Make Your Shoes Comfier

Have a pair of shoes that could fit better? These heel liners work to both improve shoe fit and keep blisters from forming so you can strut your stuff all day without pain. These flexible inserts are so affordable and have a self-adhesive back so you can stick them to any just about any shoe for extra comfort, from flats to sky-high heels.


The RFID-Blocking Wallet That Protects Your ID

Keep all your valuables in this professional bifold RFID-blocking wallet that also protects against theft. This high-quality wallet is made of a vegan leather material that is stylish and easy to clean and it features 18 card slots and two zippered pockets for cash or change. The small buckle is easy to open, but it keeps your wallet contents safely inside and shielded from anyone trying to scan your items. It comes in more than 30 colors.


An Eyeliner Stamp For The Perfect Winged Look

Take a walk on the wild side and go for that winged eyeliner look you’ve been dying to try. Now you can with ease. This winged eyeliner stamp gives you the perfect cat-eye look every time. The double-sided tool features a smudge-proof and water-resistant liquid eyeliner on one end, with a stamp on the other end that automatically delivers a flawless flick.


The High-Waisted Leggings That Feel So Soft

Slip into these confidence-boosting leggings that help you achieve comfort and style simultaneously. These high-waisted yoga pants are full length, reaching your ankles, and made of nylon and spandex for a four-way stretch that’s not see-through. The lightweight material wicks moisture while you're working out, plus they have a flatlock design and seamless waistband that prevent chafing and feel more comfy. Choose from 16 colors.


A Bag Organizer Insert To Keep You Tidy

Tidy up your handbags with this purse organizer insert that keeps things in their place, which helps you feel more prepared for the day. The soft-felt organizer features 10 interior pockets and three exterior pockets and comes in six sizes to fit every bag or purse you own, with 12 neutral or bright color options. If you switch bags, just easily lift this insert out and transfer it to the new bag.


The Set Of Silk Scrunchies For Glamorous Up-Dos

These large silk scrunchies are the perfect accessory to complete any look without spending a ton of money. This pack of six scrunchies comes in soft colors like white, light pink, gold, and sunset orange. Wrap them around a top knot, secure your ponytail, or wear them on your wrist to add a pop of color to your outfit. They are made from high-quality silk so they won’t kink or tangle your hair. One reviewer noted, “Perfectly stretchy, super cute. So comfortable you forget you're wearing them. I haven't stopped wearing them since they arrived last week.”


The DIY Mirror Tiles To Check Yourself Out

Check your outfit in this frameless mirror set before you head out the door. This four-piece kit comes with 12-by-12-inch adhesive mirrors that can be arranged however you want, wherever you want. Stack the four mirrors on top of each other to make a full-length mirror, or style them in a square in your living room. The double-sided tape is durable and stays put. Grab a bunch of these packs, at an affordable rate, to convert your entire wall into a mirror for workouts, dancing, or let’s be real — outfit selfies.


This Convenient Fog-Free Shower Mirror

Shaving just got a lot easier with this convenient and crowd-favorite shower mirror. It has more than 14,000 reviews and a price tag of just $20. The durable mirror sticks to your shower wall thanks to strong suction cups and an additional, optional, sticker. It swivels 360-degrees and won’t fog up — even in steamy showers. There’s even a built-in place to hold your razor — so grooming and sticking to your skincare routine just got a lot more convenient.


These Elastic Shoelaces You’ll Never Have To Tie

Turn any pair of shoes into comfortable and convenient slip-ons with these no-tie shoelaces that are perfect for runners or anyone in a rush to get out the door. The one-size-fits-all laces feature special anchor locks to firmly secure the laces into place on top of your foot. You won’t have to worry about them coming undone mid-run. You can use them for casual shoes, running shoes, hiking boots, sports shoes, or even kids' shoes and they come in a number of colors.


An Elegant And Affordable Pair Of Gold Hoop Earrings

Dress up any outfit with these elegant gold hoop earrings. They’re made of sterling silver, plated in 14K gold, and decorated with cubic zirconia accents. They make a great gift (even if it’s for yourself) since this pair is hypoallergenic and designed without irritating nickel or lead. Wear them with an oversized t-shirt for a grunge, yet glam look, or pair them with your favorite LBD. They’re available in rose, white, and yellow gold, as well as 15 and 30mm lengths. They’ve earned more than 7,600 reviews and have a 4.4-star rating.


