46 Things That Make Cleaning Stuff Up So Much Faster & Easier

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Whoever said a clean home is a happy home probably wasn’t the one doing the cleaning. I used to spend a few hours every day wiping down counters, scrubbing the stove, sweeping floors — you get the picture. But now? I’m spending maybe an hour at most cleaning up, all thanks to the clever things on Amazon that make cleaning sh*t up so much faster.

Now, I know what you’re thinking: “Less than an hour of cleaning a day? Yeah right!” While I agree that it might sound suspicious at first, you’ll see what I’m talking about once you dive into this list. Some products I’ve selected are great for cleaning up grime, while others prevent messes from happening in the first place. Because the key to saving time when cleaning sh*t up is to not make a mess in the first place. That’s why I’ve made sure to include everything from microwave steam covers that prevent splatter to waterproof trash cans for your car. And if the mess is already made, I’ve there’s still a variety of scrubbers that can tackle any dirty job.

Whether you’re trying to save time or simply tired of cleaning, there are tons of genius things on Amazon that make cleaning sh*t up faster and easier. Keep scrolling for some of my favorites.


This Gel That Cleans Deep Into Tight Spaces

Whether you’ve got dusty air vents or dirt on your camera lens, this gel can help clean things up. Its soft texture makes it safe to use on delicate surfaces, and it can even help retrieve crumbs from underneath your keyboard. The best part? You can reuse it as many times as you need until it turns dark in color.


A Duster That Cleans 2 Blinds At The Same Time

Don’t waste time cleaning each individual window blind — just use this duster and get the job done in half the time. The duster sleeves will work dry or with cleaning solution, and reviewers raved about how easy it is to use. One even wrote that “the reusable cloth included picks up everything on pesky mini blinds! Plus, it’s better for the environment than using harsh sprays.”


The Angry Mama That Helps Clean Dirty Microwaves

Simply fill up this angry mama with a blend of water and vinegar, then pop her into the microwave for about five minutes. Steam will begin to erupt out of her head, helping to loosen up any baked-on crud stuck to the inside of your microwave. Plus, you can even add a little lemon juice to the vinegar blend for a refreshing touch.


A Splatter Cover To Keep Microwaves Clean

Got a microwave that’s already spotless? This splatter cover will help keep it clean so that you don’t need that “angry mama” — or at least, you won’t need her until later. Not only does it help with cleanliness, but it also keeps steam contained to help your meals cook more evenly.


This Cute Scrubber Brush That Looks Like A Flower

This dish brush features a cute daisy on the reverse side and comes with a stand shaped like a vase, making it a cute-yet-functional accessory for any sink. The brush has durable nylon bristles that they won’t leave behind scratches yet are still tough on grime and oils.


A Drain Catcher That Lets Water Flow Through

Just swipe your finger around the base of this drain catcher, and any hair will pull away with ease. Unlike some catchers, this one is designed so that any collected debris won’t block the flow of water down your pipes. Plus, it’s designed to fit any standard bathtub drain.


The Scrubber Made For Tight Window Tracks

Dirty window and shower tracks are no match for this scrubber, as its narrow design allows it to easily fit into tight spaces. The opposite end features a scraping tool for extra-stubborn grime — and the elevated handle keeps your hand out of the way so it’s easy to see what you’re scrubbing.


A Pack Of Microfiber Cloths In Bright Colors

Looking for easy ways to save money? These cloths are not only reusable, but each one is made from soft microfiber that latches onto dust and dirt. They won’t leave behind any scratches on delicate surfaces — and once dirty, you can simply toss them into the wash for a quick clean.


These Brushes That Can Help Remove Dryer Lint

A dirty lint trap can be dangerous — so grab these brushes. The flexible shaft helps you reach every nook and cranny of your dirty lint trap, while the handle is made from real wood. One reviewer even wrote about how they can also be used to clean ceiling fans, refrigerator tops, and more.


