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TikTok’s Tiny Bee Trend Wants You To Admit Your Worst Decisions

Am I the drama? Buzz, buzz.

The devil on your shoulder has a brand new look. On TikTok, your internet friends are using a new filter to fess up to the moments they are less than proud of, because no one can flawlessly #girlboss their way through the world every day. The now viral filter overlays a bloated bumblebee with tiny wings buzzing in the wind, most often paired with a sound from @charlie.mosey that repeats, “And the best part of this plan is, no one can stop me.” Paired together, the two create a trend that invites people to admit their worst behavior, and it’s been taking over the app.

The sound has been used in 210k videos on TikTok, with the “Tiny Bee” filter overlaying 316k videos. Additionally, the hashtag #NoOneCanStopMe has garnered more than 210M views and earned a spot on TikTok’s trending landing page.

Some TikTok trends are so niche that they give the anti-TikTok community far too much leverage to scoff and look down from their Instagram Reels soapboxes. The Tiny Bee trend is not one of those instances.

With communities across the internet dedicated to wellness and the endless endeavor for self improvement, it’s refreshing to open our silly little app and be silly little bees for a silly little moment. This trend green lights being innocently “toxic” and doing absolutely nothing about it. After all, who are you hurting with your post-work, post-gym, post-good day, post-bad day sweet treats?

How are people using the Tiny Bee filter?

One of the most popular subcultures within the Tiny Bee universe is the dating hive. For all the videos on TikTok telling you to send a mature text instead of ghosting, and expect nothing less than a date invitation three days in advance, a little bit of honesty and relatable immaturity feels good.

One user, @keely1123, buzzed her way through a confession that resonated with millions. Her TikTok, which reads “Me omw to get involved with another mediocre man who wouldn't even buy me flowers if it was for my grave,” has 2.1M views and nearly half a million comments.

Another bee from the same hive, @moneybagsmags1, confessed on TikTok, “Me turning off my location so no one knows I’m with my ex.” Her video has 1.2M views and nearly 5,000 comments, mostly of users identifying other bees, tagging their friends and saying “you.”

It’s not just dating. One user, @girlsonfireatx, said what many have needed to say for years. Her bee buzzed to the tune of your own inner voice with, “When you convince your friends to meet for ‘one drink’ when you know it's gonna be an all nighter.” That video has 2.3M views and 287k likes.

How can I use the ‘tiny bee’ filter?

This filter is here to help you unburden yourself. What is that habit you can’t break, the toxic trait you can’t shake? Think ordering Uber Eats for the third day in a row while the kale in your fridge rots. Think taking your hot girl walk to Barnes & Noble when there are at least three unread books on your nightstand. Think rewatching Glee for the fifth time because no one can stop you!

Listen to the voice in your head say, “do it, buzz buzz.”