46 Things That Make Your Home Way More Bougie For Less Than $30 On Amazon

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A bougie life can look and feel different for many of us, but one important factor to consider is having things that meet your personal definition of fancy. Beyond that, the sky’s the limit. Though, there are some common themes that frequently appear while shopping for bougie items, like metallic finishes and marbled surfaces. If you ask me, bougie-ness stretches across décor styles, personal tastes, and areas of the home.

I’ve noticed a few other key trends when it comes to bougie items that you may want to take note of. First of all, keeping your nice things on display can be very bougie, and if they’re your favorite personal things that make you happy to see them? Even better. Why hide a fave purse or pair of sunglasses when you can show them in all their glory? Another common trait of bougie items is — wait for it — softness. Whether yours is in the form of velvet pillow, silky sheets, satin pillowcases, or faux fur rugs, it all counts. And if you combine these elements — a soft rug, cozy throw, and display cases galore — scattered around your home, you’re on the way to Bougie town.

If you’re looking for more ideas, I have some good news. The list we’ve compiled here today has some great examples of things that will make your home way more bougie, and they’re all for less than $30 on Amazon. Whether you’re just getting started with home upgrades or if you already have plenty of luxury in your life, you’ll likely find something here to add to your collection.


A Showerhead That Turns Your Bathroom Into Luxurious Tropical Rainfall

It’s not quite the same thing as a warm rainstorm in paradise, but it’s close. This fan favorite rainfall showerhead offers high-pressure spray with a max output of 1.8 gallons a minute, which helps save energy. It comes in five metallic finishes and can be installed quickly and easily without any tools.


This Modern Shower Shelf That’s Equal Parts Form & Function

This shower shelf is an easy upgrade to most bathrooms, and it can makes a big difference in both large and small spaces. With a sky-high 4.8-star average rating, this one has space for all of your hair care and body wash, along with hooks for razors and scrubbers. It’s available in silver and black, and it’s a cinch to hang with the included adhesive.


These Cozy Pillows That Make Your Bed Feel Hotel-Fancy

If you ask me, a good night’s sleep is essential for a bougie lifestyle — and this pillow set is here to help. Made with alternative down, these pillows rival those at high-end hotels. They’re offered in standard, queen, and king sizes — and unlike some other options out there, you can choose between soft and firm.


A Set Of Dreamy Satin Pillowcases With Benefits For Skin & Hair

Some buyers swear by the beauty benefits of satin pillowcase, but regardless of your motivation for purchasing, they’re an elegant and luxurious addition to any bed. With more than 20 rich colors to choose from — including champagne and rose taupe — you’ll be able to match any décor style you choose.


These Vanity Lights That’ll Make Your Space Feel Like A Hollywood Dressing Room

Whether you’re practicing an acceptance speech or getting ready for the day, these LED mirror lights make for a fun and fancy upgrade. Each string includes 10 bulbs, which attach to glass with included adhesive. Plus, there’s a dimmer switch that you can control with a simple touch.


A Set Of Self-Watering Pots To Make Your Home Green & Gorgeous

Whether you have a green thumb or not, you can enjoy plants and flowers in your home. These self-watering pots come in packs of three, and they’re available in grey and white. Each pot is 6 inches tall, with a transparent lower container and included cotton rope that transfers water to plants.


This Diamond-Shaped Wine Topper That Puts Bling Into Your Day

If you ask me, the next best thing after enjoying a glass of wine is saving the rest for later with a bottle topper shaped like an oversized diamond. If diamonds aren’t your thing, there are heart shapes and others to pick from. Two come in each set, and they’re made of rubber and stainless steel.


These Flameless Candles In Luxe Glass Holders

These remote-operated flameless candles give you all the allure and ambiance of a real candle, but without the flames. Unlike other sets, they come in chic glass canisters, making them a sophisticated addition to any bookshelf or centerpiece. Four colors — as well as a painted floral option — are available.


These Glowing Marquee Letters So You Can See Your Name In Lights

These light-up marquee letters are just under 9 inches tall, and they make for great displays in everyday home décor (as well as for event decorations). Every letter of the alphabet is available, and a keyhole in the back makes for easy hanging. They can also be placed upright on a shelf or stable surface.


