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Are You More Of A Black Cat Or Golden Retriever? TikTok Might Have The Answer

The theory explains why you click with certain people.

If you have a likable, friendly personality, you might end up with someone a lot more chill and reserved than you are. Or, if you like to keep to yourself, don’t be surprised if you find a much more social and outgoing counterpart. It’s the typical “opposites attract” mantra, but TikTok calls this the black cat and golden Retriever theory, where one partner has the enigmatic vibes of a cat, and the other has the off-the-wall energy of the beloved dog breed.

Prepare to never look at your relationship the same, because the black cat and golden retriever theory circulating on TikTok seems so accurate. The trend typically illustrates what it’s like for two partners with contrasting personalities or aesthetics to be in a couple, and the end result is seriously adorable (and hilarious). Whether or not it was the inspiration behind the trend, the relationship trope has been played out countless times in media, from Jackie and Kelso in That 70’s Show to Andy Dwyer and April Ludgate in Parks & Recreation. It’s like opposites attract times 100.

This TikTok from @hwaniiee basically sums up everything you need to know about a black cat and Golden Retriever duo: one person always tries to make their partner smile, while the other one barely cracks a smirk — but deep down they secretly love it.

It’s unclear who started the trend, but it has definitely reached its target audience because if you search “black cat golden retriever” in the TikTok search bar, you’ll see dozens of vids depicting what the contrasting yet compatible relationship dynamic looks like.

It’s always heartwarming to see someone with black cat vibes put up with the antics of their golden partner, even if they can’t match their energy. This video from @smileyjordynrylee describes how draining it can be for a black cat to be around their energetic other half, but they always seem to give their puppy-like partner a pass.

There are so many viral sounds on the app that perfectly explain the dynamic between the duo, like the sound used in creator @iwantcandy77’s video of her and her golden retriever boyfriend.

Besties with opposite personalities have also joined in on the trend, like this video from @ariellanyssa that begs the question: who’s the black cat and who’s the golden retriever?

User @marlynzaragoza and her BFF also give off major black cat and golden retriever energy and used a sound from The Office to explain what their friendship is like.

TikTokers have even used the theory to ship some of the most famous polar opposite characters from their favorite TV shows, just like @awaep_ did in this fancam of Wednesday and Enid from Wednesday.

You don’t have to be in a cat-retriever couple to appreciate how sweet the dynamic between a highly spirited and a quietly mysterious twosome can be. The contradicting pairings are all around us, from mix-match besties and our favorite TV characters, to, well, actual black cats and golden retrievers.