46 Things You Didn't Know You Needed Off Of Amazon

From a veggie chopper with a built-in container to a toilet night light, these things are so useful.

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To ensure the items that you're adding to your cart won't end up at the bottom of a junk drawer, it’s crucial to pay close attention to customer reviews. That way, you'll know exactly what you're getting (and why people love it so much). I've compiled a list of popular products that Amazon customers can't get enough of.

Ranging from chic, wireless cabinet lights to a toilet night light that brightens the bowl with cool colors, the products featured on this list run the gamut. Start filling your cart and discovering your next go-to buys.


This Extra-Long Bath Mat That Stretches To Fit Your Tub

This bottom of this extra-long bath mat is non-slip and studded for comfort and grip while you shower. Sized at 16-by-39 inches, it'll nearly cover the full length of your tub. Plus, it's offered in a large variety of colors for your choosing.


These Compression Support Sleeves To Help Relieve Foot Pain

These foot compression sleeves help support your arches and alleviate the pain of fallen arches, flat feet, bunions, plantar fasciitis, heel spurs, and more. They're made of nylon-spandex fabric with compression that offers comfort and support while still being breathable and moisture-wicking. These are thin enough to be used with or without sneakers and shoes, and they can even be worn in conjunction with socks.

  • Available sizes: Small/Medium – XXL
  • Available colors: 3


The Vegetable Chopper With A Container That Catches Everything

Mince, dice, and chop all of your food items in this convenient vegetable chopper. It's made with stainless steel blades that are durable enough to chop through the toughest of vegetables. Meanwhile, the device's bottom container has the capacity to catch and hold up to 8 cups of chopped produce. The entire chopper is BPA-free and also comes with a scraper that helps clean and remove food that may get lodged in its grooves.


A Shower Curtain That Fights Mildew And Unwanted Odors

This mildew-resistant shower curtain liner will help increase the longevity of your decorative curtain. Made with odor-protecting and water-repellent properties, it's designed to stop microorganism growth that causes mildew and unwanted scents. It also features heavy-duty magnets on the bottom to keep it in place while in use.


These Silicone Stretch Lids That Keep Food Fresh

This set of silicone stretch lids keep your prepped food and leftovers tightly sealed. Offered in seven varying sizes, they adjust to fit the top of any bowl, dish, cup, or jar as needed. Each elasticized BPA-free top is airtight, reusable, and leak-proof to keep its contents fresh.


The No-Tie Elastic Laces That Keep Your Sneakers Snug

These no tie shoelaces alleviate the nuisance of having to tie your shoes over and over again. They come in one size, making them compatible with most lace-front sneakers — and they can be customized to fit as loose or snug as you desire. The laces are even offered in a variety of colors to match different styles.


This Silk Pillowcase That's Smooth On Your Hair And Skin

The smooth texture of this silk pillowcase is great for protecting your hair and skin as you sleep, because it's gentler than cotton. Made of 100% mulberry silk, it features a hidden zipper that prevents the pillow from slipping out of place. This design is offered in a myriad of different colors to complement any bedroom's decor.


A Motion-Detecting Night Light That Offers A Soft Glow

You never have to worry about bumping around in the night again, thanks to this plug-in night light. It offers diffused lighting that it's too harsh when going from dark to light, and it operates through a sensor that detects when someone walks into the room. The compact size and soft glow make it an attractive addition to any room that needs a lighted pathway.


A Hair Catcher That Helps Prevent Drain Clogs In The Shower

There's nothing worse than having a clogged drain that's full of hair and debris. Thanks to this shower drain hair catcher, you'll never have to worry about that again. It features small hole pattern that collects and holds everything before it enters the drain in the first place. The catcher — which comes with a snug silicone ring that keeps it in place — is also quick and easy to install.


The Blue Light-Blocking Glasses That Alleviate Visual Fatigue

With these blue-light blocking glasses, you'll be able to eliminate the distress and eye fatigue that comes from long periods of on the computer, gaming, or working under fluorescent lights. These lenses also provide UV-400 protection as well as glare reduction, while the plastic frames are lightweight, comfortable, and easy to wear.