A Bamboo Cheese Board That’s Pretty & Practical

Whether your want to impress guests or make a charcuterie spread for yourself on casual night in (because, same), a chic bamboo cheese board set will instantly upgrade your display. Bamboo is durable and versatile, and the included utensils and coordinating ceramic dishes are bonus features that help elevate your spread.


This Cocktail Kit Made With Sleek Stainless Steel

Whether you’re a beginner or an aficionado (or something in between), this bartending set will be a great addition to your toolkit. Along with standard stainless steel mixing tools like a martini shaker and strainer (along with others), it comes complete with a stand and cocktail cards, so you have everything you need for the perfect drinks.


A Cookbook Specifically For Fancy Stay-At-Home Cooking

A shortcut to a bougie lifestyle is elevating your in-home dining experience. With a cookbook like Alison Roman’s Dining In, you get more than 300 pages designed just for that. Be warned, the proud photos shared by reviewers who’ve mastered her recipes are going to make you very hungry.


These Adorable Ceramic Bowls You’ll Find So Many Uses For

These glazed ceramic bowls, which come in a set of two, are small enough to fit anywhere and make an adorable decorative statement (but still large enough to hold jewelry, candy, trinkets, and more). Not only that, their geometric design, neutral white shade, and gold accents are super versatile.


A Toothbrush Holder That Saves Space & Looks Great In Your Bathroom

If countertop clutter in your bathroom is preventing you from living your best, bougiest life, then you might want to sit down for this one. This adhesive toothbrush holder attaches to your wall and has a toothpaste dispenser, as well as a space for up to four toothbrushes. Plus, there’s an additional platform and small compartments for storage.


An Elegant Set Of Satin Sheets For The Best Sleep You Could Ask For

With these luxe satin sheets, all you need is a chandelier and suddenly you’re in the castle bedroom of your dreams. Or if you opt to stay, you know, in this reality, then you’ll still enjoy their silky smoothness. They come in 15 different colors (including gold!), and in twin, full, queen, and king sizes.


A Mirrored Alarm Clock To Help You Reflect At Bedtime

Is it a mirror? Is it an alarm clock? Technically, it’s both. This mirrored alarm clock has a reflective display panel and adjustable brightness, and it promises to be readable from every angle. There are also USB charging ports — and while it’s powered by an AC adapter, there’s a backup battery that can help save the time setting in case of power outages.


This Plush Rug You Might Just Lay On Like It’s A Blanket

How many fluffy rugs is too many fluffy rugs? Luckily for us, the limit does not exist. This faux fur piece of perfection comes in seven different sizes and seven different colors — and TBH, the lavender has me reconsidering every life choice I’ve ever made thus far that hasn’t included it. It’s easy to maintain, too. You can even vacuum and machine-wash it.


This Mid-Century Modern Ottoman You’ll Wonder How You Ever Lived Without

In my opinion, velvet is an instant upgrade. This square footrest is available in teal, magenta, grey, and pink. It measures just under 16 inches tall, aka the perfect size for putting your feet up. And while it weighs less than 5 pounds, it supports up to 250 pounds, giving you plenty of options for moving it around your space.


These Throw Pillow Covers That Provide A Splash Of Velvet

Speaking of velvet, these throw pillow covers will complete a room like it’s their job. They’re available in sets of two and come in multiple sizes ranging from 12 by 20 inches, up to 24 by 24 inches. More than twenty different colors are offered, so you can complete the entire rainbow in your living room (and then please send us pictures).


A Pour-Over Coffee Maker To Brew Your New Favorite Cup Of Coffee

If you enjoy coffee, then having the right equipment is essential. This pour-over coffee maker brews delicious coffee (according to many reviewers) — but not only that, it looks lovely sitting out, too. The glass decanter is accented by a wooden holder and leather cord, and a stainless steel filter fits right in for form and function.


This Handheld Milk Frother & Foam Art Set For Fancy Lattes At Home

Not only does this milk frother make delicious foam for your beverages of choice, but it also comes with a full stencil set so you can make the prettiest drinks from the comfort of your kitchen. Plus, additional accessories are included, like a frothing pitcher, a latte art pen, and shaker. Make sure you have cocoa powder at the ready when you order.