A Hydrating Cuticle Oil For Strong Nails

Keep your nails looking healthy and beautiful without an expensive visit to the salon thanks to this cuticle oil. It’s infused with nourishing oils like jojoba seed and sweet almond oil to moisturize cracked skin or nails quickly. It softens your cuticles, allowing for stronger nails to grow. Just add a drop to your nails and gently massage — it even boasts a serene spa-like scent.


These Round Sunglasses With Cool Vintage Vibes

These round sunglasses have a cult following with more than 30,000 reviews and a 4.7-star rating. Shoppers love the price and the classic vintage shape that look good on anyone. They have hi-def lenses that protect your eyes from UVs while showing you true colors without the glare. The lightweight, yet durable glasses are shatterproof and come with a cleaning cloth and a travel bag. Choose from a selection of 20 different lens and frame colors.


A Jewelry Cleaning Kit To Keep Your Gems Sparkly

Easily clean your jewelry with this non-toxic jewelry cleaner that breathes new life into your accessories. You can clean gold, platinum, and diamonds, as well as several precious and semi-precious gems. This highly rated cleaner comes with a basket to hold jewelry as it soaks in the cleaning solution, a small bristle brush for getting in between crevices, and a cleaning cloth to dry and polish your jewels.


A Makeup Removing Stick That Fits In Your Purse

Makeup smudges happen and this makeup eraser stick makes it easy to fix them on the go. The gel pen is infused with vitamin E, which gently removes makeup, while the narrow pen head makes it easy to target one specific area. The $8 tube is about the size of mascara, so it is convenient to pack in your purse, glove compartment, or backpack. Reviewers love to use it for touching up eyebrows or lip makeup.


The Invigorating Shower Steamers That Wake You Up

Get all the hydrating benefits of a bath bomb while you shower with these shower steamers that also help wake you up in the morning. Place one of the flat, fizzy tablets (which come in scents like watermelon, menthol & mucalyptus, and peony & pear) on your shower floor, turn on the water, and within minutes the tablet will dissolve and fill your shower with a refreshing aroma that energizes you. They’re safe for your pipes and keep your bathroom smelling pleasant long after your shower.


A Beach-Ready Straw Hat That’s Adorable

This straw hat is perfect for a day at the beach or a day running errands (and wishing you were at the beach). It offers UPF 50+ sun protection and is made of high-quality paper straw that is both durable and super cute paired with your favorite swimsuit. There's a sweatband inside the hat that's moisture-wicking to cool you down, plus an optional chin strap that helps keep the hat in place but can easily be removed if you're just lounging. A big bonus for reviewers is how easy it is to travel with — they say it rolls up for packing and retains its shape.


A Keychain That Slides On Your Arm Like A Bracelet

A stylish way to keep track of your keys? No wonder this keychain bracelet has more than 5,500 reviews. This $10 gadget features a small leather wrist bag that holds credit cards, cash, or your ID and clips to a hoop that fits over your wrist so you can keep your valuables nearby while keeping your hands free. The patent leather bangle is durable and even has an adorable tassel detail for added flair. It’s available in a variety of colors and patterns, as well as with add-ons like a phone or makeup bag.


These Blue-Light-Blocking Glasses In Trendy Colors

Spending hours on your computer or other devices may be necessary for work or other reasons, but it's not kind to your eyes. Prevent eye strain and headaches with these blue-light-blocking glasses, which create a barrier between your eyes and the harmful blue light of your phone, TV, or computer. This pack of five comes in a variety of colors including transparent, black, and leopard.


This 3-Pack Of Bra Liners That Keep You Dry All Day

These bra liners are designed to make your bras more comfortable. They’re made of a blend of cotton and bamboo and sit between your bra and your skin, alleviating pain from the band or underwire. Plus, the natural material is breathable and perfect for all temperatures since it stays cool in the summer and warm in the winter. It also wicks moisture, keeping you dry even when it’s hot as hell outside. “My under [breast] sweat gave me the most horrific rash,” one customer wrote. “These liners wick the moisture, I am now rash free.”


A Hair Treatment To Restore Processed Locks

This hair protein treatment makes your hair look smoother and shinier even after just one use, thanks to ingredients like ceramides. Just ask one of the 18,000 reviewers who helped give this product a 4.4-star rating. This nearly 4-ounce bottle is designed for any type of hair and coats your locks to repair damaged and over-processed hair for a fraction of a salon treatment. One reviewer noted, “My hair is noticeably less frizzy after air drying and it feels moisturized, soft, and silky. It also smells really nice.”