The Reusable Notebook That Uploads Your Notes To The Cloud

This reusable notebook not only eliminates waste, but it also allows you to write and upload your notes to some of the most used cloud services including Google Drive, Dropbox, and iCloud. This futuristic set comes with one high-tech notebook, an erasable pen, and a microfiber cloth that helps you wipe the pages clean when you're through.


An Outlet Port With A Built-In Shelf For Your Devices

Easily store your phone and other devices as they power up with the help of this outlet shelf. It serves as a perfect holding solution for charging cell phones, speakers, and other electronic devices, because it features an 8-by-3.25-inch platform above the outlets. Equipped with six traditional outlet extenders and two USB ports, you simply attach this device to your existing wall outlet and you're set.


A Magnetic Bin That Holds Lint And Other Laundry Room Items

Mount this bin on the side of your dryer for easy disposal of lint. It attaches with the help of a built-in magnet and can be used to hold and store other items such as dryer sheets and lint brushes. It's decorated with cursive lettering and is offered in off-white, matte black, and light gray for your choosing.


An Electric Makeup Brush Cleaning Kit

Cleaning your makeup brushes by hand can be a tedious task. This electric beauty tool can do the trick in less than 60 seconds. Simply attach your brush to one of the electric spinners that come in eight different sizes. Dip it into the glass bowl of cleaning solution and press down on the button while the spinner does all of the work. Now you’ll never have an excuse for having dirty makeup brushes.


These Reusable Mesh Bags For Your Produce

These eco-friendly mesh bags help preserve and protect your fruits and vegetables without the use of plastic. Made of see-through, breathable mesh materials, they're BPA-free and can be reused over and over to eliminate waste. They're offered in a variety of sizes to suit your needs and come with color-coded drawstrings and tags that help you keep your snacks neatly organized.


A Genius Bedside Shelf That Acts As A Nightstand

If you’re lacking bedside space for a full shelf or nightstand, this clip-on shelf gives you a spot to put your phone, your water, or anything else you need in easy reach when you sleep. It secures safely to the side of your bed frame, and even comes in two colors, white and silver, to match your room’s aesthetic.


These Felt Pan Protectors That Prevent Scratches In Storage

Designed to protect pots, pans, and other dishes and bowls from damage as you stack and store them, these dividers help prevent scratches and sticking. They're made from polyester felt that's non-slip, and each protector is washable. Plus, they can be cut to fit your needs.


These Reusable Dishcloths That Are So Absorbant

From cleaning your glass mirrors to wiping down wood furniture, these reusable dishcloths work on all surfaces and will save you tons of money in the long run. They’re made from cellulose and cotton and are exceptional at absorbing liquids. This value pack includes 10 cloths that are available in an assortment of colors.


A Long Exfoliating Scrubber For Hard-To-Reach Places

Exfoliate and soothe hard-to-reach places with the back scrubber. It's extra-long and comes with two handles for easy maneuverability while dual side exfoliation offers two separate textures. Use the coarser side for more exfoliating and the other softer, honeycomb side for polishing and massaging.


This Easy Gadget To Create Adorable Bubble Waffles

A waffle maker is always handy in the kitchen, and this one is so fun to use with its bubble waffle design. The non-stick design makes it so quick and easy to create perfect (and honestly super impressive) Hong Kong egg waffles. It also has a cool-touch handle, so it’s easy to lift up the top and check on your adorable bubble waffles.


A Detangling Brush That Combs Gently Through Wet Or Dry Hair

Great for removing knots and tangles from both wet and dry tresses, this detangling brush is a must-have for all hair types. It offers bristles of varying lengths and works particularly well at sorting and gliding through hair while minimizing breakage. Designed with an ergonomic handle for easy gripping and use, this is sure to become your new favorite hair tool.