A Chic Jewelry Stand That Displays & Organizes Your Favorites

A jewelry holder that keeps pieces on display? Yes, please. With this three-tiered hanging jewelry organizer, earrings and necklaces can be seen, found, and appreciated. The base doubles as a tray, too, so smaller pieces can be kept separate and at the ready. It’s 19 inches tall, so even your longest necklaces have plenty of room.


A Clip-On Ring Light For Your Phone Or Laptop

This compact ring light clips right to your phone or device so you have excellent lighting for videos, photos, make-up, and more. The battery charges with an included micro USB cord, and three lighting options are available (warm, cold, and warm cold). It’s small enough to slip into your purse for on the go use, too.


A Sunglasses Display Rack So You Can Pretend You Live In A Cute Boutique

This sleek glasses rack has space for up to five frames, so it’s great for sunglasses collectors, wearers of reading glasses, or anyone who wants a designated spot for glasses when they’re not in use. Five different styles are available, including wood, blue, and pink.


A Carafe & Glass Set That’s Useful & Decorative

It might be easier to meet your hydration goals when you have a gorgeous crystal pitcher and glass set. When it’s not in use, the glass rests over the top of the carafe, making for an elegant display that also keeps dust out of your water. It’s made of lead-free crystal, and holds up to 16 ounces of liquid.


This Phone Holder With Space For Your Jewelry

This sleek phone holder is a basic home accessory that works in nearly any room. While this one is meant for bathrooms, it also looks great on your desk or next to your bed. Made of resin, it’s durable and smooth, and the unique U-shape adds some charm. Plus, the concave top can hold jewelry and other tiny trinkets.


A Diffuser Set That Looks As Good As Your Home Will Smell

If you ask me, pleasant scents coincide with being bougie. With a reed diffuser set, you’re covered — and bonus: It looks nice on your shelf. You can select either a fruity and floral scent, or orange and lemon. The best part? Scents can last 40 to 50 days.


These Gold Strainers So You Can Feel Glam While Rinsing Veggies

If you like a pop of precious metal with your kitchen chores, these stainless steel gold strainers may be your new favorites. Three different sizes are included, and they nest together and have open handles so you can hang them, stack them, or tuck them away between uses. If gold’s not your thing, classic silver is available, too.


This Gorgeous Makeup Organizer That Will Hold All Your Products

Just a quick heads-up: If you buy this pretty makeup organizer, you’ll find yourself with the urge to fill it, so you may want to prepare yourself accordingly if your makeup collection doesn’t currently require seven (!) adjustable layers. Plus, it’s made of durable, transparent acrylic — so it’ll suit any space and can be easily wiped clean.


A Set Of Gold Silverware That Makes Every Bite Feel Like A Special Occasion

Whether you want it for everyday use or for a specific gathering or event, this set of gold silverware will be a delightful addition to your table. It comes with 20 pieces of cutlery, totaling four place settings with five utensils each. Plus, in addition to gold and classic silver, it’s also available in rose gold and black.


These Pretty Rose Gold Hangers For A Pop Of Shine In Your Closet

Why should your clothes be the only cute things in your closet? These rose gold hangers bring some glamour to an otherwise dull part of all of our homes. They come in sets of ten, or 30, and five different metallic colors are available (including rose copper, which takes it to a whole new level).


These Decorative Drawer Liners That Smell Like “Floral Bliss”

In addition to adding a hint of fragrance to the contents of your drawers, these scented drawer liners also happen to be super cute. Two floral patterns are available, and six liners come in each set. They’re super easy to place, and you can cut them to size with regular household scissors.


A Nail Polish Organizer That Looks Like It Came Straight From A High-End Salon

This nail polish organizer will have your collection looking totally professional, and it also makes it super easy to pick your colors. Each row holds 12 bottles — and with size options ranging from three to six rows, you can store up to 72 bottles at once. Plus, the durable acrylic always look sleek and contemporary regardless of how full it is.