These Smooth Hair Ties That Won’t Cause Breakage

There's a good reason why these coil hair ties have more than 20,000 reviews and a 4.5-star rating: they're made of smooth plastic spirals that prevent tangling and breakage. This eight-pack is affordable and the ties are waterproof and come in colors that mimic your hair color for a natural-looking finish.


A 2-Pack Of Faux Leather Belts With A Trendy Buckle

Elevate any look with one of these faux leather belts that has a cult following. This set comes with a brown and black belt, each featuring a double O-ring buckle. Wear it with jeans or on your waist to cinch a dress or an oversized tee — just be sure to check the sizing chart before you add to cart. They’re available in black, white, khaki, and leopard, with gold or silver buckles. Choose from a size small to size XXXL.


A Shoulder Bag Nobody Will Believe Was Only $22

This small and elegant shoulder bag is the perfect accessory for daytime errands or a night out. There’s an optional shoulder strap and handle so there are multiple ways to wear it, and it has enough room for your phone, wallet, glasses, or lipstick. Choose from more than 20 colors.


These Wipes That Keep Your Boots Looking New

Keep your boots looking brand new with these economical boot cleaning wipes. You can use them to easily remove dirt, debris, and even salt stains from leather and suede, which are notoriously difficult to clean, as well as any other fabric. They come in a resealable pack like standard wipes and fit perfectly in your purse to clean on the go. The wipes are made with an all-natural formula that will make your shoes look new.


A Silk Eye Mask That Blocks Light For Better Naps

Better naps are just $10 away thanks to this affordable, mulberry silk eye mask that’ll help you sleep comfortably. It’s ultra-soft and gentle on your eyes while blocking out light so you get your best sleep. The strap is fully adjustable so you can fit it to your head comfortably, whether you’re trying to catch some shut on at home or on a plane.


The High-Tech Steamer To Nourish Your Skin For Less

Give your skin the best treatment without hurting your wallet with this facial steamer. This steamer produces negative ionic particles that can be more effective at getting deep into your skin, helping to open up pores. The steamer will run for up to 30 minutes at a time and comes with five stainless steel extractors to remove blackheads. For a little extra treat — add some essential oils to the steamer for a little affordable aromatherapy.


A Versatile Sewing Kit For Quick Alterations

No need to pull that bulky sewing machine out of the attic, just use this sewing kit to fix that hem or attach that patch. This expansive set comes in a well-organized case with room for everything, and it includes 24 colors of thread, needles, scissors, buttons, measuring tape, and more. It’s great for on-the-go emergencies, too. device fits easily in a purse, suitcase, or backpack for on-the-go alterations and fixes. The options are endless with this convenient set that’s less than $20.


The Cheap, Effective Scalp Brush That Removes Buildup

Looking to grow thicker and longer hair? It starts in the shower and this scalp massager gives your hair a deep clean while you relax. It has thick silicone bristles that deep clean to remove dirt, oil, and product buildup from your hair, which may be causing it to lay flat or lack shine. It also stimulates blood flow to your scalp, which promotes growth. It has an easy-to-use palm-size grip that makes shampooing a breeze. With a price like this, why pay for expensive hair treatments?


These Stackable Bracelets That Won’t Break That Bank

Need a little sparkle but don’t want to pay the luxury jewelry prices? Opt for these stackable bracelets that are just $10. This pack comes with six gold (or rose gold, silver, or multi-colored) bangles, each featuring a dainty design such as cable chains, heart-shaped pendants, or an open cuff. Wear them all together, or individually for something new. They’re 9-inches long, however, some of the bracelets have adjustable lengths.


The Buckle-Free Belts That Look Invisible

These no buckle elastic belts make your pants fit better without ruining your outfit. These inventive “invisible” belts eliminate any gaps and secure your pants without the annoying and sometimes cumbersome buckle. It comes in three sizes that adjust to fit anyone. Just snap the ends of the belt to your belt loops. It leaves your pant button uncovered, making it easier to get dressed or use the restroom, not to mention you can wear tight shirts without worrying about a frustrating bulge from your belt buckle.