A Tool That Scrubs Distant Windows Clean

Got windows that are too high to reach? This tool has a telescopic handle that extends out to 8 feet long — and the scrubber head is made from soft microfiber that won’t leave behind scratches. Plus, the opposite side even features a squeegee to help you clear away streaks.


The Gap Covers To Help Your Stove Stay Clean

Ever spill something down the side of your stove? Cleaning into that tight space is not easy — so grab these covers. They’re made from heat-resistant silicone that won’t melt when exposed to high temperatures. And since they’re available in two colors — black or white — you can even match them to your stove.


An Electric Scrubber That’s Perfect For Dirty Grout

Don’t waste your energy scrubbing away at grime — allow this electric scrubber to do the work for you. It’s perfect for everything from dirty grout to slimy shower tiles. And since the exterior is water-resistant, there’s no need to worry about the four AA batteries — which are included — short-circuiting.


This Bidet That’s Easy To Install

Not only is this bidet an alternative to wasteful toilet paper, but reviewers also raved about how easy it is to install. The ultra-slim profile fits comfortably onto any standard-sized toilet, while the water inlet is made from tough brass — not plastic. Choose from two colors: stainless steel, or rose gold.


The Eyeglass Wipes That Won’t Leave Streaks

Unlike some eyeglass wipes, these ones won’t leave behind streaks on your lenses. They’re also safe to use on all types of lenses — from cameras to binoculars — and each wipe is individually-wrapped for freshness. The best part? Each order comes with 200, all for less than $15.


These Gap Fillers That Stop Stuff From Falling Between Your Seats

Tired of dropping stuff into the space between your car seats? These fillers are designed to fit into that gap so that your items can’t fall through — and each order comes with two (or one for each front seat). Plus, one size is made to work with most vehicles.


A Set Of Tools For Cleaning Worn-Out Window Tracks

Spraying your dirty window tracks down can leave you with a muddy mess, whereas this tool set helps you get them clean — no spray necessary. Each order comes with three groove brushes, three sponges, as well as two detachable dustpans. Plus, you an also use them to clean blinds, air vents, and more.


The Heavy-Duty Wipes That Power Through Grease

Grease, crayon, dirt — you name it, these heavy-duty wipes can help clean it up. Each wipe features two sides: one that’s soft and one that’s lightly abrasive. They also have a light moisturizing effect, which helps keep your skin from drying out. And since they’re designed to work indoors and outdoors, you can use them to tackle nearly any sort of mess.


A Pumice Scrubber That Erases Water Stains

Just get this pumice scrubber a little damp, and it’ll quickly erase stubborn water stains — including the ring in your toilet. The flexible head contours to the shape of your bowl, and you can also use it to eliminate limescale or calcium buildup.


This Shelf Liner That Comes More Than 20 Colors

Available in more than 20 colors and 10 sizes, laying down this liner is an easy way to help prevent glassware from sliding off your shelves. There’s no adhesive backing, making it perfect for renters — and it also works great in drawers. “This really lives up to its promise,” wrote one reviewer. “It fits the width of my kitchen shelves perfectly, it has superior grip, and it doesn't bunch up.”


These Cleaning Pads That Erase Smudges From Screens

Don’t risk ruining your touchscreen with a wet spray; use this pack of cleaning pads to gently erase any smudges or fingerprints instead. They can be used with everything from smartphones to TVs, and the compact size makes them the perfect travel companion. And since they’re reusable, they can even help you save money when compared to other cleaners.


The Solution That Gets Your Jewelry Sparkling

Cleaning jewelry can take a lot of time, whereas this bucket makes it as easy as dumping your pieces inside, then giving it a good shake. The cleaning solution is safe to use with nearly all types of jewelry — from gold to pearls — and there’s even a basket inside so that it’s easy to retrieve your pieces.


