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10 TikTok Videos Like #BamaRush If You Miss The Sorority Drama

Live every week like it’s Rush Week.

by Kaitlyn Wylde

For many people who are no longer undergrads, the viral storm that was Alabama Rush TikTok was a welcome distraction from end of not-so-hot girl summer. The impending arrival of fall was cushioned with #OOTDs, enthusiasm for sisterhood, and a lot of suggestions for where to buy thin gold jewelry (hint: Kendra Scott). While rush week at the University of Alabama might be over, videos tagged RushTok have over 130 million views and counting. With the school year officially starting, you can expect to see much more sorority row content coming in hot from colleges across the country — especially across the 14 Southeastern Conference (SEC) schools where Greek life is, well, life.

If you couldn’t get enough of the drama over who would get a bid from one of the top houses — and who would get dropped — you can find sorority-centric videos like #BamaRush all across TikTok. Come for tea-spilling retrospectives and stay for the alumni-curated #tbts. You’ll find videos that zoom in on sisterhood before the age of TikTok, and comedic takes on some the whole circus.

Wondering where them Zetas at on your For You page? Here are more videos like #BamaRush TikTok, plus how to curate your feed to see more.

#TBTs About Sorority Life

Wanna take a deep dive into #panhel life? Videos with the #RushWeek hashtag have been viewed 90 million times, and typically show the process of getting dressed to meet with houses or going to parties. This video shows a classic big/little reveal, a canonical sorority experience.

Videos with the #sorority hashtag have 1.6 billion views and feature an inside look into Greek life for sisters who have already been welcomed into their houses. Think: Big/little ceremonies, storytimes with alumni, and hot goss aplenty. This TikTok shows just how seriously sorority girls take a party theme.

Videos tagged #Greeklife have over 580 million views and offer a diverse look into the various aspects of being in a sorority, from packing up to move into the big house, to the wild traditions the different organizations keep alive. This #TBT gives an inside look into sororities’ famously restrictive social media policies.

Current Sorority Sisters, House Moms, & PNMs

Why stop at rush week? Follow potential new members (PNMs) as they become pledges and sisters and littles and bigs. Below, @madison.patee is an Ole Miss student who posts about sisterhood at Kappa Kappa Gamma.

@kaylee.wyse is a legacy PNM at Auburn University — you may have seen some Auburn University rush TikToks along with #BamaRush last week, too.

And @uncutchristal is a first generation sorority house mom, sharing her life as the real deal House Bunny.

#RushTok Story Times

If you want to learn more about sorority history — both the idealized version you see on hashtags like #BamaRush and the unvarnished accounts — you can check out users like @zerlinaschmerlina, who dishes about her time as an RA at a famous ‘Bama sorority row dorm.

Speaking as the first Black president of ‘Bama’s Phi Mu chapter, @mar_lifebelike has some very hot tea about the politics of speaking out against your sorority.

And @emilyrosilier offers BTS tours of her sorority at Texas Tech University that are not to be missed.

Liking videos or following users that post a lot of Greek Life content will tell your For You page that you want to keep the sorority row videos rolling. Or, #RollTide-ing.