A Matte Lipstick Kit That’s Less Than You Think

Long-lasting lipstick can cost you a pretty penny, but now you can feel pretty while saving some money with this affordable lipstick set. It comes with seven liquid lipstick colors and one nourishing clear lipgloss. The lipsticks have a matte finish and range in color from pale pink to a deep burgundy. The formula is lightweight, highly pigmented, and even waterproof to last for up to eight hours.


This High-Waisted Underwear That’s Stretchy

High-rise jeans are all the rage, but if you find the higher seams and buttons a bit uncomfortable, try this pack of high-waisted cotton underwear. It comes with four pairs of cotton and spandex briefs that are soft, breathable, and offer support without being restrictive. They won’t ride up and are easy to take on and off — ideal for postpartum or c-section recovery, as well.


This Cheap Fashion Tape For Clothing Emergencies

Ladies with sensitive skin will love this double-sided, hypoallergenic fashion tape that’s designed for sensitive skin. It keeps clothing where you want it, while also preventing skin from feeling any discomfort. It’s perfect for smaller jobs like securing loose straps or a lightweight top’s deep V-neck. This pack comes with 50 pieces — more than enough to last you through a couple of months — and it’s just $10.


These Bold Hair Scarves For In-Between Shampoos

If you’re in-between hair washing days, just style your hair using one of these colorful hair scarves which instantly makes you look nicer. This pack of six silk satin scrunchie-style hair scarves come in fun colors like burgundy, pink, and mustard. They each have durable elastic bands inside that fix your hair in place without pulling or ripping it. This colorful pack comes with something for all of your favorite outfits.


These Budget-Friendly Stud Earrings That Sparkle

If you love the look of flashy diamonds, but don’t want to pay the price, these beautiful cubic zirconia earrings are an affordable alternative. The stainless steel studs come in a princess or round cut stone in seven sizes. They’re plated in sterling silver to add more shine and durability and have earned more than 13,000 reviews. Choose among gold, rose gold, yellow gold, and champagne.


A Ophthalmologist-Tested Makeover Remover That’s Only $5

It seems like makeup removers are either really expensive or harsh on your eyes, but this $5 option is ophthalmologist tested. The fragrance-free formula removes stubborn makeup, even waterproof mascara. Shake it well, then use a cotton round to wipe away the makeup and grime of the day.


The Cheap Pack Of Stackable Rings For Bling

Add a little flair to any outfit with this pack of stackable rings. The rings come in packs of 25 all the way up to packs of 120. Each ring is unique, featuring solitaire stones, infinity signs, and vintage-inspired gems. They’re all different sizes too so you can wear them on different fingers or even on your knuckles. This 40-piece set comes with gold- and silver-colored metals that range from dainty and simple to retro and flashy.


These Bra Clips That Hide Straps Under Tanks

Hide those annoying bra straps when you’re wearing strappy tops like tanks with these razor clips that only cost $6 for a pack of three in black, beige, and white. The plastic clips put straps together at the center of your back, keeping them hidden. Adjust up or down to get the perfect fit, even with older and stretched-out bras. Now you can confidently wear tank tops all day without fear of having to adjust constantly.


These Wide Fabric Headbands For Working Out

These wide fabric headbands are the perfect accessory to wear to the gym. They’re made of polyester and spandex and stretch around your head for a soft and comfortable fit. The headwrap-style headband has a small bow that can be worn on top of your head or hidden under your hair. This four-pack will tame your hair while you do yoga, run, hike, or just hang out around the house. It comes in a number of colors like blue, red, black, and yellow headband, as well as neutrals.


These Satin Silk Pillowcases For Smooth Hair

The right pillowcase does more than just cushion your head — it can also help to leave your hair and skin feeling soft and clean. That’s why shoppers love these luxurious, satin silk covers. This material has the look and feel of silk without the high price tag or maintenance requirements. It’s breathable and soft and also causes less friction, leaving your hair and skin more hydrated. It is available in 24 colors and four sizes. Not to mention you get two for just $9.


A Makeup Organizer To Improve Your Morning Routine

Getting ready in the morning is infinitely easier (and less frustrating) when all of your favorite beauty products are tidy and this 360-degree rotating makeup organizer that has space for everything. It’s made of easy-to-clean acrylic and can be adjusted to different heights to accommodate larger products. The organizer can hold at least 60 makeup brushes, 30 skincare products, and other accessories including lipsticks, nail polish, and eyeliner. Now you can focus on applying your makeup, rather than searching for it.

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