A Trash Can To Help Your Car Stay Clean

The next time you’re tempted to leave trash on the floor of your car, just stuff it into this trash can instead. It’s got a waterproof interior to help keep your car safe from spills, while the elastic opening keeps everything concealed until it’s time to empty it out. And with mesh pockets on the side, you can even use it to hold a few water bottles during your next long drive.


This Pen That Cleans Behind Tight Stone Settings

If your jewelry requires an extra-thorough clean, try using this pen. Cleaning solution flows through the brush tip as you scrub, and it can even help fill in tiny scratches on your precious stones and settings. Plus, the head is narrow enough to fit behind tight stone settings.


A Protective Sleeve Designed For Your Keyboard

Not only is this sleeve dust-proof, but the water-resistant design means that your keyboard is also protected from the occasional coffee splatter. It’s made from flexible silicone, while the universal design is made to fit nearly any keyboard. And unlike some sleeves, many reviewers wrote about how this one “stays in place.”


The Dust Pan & Brush For Little Messes

When that mess is big enough to bother you — but not big enough to warrant a giant broom — just whip out this little dust pan and brush set. The loop at the top makes it easy to hang when not in use, while the non-slip handle helps you keep a firm grip. Plus, the slim design is perfect for tight storage spaces.


A Slipcover That Refreshes Tired Couches

If your couch is looking a little worse for wear, you can give the upholstery an affordable refresh with this slipcover. The elastic bottom keeps it in place so that it doesn’t ride up while you’re relaxing, and it’s even available in dozens of colors — including a gorgeous shade of deep teal.


This Kit That Gets Your Shoes Looking Clean As New

With enough supplies to clean up to 100 pairs of sneakers, this kit is a must-have — especially if your shoes are looking a little dirty. The cleaning solution inside is made without any harsh chemicals or abrasives, while the sturdy scrubber bristles easily brush away dirt. The best part? It’s safe to use on nearly any type of shoe.


A Pack Of Shelf Liners For Your Refrigerator

Not only do these liners let you place produce directly on your fridge shelves, but they’re also non-adhesive. You can reposition them as many times as you like, while the nonslip top helps prevent your items from sliding off. Plus, each one is also completely BPA-free.


The Mat That Lets You Save That Puzzle For Later

Can’t finish that puzzle in one sitting? That’s not a problem when you’ve got this mat. Just slip it underneath your puzzle, and you’ll be able to roll it up for later. It’s large enough for puzzles with up to 1,500 pieces, and each order comes with a drawstring bag to help keep it safe until you’re ready to finish.


A Dish Rack That Folds Down For Easy Storage

Dish racks can take up a ton of space — but this one is collapsible, making it easy to tuck away into storage once your dishes are dry. Reviewers loved how it helped save some precious counter space, and each order also includes a detachable drainer board to help your surfaces stay clean.


This Dish Rack That Lays Overtop Of Your Sink

If you really don’t have a lot of counter space to work with, this dish rack is for you. It rolls out overtop of your sink, utilizing that empty space so that your counters stay clear — and the rungs are even made from stainless steel. The best part? It’s also heat-resistant up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit, allowing you to use it as a trivet in a pinch.


A Trash Can That Hangs Onto Cabinet Doors

Hang this little trash can on one of your cabinet doors, and you’ll have a convenient place to sweep food scraps while cooking. The lid seals shut, helping to keep unwanted odors to a minimum — and with the adhesive hooks that come included, you can even hang it on a wall if you like.


These Clog Removers That Really Work

I bought these clog removers to clear up a blocked bathtub drain — and considering they cost less than $10, they work exceptionally well. The teeth on either side latch onto hair and other gunk, while the flexible shaft bends with the direction of your pipes. In my case? They cleared everything up in less than two minutes.


A Drain Catcher That’s Completely Rustproof

Place this catcher on top of your bathtub drain, and it’ll stop any bits of hair or debris from clogging up your pipes. It’s made from high-quality stainless steel that won’t rust over time, while the drainage holes are made in varying sizes so that water can flow freely.


