You'll Love These Tom Brady Memes No Matter Who You're Rooting For

If four hours of live coverage isn't enough for you.

Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images Sport/Getty Images
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Super Bowl LV brought excitement, suspense, pride, shock, snacks, and cinematic commercials as the Tampa Bay Buccaneers defeated the Kansas City Chiefs 31-9. But if you're the president of your local Tom Brady fan club, you know that the day after the Super Bowl is just as big of a game day. Because the day after the Super Bowl is when the Tom Brady memes roll in on social media.

On Feb. 7, Brady's 10th Super Bowl, we cheered, we cried, we yelled, w held our breath, and now we can finally laugh because the internet never fails when it comes to tweets, GIFs, and memes. Whether you're here for the memes because you're hoping they make you feel even better about your team losing, or you're here because you love Brady so much that four hours of live coverage isn't nearly enough for you, we can revel together is the unifying effect of a good internet meme.

If you're ready for all of Brady's quirks and charms to live on in .jpeg and GIF, eternally, here's collection of memes that will easily live on until the next game.


Maybe as a New England fan you can relate — or maybe you have friends who can and you want to subtweet them. Either way, this one's a winner.


You don't need to be a Brady fan —or even have an air fryer — to be questioning your life choices right now.


Another for your friends in Boston who are hurting right now.


What is time these days, anyway?


If your Patriots followers haven't fully blocked you on all platforms by now, here's another to start some drama with them.


For the Chiefs fans who just aren't buying it.


For the Patriots fans who still can't believe this happened.


When everything feels so familiar you honestly don't know what year it is anymore.


If you weren't a fan when Brady was on the Patriots and still aren't a fan now.


For the Pats fans who are in their feelings right now.


When you're not crying, it's just raining on your face.


You've seen this before and you're not here for this reunion tour.


When your favorite team is whichever one Brady isn't on.


When you're ready to throw shade in the group chat.


For Brady fans who still aren't over it.


If you're in a tough spot.


When you want to get the Patriots fans on your feed riled up one last time.


If the Brady-Gronk synergy has left you speechless.


For Boston fans who are in a dark place right now.


When you just came for the halftime show.