These Colorful Cable Ties With Velcro Closures

Keep your cords, wires, and other cables tangle-free with these reusable cable ties. They're made to wrap around and neatly seal with a velcro tab, and they come in a pack of 20. They're also offered in bright colors to help you keep things sorted.


A Clip-On Kitchen Trash Can With Zero Food Odors

Keeping your kitchen counter clean is so easy with this 2.4-gallon mini trash can because it clips to your cabinet right below the countertop. With it on the front of a cabinet, you can easily lift the lid and sweep crumbs into this odor-blocking trash can throughout the day. It even has a tidy spot for mini trash bags at the bottom.


An Organizer That Tidies The Undie Drawer Fast

If finding the socks you want can feel like going on a search mission, this underwear organizer is here to act as your guide. The set comes with four small bins with individual cells sized for bras, scarves or ties, undies, and socks, and makes finding the thing you want as simple as looking down.


An Easy-To-Use Organizer That Will Fit All Your Batteries

You won’t even have to pull out this organizer to find all of the replacement batteries you need because it has a clear lid to see each and every one of them. With 93 slots that work with six different battery sizes, all of the batteries you have scattered around the house will fit. It also has a tester on top to check them before you put them in this handy organizer.


These Rechargeable Lighting Bars That Are Motion-Activated

These light bars can be stuck in anywhere that could use a little more brightness. Great for closets, under the cabinets, in laundry rooms, and more, they can be hung easily without the use of hardwiring (because they're rechargeable via USB). The lights can detect motion before turning on, so don't worry about searching for the light switch.


The Foam Cleaning Sponges That Can Be Used Without Soap

This 50-pack of multi-functional foam cleaners can clean without the use of detergents and soaps (just wet them with water, and you'll be all set). They're great for scrubbing tough stains in the bathroom, kitchen, and more — and they can even be cut into any shape to suit your needs.


This Auto Shut-Off Outlet To Pair With Hair Tools

This genius safety outlet is perfect for pairing with your curling iron, toaster, or any other gadget you forget to turn off. Simply plug it right into your regular outlet, click the easy timer button, and you can be absolutely sure that your flat iron is off when you leave the house.


This Collagen Mask That Soothes And Smoothes Dry Lips

Use this collagen lip mask to smooth and soothe dry, chapped lips. It's enriched with a collagen peptide formula that works to quickly renew your lip's out layer. Just lather it on before bed and remove it in the morning with a cotton pad. Then, your lips should feel totally rejuvenated.


This Narrow Insulated Tumbler With A Handy Flip Top Lid

Insulated water bottles are great, but sometimes opening them with one hand is so difficult. That’s not the case with this flip-top insulated tumbler. Yet, it still keeps drinks hot for 6 hours and cold for 12. Best of all, “The spout is great! Doesn't leak,” wrote one shopper.


A Long-Lasting Tongue Scraper With An Easy Storage Bag

This tongue scraper comes with a little linen drawstring pouch, so it’s easy to keep it clean in your bathroom drawer or your travel toiletry bag. The top of this tongue-cleaning tool is made of durable and completely rust-resistant stainless steel, so this easy-to-use scraper will also be super long-lasting.


This Durable Suction Cup Gadget To Change Light Bulbs

Pop this easy-to-use suction cup gadget on an extendable pole (or even the end of your extendable duster), and you can easily change every hard-to-reach light bulb around your home. When you’re done putting the new light bulb in, it has a durable wire on the side of the suction cup, so you can simply pull it to release the suction.


These Gentle Hair Scrunchies That Are Lined With Velvet

These velvet hair scrunchies are soft and gentle on the hair. Made to be flexible and durable, they secure tresses without getting tangled. The pack of 40 comes in a variety of colors that you can keep for yourself or share with family and friends.


A Body Deodorant That Also Helps With Chafing

This deodorant is specifically formulated to prevent annoying (and seriously uncomfortable) body sweat, like on your thighs. This refreshing deodorant will even help out with skin irritation and chafing. It also has a creamy liquid formula that will quickly dry into a powder finish, so you can get dressed almost immediately after putting it on.


