This TikTok-Viral Cucumber & Pepper Salad Only Needs 5 Easy Ingredients

Simple and satisfying.

From popcorn to raw carrots, TikTok’s foodie community loves to reinvent salads, and the latest recipe to take over the FYP is no exception. The viral new Cucumber Pepper Salad on TikTok swaps all the classic leafy greens you’d expect to find in a salad for cucumbers and peppers (obviously), to create a dish that’s just as colorful as it is delicious.

The recipe was first introduced to the platform by Rachael Kirkconnell, who you might recognize as a contestant on Matt James’ season of The Bachelor. She shared a video on TikTok on March 3 where she revealed that she makes the snack hack “probably every single day” and it only requires five ingredients: baby cucumbers, mini sweet peppers, ginger dressing, Trader Joe’s Everything But The Bagel seasoning, and chili crunch oil or crunchy chili onion topping.

If you thought the ingredient list was simple, just wait until you see how easy the meal prep is. To make the salad, Kirkconnell suggests finely chopping the cucumbers and peppers so they’re not too big, throwing them into a bowl, and dousing the dish with ginger dressing. Then, add “a bunch” of the Everything But The Bagel seasoning on top, and finish it off with a “big dollop” of the oil.

Aside from the gorgeous mix of red, yellow, orange, and green colors from the veggies, the end result is a dish that’s “salty from the seasoning, sweet from the ginger dressing,” and “savory and spicy from the chili crunch.”

Kirkconnell is so obsessed with the salad that she even admitted she will “literally drink the juice at the bottom [of the bowl]” when she’s finished. “I would die for a Caesar salad, but this is up there with that,” she says in the original video.

If this sounds like the perfect salad to you, you’re not alone. The video has been viewed over 3.4 million times, and the hashtag #cucumberpeppersalad has over 1.7 million views as of May 9.

The comments on Kirkconnell’s video are not only filled with rave reviews, but tasty modifications, too. User @flockosheilas, said they’ve already made the dish three times, and shared they’ve experimented with the recipe by adding avocado. Meanwhile, @oh.hey.alexxx enhanced the creator’s “contribution to society” with a helping of spring onions.

TikToker @gracie_norton also suggests adding rice and meat on top for a heartier meal, as well as lime juice and cilantro. To transform the snack into a full-blown meal, @janellerohner recommends adding chopped carrots, purple cabbage, chicken breast, cooked pasta, miso dressing, and sriracha.

If you’re looking for even more recipe inspiration, @kenzmyers proposes swapping out the ginger dressing for Hoisin sauce and honey mustard, while @bsteff44 suggests adding chunks of feta in the comments of the original video.