This Cleaning Paste That’s Gentle On The Environment

Made without any bleaches or solvents, this paste is an eco-friendly alternative to harsh cleaning sprays. The non-abrasive formula is great for scrubbing away dirt and grime — without leaving scratches — and it’s even suitable for a variety of surfaces. Use it on cement, stainless steel, glass, or even delicate porcelain.


These Beads That Scrub Awkward Glassware Clean

If you’ve got oddly-shaped glassware that scrubbers and sponges can’t reach, might I suggest trying out these beads? Just pour them inside with a little soap and water, then swirl them around the dirty spots. Each bead will slowly etch away at grime as they pass back and forth — and since they’re made from rust-resistant stainless steel, you can reuse them as many times as you like.


The Magnet That Tells You If The Dishes Are Dirty

In the habit of mixing dirty dishes into a clean dishwasher? Slap this magnet onto the front of your washer to help you keep track of whether they’re clean or dirty. Each order comes with sticky 3M adhesive — just in case your machine isn’t magnetic — while the large print makes it easy to read.


A Kit That Turns Drills Into High-Powered Scrubbers

When elbow grease isn’t enough to get your home absolutely spotless, this kit can help make up the difference. Each scrubber head is designed to fit into cordless drills, which means that now the drill is doing the work for you. And since the bristles are made from nylon, they’re even resistant to fraying.


These Reusable Dishcloths Are Ultra-Absorbent

Able to absorb more than 20 times their own weight, these reusable dishcloths are an eco-friendly alternative to wasteful paper towels. They’re soft when wet, while still being gritty enough to scrub away burnt bits from your cookware. And unlike some scrubbers, these cloths are safe for nonstick pans.


These Slippers That Mop Floors As You Walk

Stretch these mop slippers onto your shoes, and they’ll help clean the floors as you walk around your home. Reviewers raved about how you can also wear them with bare feet, and the soft chenille fibers latch onto dirt without spreading it around. Plus, one size is made to fit most.


The Dish Gloves With Built-In Scrubbers

There’s no need to keep a sponge when you’ve got these dish gloves, as the palms feature scrubber bristles to help you get all your cookware sparkling. The gloves and bristles are made from food-grade silicone, and they’re even heat-resistant up to 160 degrees Fahrenheit — perfect for hot water.


A Squeegee You Can Hang In Your Shower

Not only will this squeegee help you clear your shower walls of drips and streaks, but each order also comes with waterproof adhesive so that you can hang it up. The satin nickel finish makes it look more expensive than it is — and if you ever decide to remove it, the adhesive won’t leave behind any residue.


This Long-Handled Scrubber Brush For The Bathroom

With an extra-long telescopic handle, this scrubber keeps you far away from all that grime you’re washing away. It’s great for nearly any job in the bathroom, from floors to showers to tubs — and the shape of the head helps you clean every last square inch. Plus, it features a grippy nonslip handle.


A Scraper That Won’t Scratch Your Windows

Trying to remove that sticker from your car’s back window? This scraper can help. It’s designed to work on everything from decals to glue — and unlike some scrapers, this one won’t leave behind scratches on glass. “The blades feel sturdy,” wrote one reviewer. “Pretty sharp for plastic, but not sharp enough for cutting like metal blades. Very good for scrapping.”


These Magic Cleaning Sponges That Are Extra-Thick

Every kitchen needs a box of durable cleaning sponges, and these extra-thick ones are made to last through multiple jobs. Not only are they reusable, but they’re also incredibly versatile; use them to scrub permanent marker off furniture, or even grease from pans. Just add a little water, and they’re instantly ready to work.


The Gloves Made For Dusting Your Home Spotless

Slip your hand into this glove, then drag it along any dusty surface in your home to help get it looking spotless. It’s made from soft microfiber that holds onto dirt until you toss it in the wash — and each glove is guaranteed for at least 300 washes.

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