The Color-Coded Resistance Bands That's Easy To Travel With

Strengthen and tone your muscles with this set of resistance loop bands. They come in varying levels of resistance and are color-coded to keep you organized. This set comes with its own carrying case and manual, so it's easy to take with you anywhere you go.


A Himalayan Salt Body Scrub Enriched With Almond Oil, Lychee Oil, And More

Made with various natural ingredients like lychee berry, sweet almond oil, and vitamin C, this Himalayan salt body scrub is rich and nourishing. It detoxifies and exfoliates, leaving behind softer and smoother skin after each use. Simply massage it into your skin as you shower and feel the invigorating results.


This Frozen Moisturizer That Helps Hydrate And Rejuvenate Your Skin

Freeze this cream and then spread it all over your face for a refreshing and moisturizing finish. It provides intense and immediate hydration to the skin and works to reduce the appearance of your pores. Free of harsh ingredients, this cooling product is great for sensitive, tired skin, helping to rejuvenate and revitalize it with every use.


This Handy Gadget With 25,000+ 5-Star Reviews

It’s safe to say that shoppers are obsessed with this OXO avocado slicer, with more than 25,000 shoppers giving it a perfect five-star rating. That could be because of it creates even slices in a snap, has a slip-resistant design, is dishwasher safe, or a combo of all three.


A Pot & Pasta Strainer That Easily Snaps On

This mesh strainer will make cooking and dishwashing so much easier. It conveniently snaps onto any size pot you have. Plus, it’s small and compact in size to save you storage as well. “I like this product because I can empty the water from pasta without having a lid on a pan and I can drain things like ground meat from the frying pan without losing half of the ground mate in the sink,” a fan wrote.


A Wireless Charger That Stays Perfectly In Place

This wireless charger has a non-slip top, so your phone and wireless earbuds will stay perfectly in place until they’re fully charged. It also has an equally non-slip design on the bottom to prevent it from sliding around on your bedside table. The LED base also turns off 16 seconds after your phone connects, so this budget-friendly charger won’t be too bright.


This Diamond Cleaner That Makes Your Jewelry Look Like New

Your jewelry will be shining bright in no time after using this Diamond Dazzle Stik. Use it like a pen to clean behind your gems and their mountings. Simply twist it open and apply the cleaning solution where you need to.


This Sleek & Ventilated Bin To Hide A Ton Of Cords

Tucking cords and tangled-up chargers in this ventilated cable management box is so much easier than trying to hide them behind furniture or house plants. Even though it’s large enough to fit an entire power strip and comes with three openings for cords, this sleek white bin will blend right in with your decor.


An Epsom Salt Solution Infused With Moisturizing Shea Butter

Enriched with natural shea butter, this epsom salt solution helps moisturize and treat dry skin. It's also backed with coconut and Iime extracts, so it smells refreshing which makes for a relaxing and calming bath time. This formula is also free of both parabens and formaldehyde donors.


These Spiked Dryer Balls That Help Reduce Wrinkles

This set of spiked dryer balls will help keep your clothes fluffy and wrinkle-free as they tumble in your machine. They work to naturally soften and fluff up fabrics. These reusable balls also separate laundry while its in the laundry, increasing hot air flow and reducing the amount of time needed in the dryer.


These Oversized & Double-Lined Bags For Laundry

These durable double-mesh laundry bags have an oversized design, so you can easily wash all of your delicate pieces or workout gear at once. Each one comes with a sturdy zipper with elastic to fully secure all of your clothes inside before you pop them in the wash.


These Bluetooth Headphones That Cancel External Noise

These Bluetooth headphones are equally great for working out and making phone calls. They're designed to offer up to nine hours of playtime with just a quick charge, so you won't have to worry about the battery losing power right away. Offered in various colors, these waterproof earbuds are also lightweight and noise-canceling, making them an easy accessory for everyday use.

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