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What's It Like To Actually Send A Thirst Trap?

A group of millennials discuss their quests for hydration.

People post and/or send thirst traps for all kinds of reasons. Sometimes, it's just a confidence boost — who among us doesn't get a little bit of extra confidence when we post a hot mirror selfie on the 'gram and get a bunch of likes and comments in return? Other times, and probably most times, thirst traps are an act of sexy war. You post them because you want someone specific to notice — in other words, you're thirsty, and you're looking for hydration only the object of your affection can provide.

Alright, alright: it sounds a little bit pathetic. However, thirst traps are kind of like a millennial mating call, communicated in a language that only this generation understands. There's simply no shame in the game. If you feel like taking a hot pic and sending it to someone (or posting on social media), by all means.

How do you take the perfect thirst trap? First, know your angles — not the ones that are considered "flattering," but the ones that make you feel hot as hell. Experiment with outfits, poses, and facial expressions, and choose the pic that makes you feel the most sexy. It's all fair game.

So, what it's like to actually send a thirst trap? For Bustle's Digital Love series, a group of millennials sat down and discussed the times they actually posted or sent thirst traps — and whether or not the trap was successfully laid. Hear their stories in the video above, and find out what happens when you actually embark on that quest for the ultimate hydration.

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