These TikTok-Viral Kitchen Gadgets Will Make Your Life So Much Easier

Never fight with cling wrap again.

The best TikTok-viral kitchen gadgets under $30.

TikTok is an app that offers a wealth of content — from pranks to pull on your friends to easy-to-make recipes — but I’d argue the app is easily one of the best places to find reviews about products you might be eyeing. When I need a suggestion for a new pair of jeans or advice for how to properly organize my bathroom cabinets, TikTok is there. When I feel like buying a little gadget that could possibly make my life so much easier, I turn to TikTok to see what’s really worth the hype.

Viral food and beverage ideas are a staple of the app, as are cooking videos that use tools that make meal prep even easier. For the most common kitchen dilemma, there’s likely a cheap item you can order as a solution; think a vegetable chopper that dices onions, zucchinis, and peppers in seconds or a watermelon utensil that will keep you refreshed all season long.

Below, find some of these TikTok-approved kitchen gadgets for under $30. But don’t take my word for it, be sure to check your FYP for the real reviews.

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Remember that viral salad that was chopped so small it was basically a dip? Of course you do. To get small, bite-sized pieces of lettuce that make eating salad all the more enjoyable, use this Chef’n lettuce chopper. Spoiler alert: TikTok made me buy this and it really works.

If you have road trips on your calendar this year, you’ll want a Saucemoto dip clip to make dipping your nuggets while driving possible without throwing off your coordination. Even better, this pack of two can ensure your passenger can dip in peace too.

When you’re in a pinch, waiting for water to boil can really feel like waiting for paint to dry. The Fasta Pasta microwave pasta cooker will accomplish al dente pasta in minutes without a mess. Reviewers swear it makes pasta just as good as a pot, and is a great tool for those who are often cooking for one.

“It is so simple to use and it cooks pasta to perfection every time. Just pop in the amount of pasta you require, cover with water to the upper graduated mark, into the microwave for 10 minutes set to high and that is it,” one happy customer wrote.

Save your plastic baggies, chips, and other packaged snacks from spoiling quickly with GripStic sealers that keep bags airtight and waterproof so your food lasts even longer.

To maximize space in your kitchen or to simply avoid a wet mess on your counter, this Seropy dish drying rack will come in handy. It can be rolled up for easy storage then placed over the sink as dishes dry. TikTokers like @addedtocart love it for its glassware-friendly durable strength and rust-resistant rods.

An herb garnish takes any dish up a notch, but doesn’t require any additional work if you use these highly-recommended herb scissors. One reviewer even wrote: “This is a must have for every kitchen. I like to put fresh herbs into most of my food. What an ingenious gadget to make it easier. Just clip and there you have it.”

Never worry about forgetting to put cooking spray on your shopping list again. This bottle comes with a mister (plus a cleaner and mini funnel for easy use) so you can add whatever oil you prefer to it and cook away.

Videos like this impressive one of a baby chef made vegetable choppers like this Fullstar number a TikTok darkling. Choose from different click-in settings for dicing or spirals to turn any veggie into a smaller size for whatever dish is on the menu.

Even the best of home cooks have left a half-used fruit or veg left to waste away in the back of the fridge before figuring out what to do with the rest of it. These aptly named Food Huggers are like little protective sleeves to put on the used end of your produce to keep it fresh until you next recipe calls for it.

Don’t worry about running into a pickle while opening your jar of pickles ever again. This jar opener has several size settings to help you pry open jars and bottles that are giving you trouble. One reviewer said it opened a pesky jar in no time: “I have had problems in the past opening a particular large juice bottle. Continuous aggravation. I was able to open the same type of bottle this week with ease.”

Pouring leftovers or draining oil into a plastic bag is no longer a two-person job. These Baggy Racks can keep a plastic bag open while you do what you need to do. This TikTok from @mommafit lyndsey shows just how easy it is to adjust the height as needed so you can scoop in your food and save it for later.

The ones that get it, get it. For pickle lovers who want easier snacking, this storage container has a strainer inside so you can lift it to retriever your pickles without getting your hands wet. And yes, this makes separating the pickle juice even easier in case you want to use that too. Pickle martinis, anyone?

Pancakes, muffins, and crepes will all be picture perfect (read as: Instagram story worthy) with this batter dispenser that helps you measure and use just the right amount of your cooking mixture every time.

Fighting with plastic wrap is an issue many home cooks can relate to but now thanks to ChicWrap, you can put your plastic wrap into this dispenser and use an easy, straight across blade when you need a piece of cling wrap in the kitchen.

Making sure you get every piece of sweet goodness from your watermelons in the summer can be a challenge, but this slicer turns any melon into bite-sized pieces in no time. One reviewer wrote: “I was so impressed with this little gadget. I cut watermelon within two minutes.” Sold!