This Sleek Stainless Steel Utensil Holder That Spins

Unlike some containers made for kitchen tools, this rotating holder has a divider on the inside that makes three separate compartments for organizing — and it keeps spoons and spatulas upright. Up to 15 tools can comfortably fit, and they’re always easy to find thanks to the spin mechanism.


A Woven Storage Basket That Looks Perfect Wherever You Put It

If you ask me, you’ll always find a way to use a chic basket it in your home. And no worries if you can’t make up your mind: This versatile and woven rope storage basket has handles for easy lifting and moving. It’s 16 inches tall and has a 16 inch diameter, and it comes in six different color schemes.


This Golden Spoon Rest That Looks Classy As It Catches Drips

There’s no more fumbling for a spot to set a dripping spoon when you’re in the middle of cooking. This spoon rest is available in gold and rose gold, so it makes for an elegant upgrade to your countertops. It also accommodates various spoon handles — and in between uses, you can toss it into the dishwasher.


A Simple & Sophisticated Marble Dish That’ll Hold Your Butter

If you want to elevate your breakfast situation, using butter from this container on your toast will do the trick. Not only does this butter dish look bougie and beautiful, but when butter is stored in the lid while water sits in the base, it’ll stay soft and spreadable. Four different styles of marble are offers (white, brown, grey, and black).


A Luxe Bathrobe That’ll Make You Feel Like You’re At A Hotel Spa

Is there anything better than a plush robe waiting for you after a bath or shower? What about one that comes with matching slippers? This white cotton robe will be a welcome part of your routine. The tie belt allows for a cozy fit, and the best part? It has pockets.


An Essential Oil Diffuser That’s Super Sleek & Sophisticated

You can buy this essential oil diffuser with a set of oils or on its own to use with your own favorite scents. Three different base colors are available, so you can select the best match for your space. The included LED light feature has seven different color options, and it functions as a humidifier.


A Set Of Rose-Shaped Ice Molds For The Most Delightful Drinks Ever

These rose ice cube molds turn water into iced floral wonders. Larger pieces of ice take typically longer to melt than standard sizes — so not only will your drinks be more fun with rose-shaped ice inside, they’ll also stay chilled without getting as watered down. Two mold sets come together, and they’re stackable, too.


These Faux Succulents For A Zero Effort Way To Spruce Up Your Home

These adorable artificial succulents come in matching geometric planters made of ceramic. They’re each roughly 2.3 inches wide and range in height from 2.7 to 4.3 inches, so you can line them up together on one shelf or display them apart from one another if you prefer.


This Decorative Mirror Tray For Jewelry, Makeup & More

If you were compiling a list of the ultimate bougie household items, a decorative mirror tray framed in gold should definitely be at the top. Technically, this one is made with glass and plastic, but the effect is still the same. It looks great on a dresser or bathroom counter, holding jewelry, makeup, or whatever you heart desires.


A Set Of Edison Bulbs That’ll Add An Elegant Detail To Your Light Fixtures

Sometimes, bougie-ness is in the details. These Edison light bulbs make for an instant upgrade to your light fixtures and lamps. Six bulbs come in a pack — and they’re compatible with dimmer switches, so you can use them to create your ideal lighting vibes.


This Glass Box That Elegantly Holds Keepsakes & Jewelry

This delicate glass box with a mirrored bottom is so pretty, you might want to let it stand on its own instead of filling it — although, it can look great with jewelry and makeup, too. Multiple shapes and sizes are available, so you can coordinate a set or make a statement with a single one.


These Entry Mats That Welcome Your Guests & Help Protect Floors

If you ask me, you can’t take back a first impression — so a welcoming entry mat can be a worthwhile purchase. This one comes in navy, grey, and brown, each of which has a weave pattern accented with cutouts that help rain and water drain. Plus, the rubber backing helps keep it in place.


A Set Of Elegant Perfume Bottles With Vintage Vibes

In my opinion, a row of elegant perfume bottles on your shelf or countertop will instantly give you glam vibes. This set comes with four refillable perfume bottles, each with a sprayer and lid. They’re small enough to stash in your purse and keep your favorite products on hand, too.

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